Second Maddoman Empire

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The Second Maddoman Empire
Motto"Unitum Donec Mortem."
"United until the death."
Anthem"Shall the Gods call home"
"World Assembly Member"
The Maddoman Empire in Audaxia
Region Audax
and largest city
Official languages English
Recognised national languages English (de facto)a
Demonym Maddoman
Government Autocracy
 -  Emperor
Constantine Dvorak
 -  Dux of the Maddoman Armed Forces Amanda Dvorak
 -  Advisory of the Emperor = Peter Valen
Legislature Congrate
 -  Upper house Maddomate
 -  Lower house Regulars
 -  Founding 2017 
 -  Total 72,901,796d km2
10,299,075 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 5.7%
 -  2017 estimate 252,550,000
 -  Density 100/km2
259/sq mi
Gini (2014)0.237
HDI (2014)0.9478
very high
Currency Maluaxi
(TMI) (UL)
Time zone Audaxian Standard Timef (UTC+2 to +8)
Date format yyyy ˘ dd ˘ mm
Drives on the left
Calling code +934
ISO 3166 code SME
Internet TLD, .me.mal, .me.mad,,
a. Maximus Dvorak has died, Constantine Dvorak, Maximus' Heir has taken power of the Empire. Salonia, Vosium, and Salithia have been integrated as The United Armed Republic and are now apart of the Maddoman Empire.
b. Dux Hendric has died from his illness. The Maddomate and Emperor are currently are in a conflict regarding the next Dux to be elected.

The Second Maddoman Empire (also called Maddomainia, Maddoma (Not to be confused with the capital city, Maddoma), M.E., or S.M.E.) is a Autocracy that comprises five provinces. The country is situated in the region of Aquilonis Occasus.



Climate records

Environmental issues

Political Divisions

Time Zones


The Maddoman Empire consists of five provinces. The five provinces are subjected into three categories which are Civilized, Somewhat Civilized, and Not Civilized. Maddomus, Salandia, Salonia, Salithia, and Vosium are the provinces of the Empire. Maddomus and Salandia are the most civilized provinces while Salithia is somewhat civilized. Salonia and Vosium are not civilized.



The First Maddoman Empire was formed after the collapse of the Madium Republica, which was formed after the collapse of the Eiliarian and Vosium Empires. When the two empires collapsed, the nation was plunged into a dark age known as the Age of Tenebris. During the Age of Tenebris, the two Empires' provinces began to reform to what they originally were before they were annexed by the Eilarians and Vosians. The Madizanism church were also being opposed by 'sinful' worshipers known as "Tenebris Worshipers".

The reformed provinces of Eiliaria, Saddoma, Salonia, Salitha, Sadland, and Valithia were pushing to become the strongest nation and form their own Empire. Eilaria, the remaining province of the Eilarian Empire was one of the strongest of the nations. Most viewed the nation as the one to retake all of the lands and lead the lands to a gold age. Valithia was the remaining province of the Vosium Empire who was facing multiple genocides from the Salonians and were facing possible extinction. The nation of Saddoma was formed from the Sadum Province of the Eilarian Empire and were reforming their military to resemble Saddoman culture, not Eilarian. Sadland was apart of the Vosiam Empire who were viewed as savages and were one of the weakest provinces. Salitha and Salonia were apart of the Salin Province of the Vosium Empire and took part in constant battles to take over Valithia.

Eilaria was continuously outlawing worship of non-Eilarian religions, including Madizanism to points where the Madizane Church of Eilaria ordered that all devout followers migrate to a independent, Madizane-Founded settlement between Saddoma and Valithia. As time went on, the settlement split into Madium and Cuadel, then became rivals. While, there was no battles fought at first, both settlements began to build militias and prepare to fight in the names of the different Gods that represented them. This was known as the Unblooded Holy Scare. However, Madium was able to build their army quicker at the same time stronger and annexed Cuadel. This marked the point where the Madium Republica began to invade and annex large chunks of Sadland.

As time went on, propaganda against the Madizane nation went around stating that Madium was a Republic in disguise and were planning on forming an Empire. This was confirmed when Ronus Dvorak assumed the position of Prusa (Leader of the Madizane Church) and un-assembled most of the Madium Congrate and naming himself Emperor of the "Maddoman Empire". The Maddoman Empire invaded and annexed most of Valithia, Salitha, and Saddoma. Eilaria and Salonia were invaded but the Maddoman Attackers were always pushed back to the point where the Emperor signed a treaty ending the Maddoman-Invasive War.

However, unable to expand the Maddoman Empire was losing much of its income it was getting from constant war and needed to cut down in size. Before this was able to happen, the Emperor's two possible heirs his step-son, John Benjamin and son, Rein Dvorak quarreled over leadership as Ron was getting more and more ill by the day. This split the Empire's military in-half when the Emperor died to support their favored heir. As the battles were fought two new empires were formed. The Saiathan Empire, leaded by the Emperor's blooded son Rein Dvorak and the other, the Dyllo Empire, which was leaded by the Emperor's step-son, John Benjamin. After the Unblooded War, John Benjamin and the Dyllo Empire were defeated after the Saiathan Empire allied with the Rebello Collectivum and was defeated.

