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The Leftist Assembly
The Leftist Assembly.png
Founded 14 January 2016
The Final Horseman
Secretary The Final Horseman
Legislature General Assembly
Judiciary Supreme Court
General Information
Alliances NSLeft, Antifa,
Interregional Legislative Coalition
Animal Laika the Space Dog
Anthem The Internationale
Motto Unity in diversity
Newspaper The Red St★r

The Leftist Assembly is one of the largest leftist regions in NationStates, founded on 14 January 2016 as the unification of The Communist Region and the Democratic Socialist Union. The region is generally government-focused, consisting of the General Assembly, Supreme Court, and appointed Ministers. The most recent census was held in January 2019.


The Leftist Assembly was founded on 14 January 2016 by British Accia, LAN, Atealia, and Cedoria (under the multi-nation held account of Leftist Assembly Founder). It was established as a merger of The Communist Region and its breakaway region, the Democratic Socialist Union, due to the desire for a reunified and revitalised leftist region. For further information on the history of The Leftist Assembly, read Cedoria's Regional History Project:

The Constitution was ratified on 19 February 2016, now celebrated annually on this day as Constitution Day, and the Code of Laws was ratified on 17 April 2016.


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Executive Branch


Script error The Secretary and Prime Minister are the leader and deputy leader of the region respectively.

The Secretary, with the assistance of the Prime Minister, has the responsibility of organising the activities of the General Assembly, appointing and removing Ministers, and representing the region as Delegate to the World Assembly.

The current leaders are:

  • Secretary - The Final Horseman
  • Prime Minister - Argentigrad

Their term commenced on 14 March 2019 and is expected to conclude on 14 June 2019.


Ministers are appointed by the Secretary, with roles being at least required for Foreign Affairs, and Recruitment. The Secretary has also currently appointed a Minister of NationStates Affairs.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for matters relating to embassies, the Minister of Recruitment is responsible for matters relating to the recruitment of new citizens, and the Minister of NationStates Affairs is responsible for the census, WFE, polls, and Culture Competitions. Previously, other Ministers have included Archives/Media, Culture, Defence, Diversity and Inclusion, and WA Affairs, while Immigration and Customs was renamed to Recruitment.

The current Ministers are:

  • Foreign Affairs - Hecknamistan
  • NationStates Affairs - Nottinhaps
  • Recruitment - The Final Horseman

None of the ministers have fixed terms.

Legislative Branch

The General Assembly is the legislature of the region. It consists of seven members, including the Secretary, Prime Minister, and five Senators.

The members are responsible for proposing and voting on laws, amendments, and policies.

The current members are:

  • Secretary - The Final Horseman
  • Prime Minister - Argentigrad
  • Senator - Dawtania
  • Senator - Fevhader
  • Senator - Greylyn
  • Senator - Kavagrad
  • Senator - South Miruva

Their term commenced on 14 December 2018 and is expected to conclude on 14 March 2019.

Judicial Branch

The Supreme Court is the judiciary of the region. It consists of three Justices appointed by the Secretary and approved by the region.

The members are responsible for handling legal disputes between citizens, hosting court cases to settle criminal charges, voting on said criminal charges upon the conclusion of a fair and public hearing, and being the highest authority on the interpretation of all regional law.

The current members are:

  • Justice - Halfblakistan
  • Justice - Kavagrad
  • Justice - Morvan

Their term commenced on 23 December 2018 and is expected to conclude with the appointment of the next Justices in March 2019.