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Founder NewTexas
WA Delegate NewTexas
Members 219
 -  of which WA 34
Regional population
 -  2014 estimate 1.15 trillion
Regional HDI 0.530
Region page

Texas -- created as an homage to the greatest state in the Union -- is a large friendly region where freedom is considered one of its greatest resources. The many diverse nations of Texas carry a fair amount of pride in their homeland, which is nearly as old as NationStates itself. Texas also has a functioning government and constitution, regular elections, a regional map, and a space program, and participates in many inter-regional sporting events.


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Texas is an old region that was founded before Founders had any sort of official standing. No one knows for sure who the original founder was, but one of the older nations in the region, Boomba, suggested that it might be a nation called "Moondog," though they were not certain of this at all. The first known Delegate of Texas is Fred II, and aside from a certain game glitch that had the then Vice-President AbFab ascending to the Delegacy, NewTexas has been the Delegate ever since Fred II chose to retire from the position.

Due to certain in-game events that led to Texas helping The Heartland gain its freedom from invaders, three regions decided to form an inter-regional alliance for mutual defense. They called this alliance The Triumvirate, the member regions being Texas, The Heartland, and Wysteria. This alliance has continued to grow stronger over the past two years, and many residents of the three regions have enjoyed their Triumvirate brethren so much that they chose to treat another member region as a second home.

In August of 2003, Texas chose to enter into a mutual assistance pact with 10000 Islands, citing the two regions' similar love for freedom from invasion and Texas' aid in the 10000 Islands' time of need. The alliance was terminated in May of 2004 for very vague reasons.

In November of 2003, Texas chose to enter into another mutual defense alliance, this time with the region Nasicournia. Several Texans have enjoyed close relationships with members of Nasicournia, and Texas Ambassadors to Nasicournia are always made to feel welcome. In the past, some folks have seemingly assumed that because Texas is allied with Nasicournia, it must be a member of the ADN. This is not the case, and has never been the case.

In early 2005, Texas began opening Consulates with regions that it wished to pursue friendly relations with while not yet committing to a stronger alliance. Since that time the list of Consulates has grown to comprise more than a dozen regions. Regions/organizations that have Consulates in Texas are Wysteria, The Heartland, Nasicournia, Monkey Island, The North Pacific, Galts Gulch, Conservative Paradise, Canada, Gatesville Inc, the Pacific, Elite Conservative Circuit, Antarctic Oasis and Malibu Islands.

Government and politics

The government of Texas is a democracy. The Texas Constitution is the basis for all government and law in the region, and it can be changed by a vote on the offsite forum during any of the regularly scheduled elections. The Texas government is organized in a manner similar to the real world Texas government, with a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, a Cabinet, an Election Commission, and a Representative Council. These offices are filled through regular elections, which occur every trimester (four months), and are overseen by the Governor of Texas.

Texas Cabinet

Big Tex welcomes visitors to Texas in NewDallas.
  • The Governor of Texas (known as the President of Texas until 2012) makes overall decisions determining the course of Texas activities, the defense of the region and provides general stewardship. The policies of the Governor shall not impinge upon any nation of Texas's sovereign rights. The Governor is held responsible for making and keeping Texas great. The position of Governor is not elected but inherits the the position by virtue of being WA Delegate. The Governor handles all requests for Texas opinions on WA matters, and is also in charge of negotiating Alliances, maintaining the Texas Intelligence Agency, coordinating the Texas Defense Forces and overseeing immigration. The Governor has always been "Big Tex" of NewTexas, who enjoys great and enduring popularity among Texas citizens, who consider him a tireless protector, promoter, recruiter and improver for the region. Big Tex has also held the governership for so long because of the fact the constitution prohibits anyone but him from holding the office.
  • The Lieutenant Governor (known as the Vice President until 2012) is the second-in-charge for the Region of Texas. The duties of this position include providing advice to the Governor, maintaining Texas Security through interaction with the Secretary of Defense, and coordinating the efforts of the other Secretaries. The office of the Vice President is also in charge of the smooth running of the Texas Representative Council. In the past, the position of Lieutenant Governor has been both an appointed position and an elected position. Currently the Vice President is elected. The current Lieutenant Governor is Studly Penguins.
  • The Secretary of State of Texas is in charge of Foreign Affairs. The duties include assisting with the appointment and management of Ambassadors and Consuls, providing communication about Texas affairs with allies, and negotiating Treaties. The Secretary is also in charge of maintaining relationships with friendly regions. The Secretary of State is responsible for the Texas Ambassador Corps, and reports directly to the Governor. The current Secretary of State is Richard.
  • The Secretary of Defense is in charge of coordinating the Texas Defense Forces. These forces are used not only in the defense of Texas, but also in the defense of its allies. Duties of the position include deploying and recalling Texas troops, recruitment of Texas Defense Forces Members and answering questions about the program. The current Secretary of Defense is Amandil.
  • The Secretary of WA Affairs (formerly United Nations Affairs) is concerned (naturally) with World Assembly Affairs, including, but not limited to, creation of WA Proposals, soliciting support for WA Proposals or Resolutions from other WA Delegates, and the monitoring of new WA Proposals. This position works with the Governor to keep Texans informed of the activities of this position. This post has historically been filled by nations intimately involved with the WA and its predecessor, the United Nations. This makes sense because Texas has a long history of involvement with the UN and the WA, and has been home to numerous authors of UN and WA legislation, including Rixtex, Frisbeeteria, Texan Hotrodders and Studly Penguins. Past Secretaries have included HotRodia, Karmicaria (Rose of Texas), Gruenberg (El Caminos in Texas), The Palentine (Murray the Evil Skull and Thessadorian Catgirls), Yelda (Ole Dixieland) and Omigodtheykilledkenny (No TV and No Beer). Mousebumples (Cielos Negros) occupied the position for nearly four years. The current Secretary of WA Affairs is No TV and No Beer.