Saiatha formed into Sadia. Sadia was able to annex Salonia after brutal battles fought in the "Uncharted Forests" with improved technology that the Salonians lacked. Sadia then faced a war with Eilaria and won, but did not annex the nation. Sadia's Congress ordered that all "Non-Sadian" cultured provinces must be released from Sadian rule. Thus Salonia, Valithia, Salithia, and parts of Eilaria were released and given independence while Sadland and Saddoma were still under Sadian rule. The Sadian Republic faced a leadership change when the Sadian Council, the President's Military Council took control over the nation forcefully with the support of the Sadian Armed Forces.

The Council, led by a mentally handicapped man named "Rickson" drove the nation into the ground. He ordered brutal executions, had Madizane churches burned to the ground, and had sacrifices within the Sadian Armed Forces. He was assassinated six months after the leadership transition, plunging the nation into anarchy. After six months of no leadership, Sadia was annexed by the Salandians.

The Salandians then formed the United Provinces in 2016, which lasted for nearly eight months before its member-states began to withdraw, causing the UPO Economy to collapse. The first two nations to withdraw were Vlaskovic and Freechrist, then Maddomainia. The Salandians were the final nation left and declared that the UPO had collapsed.

Maddomainia then went on to form The Second Maddoman Empire by Maximus Dvorak. Maximus Dovrak then started the Maddoman-Salonian war when the Salonians invaded Salithia and broke into Maddomus. The Maddoman Armed Forces and Maddoman Legion were sent into Salonia to push them back into Vosium. Once the operation was complete, King Mirel was captured and hung at the Maddoman Capital Building. Salonia was annexed and as time went on, Vosium was annexed as well. The Salithians and Salandians were granted in joining the Empire.

Consolidation of Growth

Government, elections and politics

Foreign relations and military

Diplomatic Relations

Nation Name Diplomatic Status Trade Information MEFS Level 1-4 Travel Information
The Altic Union Friendly Trading 1 Allowed
Vandinium Neutral Not Trading 4 Restricted
Vlaskovic Allied Trading 1 Allowed
United Moreland Neutral Not Trading 1 Allowed
Vinitsia Allied Trading 1 Allowed
Los Vatican Unfriendly Sanctioned 4 Restricted
Gondor Unfriendly Sanctioned 4 Restricted
DEN Neutral Not Trading 2 Low Warning


Income and human development


Science and technology





Crime and law enforcement




The Maddoman Empire has eight known religions with five of them being banned. The eight are Linnish, Tenebris Madizanism, Lux Madizanism, Pacem Madizanism, Sadism, Sarinanity, Madzanism, Eilrea, and Aulucism.


Aulucism is the belief that there is no Gods and that the planet Audax is truly a prison for your soul, which its practice is banned in all provinces of the Maddoman Empire.

Aulucism Commandments

The Aulucists must follow ten commandments to end their suffering in the planet of Audax and safely be reincarnated into the Grand City of Aclenon.

  1. I shall never pledge my life to a God, Goddess, or any other super being.
  2. I shall not marry a non-Aulucist for they will not make it into the Grand City of Aclenon.
  3. I shall not refer to Audax as a planet, but as a prison that is holding me from my destiny in the Grand City of Aclenon.
  4. I shall live true to the Eilarian way of life.
  5. I shall never trust a Madizanist or a Eilreaist as they wish to prolong my time in this prison and to destroy the Grand City of Aclenon.
Province Name Legal Status
Maddomainia Outlawed
Salandia Outlawed
Malueria Outlawed
Malson Outlawed
New Vosiam Outlawed


The Linnish is a monotheism. The belief in an single creator of all living things. To please their God is to praise him for all things that are good, to do good for one another, even those who are against them. At the core of it all Linnish fallow a commandment most important to them "Believers in me, you must show Respect, Honor, and let all keep Freedom and morals that i have taught you from thine oppressors hands to change. Safeguard these most of all. Let none take not one of these from the righteous and my glory."

They believe in a God called Yewih. He created all living things by calling them into existence. Giving them purpose and life. The purpose to spread the news about Yewih and how he loves them. As well as spread the teachings and morals of Yewih. Those who believer in Yewih are called The Linnish, in English it means, *The Free People, to free people*. The history and belief of Linnism is written in a book called The Viran.

Although there are different understandings on what The Viran says. Because much of what the Viran says can be interpreted as a teaching or an event in history. Much like the talk of demigods. Majority of the Linnish believe in a demi god and like there life by the roll of one of them. But there is a very large group of Linnish that see the demigods as a word interpretation of a "holy man" back in the time; like a very revered priest, or saint.

In the Viran. It has a natural order of things within thir churches.. There are the followers, called Dilorit's. Dilorits are those who announce their agreement to being a "Linnish".

Church Members. Dilorit('s) People who call themselves Linnish Followers, and attend at the temples. Hureate('s) Those who work in the Church and temples. Preforming specific duties. Sepherite('s) Those who work directly with the leader of the church or temple. Megger A leader of a church. Gentimete A leader of a temple. High Phonorite A leader and an enforcer of the

In the Viran there are several talks of demigods. Each demigod is known for very distinct and different things.

