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(Updated stats from latest NationStates data.)
(Updated stats from latest NationStates data.)
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|founder                    = <!--REGION_FOUNDER_START-->The Kingdom Historia<!--REGION_FOUNDER_END-->
|founder                    = <!--REGION_FOUNDER_START-->The Kingdom Historia<!--REGION_FOUNDER_END-->
|wa_delegate                = <!--REGION_DELEGATE_START-->Deusvultes<!--REGION_DELEGATE_END-->
|wa_delegate                = <!--REGION_DELEGATE_START-->Deusvultes<!--REGION_DELEGATE_END-->
|wa_members                  = <!--REGION_WA_POPULATION_START-->18<!--REGION_WA_POPULATION_END-->
|wa_members                  = <!--REGION_WA_POPULATION_START-->16<!--REGION_WA_POPULATION_END-->
|members                    = <!--REGION_POPULATION_START-->65<!--REGION_POPULATION_END-->
|members                    = <!--REGION_POPULATION_START-->65<!--REGION_POPULATION_END-->
|gross_regional_product      = <!--REGION_GRP_START-->$14.7 trillion<!--REGION_GRP_END-->
|gross_regional_product      = <!--REGION_GRP_START-->$14.7 trillion<!--REGION_GRP_END-->

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New World Union
Founder The Kingdom Historia
WA Delegate Deusvultes
Members 65
 -  of which WA 16
Regional population
 -  2014 estimate 13 billion
GRP $14.7 trillion
Regional HDI 0.520
Region page
New World Union
New World Union

New World Union is a medium-sized region, Currently with a thriving community of 40 nations and only 14 World Assembly Members.

History of the Region

New World Union was founded by the triumvirate of The Kingdom Historia, The Democratic Nation of Unovia, and Razzgriz on August 4th, 2014. It began as a Region that was based around democracy for all. The Democratic Nation of Unovia was the first Delegate, who held the seat until March 6th, 2015, a total of 214 Days. He established many of the customs of the Region. On March 6th, 2014, the Delegate post changed hands to The Islamic State of Afghanistan. The change over was short lived, and after two weeks, he was removed from office. Unovia resumed the seat for 22 Days. He held the seat until April 12th, 2015, when Agham became Delegate. Thus ended the First NWU Era, which lasted 228 Days.

The Second Era began with Agham's ascension to power. Through his Delegacy, the Region evolved into a more efficient place by building off the Unovian beginnings. Agham dominated the position, and it would not change hands again until Edaxia would assume the office on October 12th, 2015. Edaxia came into office with much promise, but a medical illness sidelined his agenda. Two nations took over as Acting Delegates until Edaxia could come back. When he resumed the position on October 22nd, he only held it until November 24th, 2015, when the displeasure over the Historian Reorganization dropped him from office. Thus ended the Second NWU Era after 249 Days.

The Third NWU Era opened with an appointed Delegate, United Christian, who served until January 8th, 2016. Agham became Delegate for the second time at that time, serving until June 20th, 2016. He continued the policies of the previous Agham Admin. United Christian came to office on June 20th, 2016. When United Christian came into office, he had several crises to handle during his tenure. The first was with Freedom Union, then later with ASIPA. Under his leadership, the first large scale Embassy Survey was conducted. There were also growing calls for Embassies, and Regional Activity increased. All previous bans were undone as well, setting a clean slate. He was also the first Delegate to have an official Vice Delegate. His Delegacy ended the 3rd NWU Era after 294 Days.

