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The Leftist Assembly
The Leftist Assembly.png
Founded 14 January 2016
Founder Leftist Assembly Founder
Secretary Llorens
Legislature The General Assembly
General Information
Alliances NSLeft, Antifa
Anthem The Internationale
Military Leftist Defence Force
Newspaper The Red St★r
Podcast Keyboard Warriors

The Leftist Assembly is one of the largest leftist regions in NationStates, founded on 14 January 2016 to unite all leftists under a common banner. The region is generally government-focused, consisting of the Secretary as its leader and the General Assembly, its mixed appointed and elected legislature.


The Leftist Assembly was established on 14 January 2016 as a merger between The Communist Region and The Democratic Socialist Union due to stagnated growth and the desire for a unified and revitalised leftist region. The Constitution was ratified on 21 February 2016 and the Code of Laws came into effect on 2 March 2016. The region's first WA Delegate was technically Celera, but considering their tenure lasted mere hours on 26 January 2016, the first proper Delegate is generally considered to be Locksmithia, who reigned from 26 January to 7 March 2016. The first Secretary, the newly established elected leader of the region, was Atealia. The first Act to pass the General Assembly was the Electoral Reform Act, proposed by Cedoria and passed 8-1 by the 3rd General Assembly.


The flag of Secretary Llorens
Terms of Secretaries
Name Elected Unelected
  Atealia 7 March 2016 6 October 2016
  Cedoria 6 October 2016 3 April 2017
  Losinia 3 April 2017 1 May 2017
  Atealia 1 May 2017 2 July 2017
  Llorens 2 July 2017 -


Term Election Secretary
1st March 2016 Atealia
2nd - Atealia
3rd September 2016 Cedoria
4th December 2016 Cedoria
5th March 2017 Losinia/Atealia
6th June 2017 Llorens


The regional government is centred around its mixed elected and appointed legislature, the General Assembly. Laws and amendments may be proposed by any member. Bills affecting the Constitution go to a referendum and require fifty percent plus one vote in favour to pass, and bills not affecting the Constitution go to a General Assembly vote and require five votes in favour to pass. Each position is elected using the alternative voting system and terms last for three months, with elections occurring in the second half of March, June, September and December. It consists of eight members (transitioning from nine to eight in the next election due to recently changed legislation), including the Secretary and the heads of all four ministries.

Current members

The current members that fulfil the positions of the General Assembly are as follows:

Position Nation
Secretary Llorens
Prime Minister Franckley
Minister of Archives Libertasnia
Minister of Defence The Final Horseman
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sky Meople
Minister of Imm. & Customs South Miruva
Justice Facemus

Foreign relations

Concerning military foreign relations, the gameplay military force of The Leftist Assembly is the Leftist Defence Force. It is tasked with defending allied leftist regions and invading fascist and capitalist regions within the NationStates community and is led by the Minister of Defence, also known as the Marshal. Concerning diplomatic foreign relations, The Leftist Assembly has a number of official embassies with allied leftist regions:

Region Established
The Democratic Socialist Union 29 Jan. 2016
The Socialist States of the Philippines 1 Feb. 2016
Democratic Socialist Assembly 20 Mar. 2016
Antifa 22 Mar. 2016
The MT Army 22 Mar. 2016
Region Established
NSLeft 23 Mar. 2016
The Internationale 23 Jun. 2016
North Korea 3 Jan. 2017
Hippy Haven 4 Jan. 2017
The Federation of Anarchist Communes 20 Apr. 2017