Demonnatam: 11% Are Linnish that praise a particular "demigod". 4% Hevi the demigod of Union. The followers of Hevi are called Hephite(s) 3% Luved the demigod of Prayer. The followers of Luved are called Luphite(s) 2% Capheshus the demigod of the Enlightened. The followers of Capheshus are called Gemora(s) 2% Ji-ji the demigod of the Dead. The followers of Ji-ji are called Ji-jiphittus(')

Along with these variant followers of demigods, are the other Linnish denominations.

Jesqitist: 58% Are a group of followers of Linnism that have the strong belief of the "fear of god", and pure respect of encountering him threw ritualistic acts. Usually adding in a hierarchy in the church. Alters and time spend in charity works seen to be of great works for their god.

Zithermans: 13% Are a group of followers in Linnism who practice ancient arts of the Linnish to please god. That the majority of Linnish say are no longer needed. Zithermans have a separate Viran, called Viran Haca. Much of the rituals they use involve massacring people, using animals and people for sacrifice, drinking the blood and skin of their enemies, and calling curses and demons for attacking there enemies. They have one church in Freechrist. Mostly they are more tribalism and use the church for congregations and ceremonies. In some cities and states, it is illegal to practice Zithermans. And in one city it is punishable to death to be a Zithermans.

Serodite: 18% These are more spiritual Linnish. Dancing, chanting and physical jiddering occurs often. There is usually little structure for the church. Those who spend time evangelizing and praying are seen to be most dedicated and holy people.

The Linnish War.

Jesqitists and Zithermans are in a real war. Freechrist has been in a constant state of civil war for over 400 years. It goes even further, back beyond the establishment of freechrist, over 2000 years.

Province Name Legal Status
Maddomainia Outlawed
Salandia Outlawed
Malueria Outlawed
Malson Outlawed
New Vosiam Outlawed

Tenebris Madizanism

Tenebris Madizanism is a branch of worship when a person worships one or more of the four Dark Princes. Currently Tenebris Madizanism is banned in most provinces of the United Provinces, the entire nation of Eilaria, and New Vosiam. The four Dark Princes are the Prince of War, the Prince of Manipulation, the Prince of Torture, and the Prince of Deception.

Province Name Legal Status
Maddomainia Outlawed
Salandia Outlawed
Malueria Legal
Malson Outlawed
New Vosiam Legal

The Dark Prince of War

The Dark Prince of War is also known as The Dark Prince of Hirlohn. Hirlohn has been known to cause many wars within the Eilarian and Sadian history. The worship of Hirlohn is banned within Salandia, Malson, and Maddomainia. However, soldier's of the United Provinces' Armed Forces are granted the right to worship Hirlohn.

The Dark Prince of Manipulation

The Dark Prince of War is also known as The Dark Prince of Caonihr. Religious followers have noted in the past after worshiping Caonihr, they felt strength. However, days later they all have received some type of disease that was fatal. Currently the Dark Prince of Caonihr is being studied by professors at the Riverdale University. Caonihr is currently banned within Salandia, Malson, and Maddomainia.

The Dark Prince of Torture

The Dark Prince of Torture as The Dark Prince of Plurom. Studies have shown that the worship of Plurom has led to many signs of self-despise such as self-mutilation, self-amputations, and self-torture. Over 14 people have died from results of self-harm who have stated in the past they self-harmed to please Plurom. Currently Plurom is strictly banned within Salandia, Malson, Freechrist, Maddomainia, and Vlaksovic.

The Dark Prince of Deception

The Dark Prince of Deception is commonly named as Pazdahr. Pazdahr has been worshiped by most notably the Benjamins and the Dark Prince is refereed as one of the weakest princes. Regardless, worship of Pazdahr is banned within Salandia, Malson, and Maddomainia.

Pacem Madizanism

Pacem Madizanism is the worship of the Salian God, Lutarr. Lutarr is known to have defeated his arch-nemesis, Iucurus in the battle of Elmon when Iucurus was attempting to banish the ancient Salian tribes.

Province Name Legal Status
Maddomainia Outlawed
Salandia Legal
Malueria Outlawed
Malson Legal
New Vosiam Legal

Lux Madizanism

Lux Madizanism is the worship of the four Gods and three Goddesses. Lux Madizanism is the third most popular religion within the United Provinces. It is currently banned within no provinces. There is four Gods and three Goddesses.

Province Name Legal Status
Maddomainia Legal
Salandia Legal
Malueria Legal
Malson Legal
New Vosiam Legal

The God of Destiny

The God of Destiny, also known as Eddar is worshiped due to belief that he controls Audax's and every living being's destiny. Eddar is the third most popular God within the United Provinces.

The Goddess of Beauty

The Goddess of Beauty is Goddess that is worshipped by many females within Tytohr

The Goddess of Love


The God of Battle


The God of Victory


The God of Justice


The God of Life and Death


The Goddess of Forgiveness

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