Other cabinet officials

The Texas cabinet has included the Secretary of Space, Land Commissioner, Secretary of Counterculture (or "Counterbalance"), and the "Goddess of Texas," which was Sweet Furry Kittens while she was still active. Many of these positions are no longer active, but they are always subject to be resurrected for future elections (or appointments) when the Governor and citizens of Texas deem it the right time to do so.

Texas Representative Council

As specified in the Constitution, Texas elects a Regional Council. The Council includes the Lieutenant Governor and eight additional, freely elected citizens of Texas. As with all offices, the members of the council are elected during the trimesterly elections.

The TRC has traditionally not had all that much to do. The Constitution indicates that they are supposed to deal with such serious problems as breaches of the Constitution and internal disputes, and Texas has been fortunate not to have much of those sorts of problems. The Governor has also stated that TRC members serve as the Texas Welcome Wagon, welcoming new nations to the region, but members have historically not fulfilled this role very often.

Amendments to the Constitution have striven to make the TRC a more active and integral part of the region and government, but these have tended to be somewhat controversial. An addition giving TRC a role in approving alliance requests has not improved activity for the body. An experiment with making the TRC an appointed body was reversed when regional officials had trouble implementing the new system. A requirement that TRC nominees publicly accept their nominations to appear on the ballot resulted in a recent SNAFU wherein all but two nominees failed to qualify for the ballot.

Hence the only current members of the Texas Representative Council are Indian Empire and Trecdom2.


The offsite forum of Texas is the center of socializing, roleplaying, and regional government. It has logged more than 73,000 posts as of early 2015.


The Texas Map is where the nations of Texas fix their geographical locations. These maps can be personalized to whatever level nations choose. The Texas maps, due to the amount of nations in Texas, were made so that there were two maps of Texas. The first is simply called "Texas" and the second is called "Texas Prime". These Texas maps were subdivided into regions that correspond with the terrain of Texas in real life. The Texas Regional Map, created by PAX HEARTLANDIA and maintained by forum admins, is one of largest (if not the largest) undertaking in the history of Texas.

Bot-generated description

Texas is a enormous region, with a very large community of 219 member nations. Texas features a very respectable representation in the World Assembly, with 34 member nations.

In Texas, denizens scatter at the sight of strangers and are careful to keep carefully blank faces when approached. Political freedoms are extended only to close friends and relatives of the leaders of the region's governments. The almost total lack of economic activity in the country is a constant sore spot for politicians. Inhabitants rarely are visited by the tax collector, and the region boasts a paltry median tax rate of -1%. The economies of nations in the region tend to be dominated by the private sector, with on average only -1% of the economy comprising the public sector. Commerce is low priority for governments, accounting for an average of -1% of public expenditure, although commerce is generally seen as a source of tax revenue.

Denizens of the Texas are poorly educated, with rampant illiteracy. Criminality is rife within the region, with law enforcement struggling to cope. Governments allocate a meagre -1%, on average, of their budgets to law and order. Denizens have small defense forces. Public transport is an afterthought, with only -1% of total government budgets in the region being devoted to it.

Governments in Texas find themselves in a constant state of disarray, with very little co-ordination, only -1% on average of government budgets being devoted to Administration. Some government provision is made for healthcare, but at an average of only -1% the provision for healthcare in the region is paltry. Welfare in the region is minimal, with only a small amount of expenditure being devoted to spending on social security. Spirituality is a moderate priority of governments within the region, with-1% of government budgets being devoted to Spirituality.

In Texas, Social inequality is total, with wealth being held by a tiny fraction of the region's populace. The environments of the nations in the region are almost universally appalling.

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