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Founder No Founder
WA Delegate No Delegate
Members 4
 -  of which WA 1
Regional population
 -  2014 estimate 1 billion
Regional HDI 0.500
Region page

Aloria is a region based off the MassiveCraft server and its lore. The various nations here are run by people who are active on MassiveCraft and also enjoy NationStates. They consider themselves a small but tight-knit group, and only people from MassiveCraft are welcome (with exceptions for people who are friends of people who play MassiveCraft). Nations here do not need to have MassiveCraft's lore in mind, as it roleplays as an alternate universe to MassiveCraft's "Aloria" planet.

Aloria was founded by Al'Darub during its second incarnation (the original died because reasons). People wishing to join are encouraged to contact username "Mecharic" on the MassiveCraft forums for the password.

Lore: Aloria was once a magical land populated by knights and demons. Three hundred years after the Cataclysm, the Archdemon Behaesal was finally defeated for good and magic became more stable in the land. The human empire of Regalia, once a mighty force, now had competition as the various races who inhabited the realm began to grow in strength. Unlike the humans of Regalia, the other races did not fear magic and were fast to dive deeply into its use with more confidence.

Among Regalia’s new contenders included the reformed United Sovereignties of the Elven Empire, the Qadir Sultanate, and the Great Mekett Collective. Around the same time, the Dwarves and the Ch’ien-ji had technological renaissance of magic and machinery. Aloria experienced a great industrial revolution. The various nations greatly expanded over the next few centuries. And of course, inevitably, wars were waged over resources, territory, and ideology.

Over a thousand years later, 500 years before present time, the races of Aloria reached the pinnacle of their technological splendor. Globalization, cybernetics, biotechnology, and even magic; at this period, everything seemed possible. Yet all was not peaceful; a thousand years of international turmoil finally came to the brink and erupted into a great World War. With magic and machinery, the nations of Aloria devastated the planet in their final bid to destroy each other. The war was brief but destructive.

Two thousand years after the Cataclysm, present time, the races of Aloria have started rebuilding their civilizations.