The Fourth NWU Era opened with Ivesi becoming Delegate. He opened his tenure with the elimination of 36 of 84 Embassies and implementation of the Galactic Map. The first challenge for him was The Empirian Purge, in which the WFE was purged and the Region was destabilized. Due to some quick actions by other members of the Government, the crisis was ended and the Region revived. Stepped down due to Real Life school pressures after 30 Days. His Vice Delegate, Cherkasov, assumed office. He Stepped in for Ivesi after he resigned 28 Days in to his Delegacy (October 11th), however, he did not officially assume to the chair until the 13th of October, when he had enough endorsements. He began his tenure with a rewriting of the Constitution, with a constitutional Commission formed to work on it. Stepped down after 4 Days. Unovia assumed office. He largely continued where Cherkasov left off, but only held the office for 5 Days, when United Christian became Delegate. He finished the "Chaotic Delegacy". Opened the way for new Nations to eventually assume the post. Restarted the Political Party System within the Region. Presided over the 1st Gooutofhereian National Influx, setting the stage for the largest size the Region has yet seen and creating overall prosperity. He ended the Chaotic Delegate Period, as well as the 4th NWU Era, which had lasted 162 Days.

The Fifth NWU Era opened with UAF becoming Delegate. He oversaw the creation of the Office of Regional Improvement (ORI), the update of the WFE to a more tech friendly state, the implementation of the NWUjs System, and the creation of the Minister of Regional Economics. Held the chair during the first N-Day, where he was successful to defend the Region. First Delegate to have an official political party. The Helghast became the next Delegate. He authorized the creation of the RP Commission & the Electoral Commission, established official RP Rules, restarted analysis of the Constitution, reauthorized the Welcome Telegram, and authorized the NWU New Nation Guide Program. Citing his experience as Delegate, United Christian assumed office once again, creating stability once again in the Region. After his time in office, Razzgriz became Delegate. He began work on the NWU World History Factbook Program, encouraged the reduction on population counts, authorized the creation of the Role Play Council, revamped the Regional Supreme Court to better reflect the Region, authorized the reintroduction of the Regional Complaint Forum. Presided over the 2nd Gooutofhereian National Influx. When Razzgriz retired from office, Unovia once again became Delegate. He wrote a new Welcome Telegram, worked on Map claims, reset the Regional Supreme Court, created an area for beta testing ideas, cleaned up the Real World Map, reestablished and cleaned up the Galactic Map, established a Discord Commission to keep the Discord in check, reset the RP Rules, worked on completing the Regional History Project and held next Flag Contest. He finished the 5th NWU Era, which lasted 483 Days.

Regional Population

The Regional Population as of January 2016 is 72.5 Billion spread among 40 Nations.

List of Delegates

1st: Unovia Term: August 4th, 2014-December 17th, 2014

Acting Delegate 1: Sad States Term: December 17th, 2014-January 14th, 2015

Resumption of Term: January 14th, 2015-March 6th, 2015

2nd: Afghanistan Term: March 6th, 2015-March 20th, 2015

3rd: Unovia Term: March 20th, 2015-April 12th, 2015

4th: Agham Term: April 12th, 2015-May 14th, 2015

Acting Delegate 2: Unovia Term: May 14th, 2015-May 19th, 2015

Resumption of Term: May 19th, 2015-October 12th, 2015

5th: Edaxia Term: October 12th, 2015-October 13th, 2015

Acting Delegate Duo: Unovia and Agham Term: October 13th, 2015-October 22nd, 2015

Resumption of Term: October 22nd, 2015-November 24th, 2015

6th: United Christian Term: November 24th, 2015-January 8th, 2016

7th: Agham Term: January 8th, 2016-June 20th, 2016

8th: United Christian Term: June 20th, 2016-September 13th, 2016

9th: Ivesi Term: September 13th, 2016-October 13th, 2016

10th: Cherkasov Term: October 13th, 2016-October 17th, 2016

11th: Unovia Term: October 17th, 2016-October 22nd, 2016

12th: United Christian Term: October 22nd, 2016-February 22nd, 2017

13th: Unified American Federation Term: February 22nd, 2017-May 30th, 2017

More to come!

Current Government

Founder: The Kingdom Historia

WA Delegate: Agham

Minister of Foreign Affairs/Secretary of State: The Democratic Nation of Unovia

Minister of Operations & Internal Affairs: Malloreon

Minister of Defense: United Christian

Attorney General: Justin States 3

RP Minister: Ocaeania

Minister of Immigration/Recruitment: Verochkania

Current Candidates for Delegate-April 2016

Agham (Incumbent)

The Empire of the Moon