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Federation Of Malaysia
Founder The Straits Settlements
WA Delegate No Delegate
Members 1
 -  of which WA 0
Regional population
 -  2014 estimate 1 billion
Regional HDI 0.510
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Federation of Malaysia
Federation of Malaysia

Federation Of Malaysia is a minuscule region, inhabited by a sole nation.

In Federation Of Malaysia, denizens enjoy their civil rights, although not too much, or too freely. Nations in the region are healthy democracies, with denizens being afforded an extensive array of political freedoms. Families in the region are so obsessed with the economy that the discussion of laffer curves and supply-side reforms over dinner is a regular occurrence in member nations. The median tax rate of the region is 30%, but is frequently higher for the wealthy. The economies of nations in the region tend to be heavily weighted towards the private sector, with on average 23% of the economy comprising the public sector. Commerce is a major priority of national governments within the region, most of whom are trading nations, as is evidenced by the fact that commerce budgets account for an average of 18% of public expenditure in the region.

Federation Of Malaysia values education extremely highly, and denizens compete for the largest number of university degrees and sprawling book collections. The region's law enforcement is arguably too well-equipped and overzealous, arresting citizens who dare to commit the most minor of infractions. Denizens have well-funded defense forces. Due to the lack of any Public transport, streets are packed with cars, bikes, and assorted noisy vehicles.

Governments in Federation Of Malaysia communicate very well amongst themselves, with administration departments working smoothly, with 3% on average of government budgets being devoted to Administration. Governments generally endow their healthcare departments with a large amount of funding, with an average of 5% of government budgets across the region being devoted to healthcare. Welfare is a large part of government expenditure, with denizens amply provided for. Spirituality is an obsession of governments in the region, with a relatively very high average of 7% of government budgets being devoted to Spirituality.

In Federation Of Malaysia, denizens benefit from a good balance of social equality and motivation for advancement, although aspiration is the priority. The environments of the nations in the region are almost universally appalling.