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Founder The Republic of Abkhazia
WA Delegate No Delegate
Members 2
 -  of which WA 1
Regional population
 -  2014 estimate 409 million
Regional HDI 0.520
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Abkhazia is a minuscule region, inhabited by a few solitary nations and only one World Assembly Member.

Throughout Abkhazia, traditions are kept strictly throughout the region, punishing upstarts and rabble-rousers harshly. Nations in the region are considered developing democracies, with some political freedoms afforded to denizens. The economy of the region is remarkably unremarkable, with members being neither powerhouses nor basket cases. Denizens tend to pay their taxes quickly and quietly, with a median tax rate of 14%. The economies of nations in the region tend to be heavily weighted towards the private sector, with on average 20% of the economy comprising the public sector. Commerce is a priority for governments, accounting for an average of 7% of public expenditure.

Abkhazia does not prioritize education in any meaningful way. The region's law enforcement officials try hard to combat a relatively high level of crime, but are hampered by a lack of funding. Denizens have small defense forces. Public transport is an afterthought, with only -1% of total government budgets in the region being devoted to it.

Governments in Abkhazia find themselves in a constant state of disarray, with very little co-ordination, only -1% on average of government budgets being devoted to Administration. Governments generally endow their healthcare departments with a large amount of funding, with an average of 6% of government budgets across the region being devoted to healthcare. Welfare is a large part of government expenditure, with denizens amply provided for. Spirituality is an obsession of governments in the region, with a relatively very high average of 7% of government budgets being devoted to Spirituality.

Social inequality is rife amongst the nations within Abkhazia. The environments of the nations in the region are almost universally appalling.