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Versutian Federation
Founded March 2013
Founder Versutia
WA Delegate Valturus
Members 76
 -  of which WA 5
Government Elective
 -  President Asairia 
 -  Minister of Foreign Affairs Zopher's Landing 
 -  Minister of Defense Great Alemonia 
 -  Minister of Justice Alamei 
 -  Minister of Immigration Humantus 
Regional population
 -  2016 estimate 408,950,000,000
GRP NS$13,090,962,726,079,800
Regional Gini0.181
Regional HDI 0.898
very high
Time zone Versutian Central Time UCT -8.0
Forum location Forum
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The Versutian Federation (TVF) is a democratic region originally founded by Divair in March 2013. It has 76 member nations, of which 5 are members of the World Assembly. In March 2014, the region was refounded when its Founder was deleted from NationStates.

With a regional population of 408,950,000,000 and a Gross Regional Product of NS$13,090,962,726,079,800,The Versutian Federation is a gargantuan region in NationStates.


The Versutian Federation enjoys a democratic government, which is directly elected by the nations of the region. The Constitution of the Versutian Federation was accepted by referendum on April 6th, 2013.

In March 2013 the region was officially founded and the following positions have since been created:

  • Founder
  • WA Delegate
  • President
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister of Immigration
  • Minister of Defense
  • Minister of Justice

The Versutian Federation has embassies with the following regions: Audaxia, New Ausozera, Democratic Socialist Assembly, Capitalist Paradise, Social Liberal Union, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Laissez Faireholm, World Alliance, Mystria, Turkic Union, PLANET EARTH RED ALERT, Winterfell, The Prometheus Isles, Le Alphas, Maritime MAST, The Free Republican States, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, The Nations of Ridgeview, Rossferry, The Union of Democratic States


Origins and z-day

The origins of the Versutian Federation have been documented within the history books, since the Federation was only founded recently when compared to other regions of the world, in late March 2013. It was created after a small number of nations began talks regarding a region that could connect them together, since the founding nations were all connected prior to creating the Federation.

Soon after the Federation was founded, the zombie apocalypse broke out, which resulted in countless nations flocking to the Federation as refugees. The Federation later became one of the most successful regions during this time, having deployed a cure to all nations within the region. In this time, the Federation began at approximately 40 nations and ended with approximately 225, despite having many leave after the immediate crisis ended.

The First Election

On 27th of March 2013, the first regional election was held.

The following ministers, and other government officials, took office:


In March 2014, Divair was deleted from NationStates owing to alleged rule violations, leaving the region founderless. The regional government swiftly created a new region founded by Versutia, an account controlled by the VF Government, and encouraged a mass migration to this new region.