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"O Great Tuvaltastan""Sandœval"
"Song of the Citizens""This Free Land"
'The Duo'.450 Phoenix.vek
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1. AAC Alluittat1. FC Akunqornat100W
10Y10 Days War10 Days War Veterans Memorial
10th Arditi Regiment "Col Moschin" (Italy)
10th General Assembly10th Summer Olympics10th Supreme Court
10th VS-Panzer Division Fuerstenburg10th Winter Olympics11th General Assembly
11th Summer Olympics11th Supreme Court11th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Selbstständigkeit
11th Winter Olympics120W128th Infantry Regiment (Rotgeheim)
12th General Assembly12th Summer Olympics12th Supreme Court
12th VS-Panzer Division Strahlfeld12th Winter Olympics13th General Assembly
13th Summer Olympics13th Supreme Court13th VS-Mountain Division Dinslaken
13th Winter Olympics14th Corps (Fuerstenburg)14th General Assembly
14th Supreme Court14th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Balkan14th Winter Olympics
15th General Assembly15th Supreme Court15th VS-Air Assault Division Einheit
16S16th General Assembly16th Supreme Court
16th VS-Panzer Division Sturm17th General Assembly17th Supreme Court
17th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Furtwängler182nd Paratroopers Brigade Folgore (Kingdom of Italy)1869 Darkmanian Constituent Assembly election
1872 Darkmanian Särtherhüs election1880 Laiatanese coup d'état
18Y18th General Assembly18th Supreme Court
18th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Nordland1937 Australian federal election1957 March for Equality
1966 Nal'Chik and Shagonar Riots1973 Eslarite Election1973 Torisakian Annexation of González Archipeligo
1976 Protests of Novosibirsk1977 Eslarite Election1977 Striorcan Coup d'état
1981 Eslarite Election1985 Eslarite Election1986 Pulau Conflict
1989 Eslarite Election1992 Dissolution of the United Sibarian Socialist Republics
1993 Eslarite Election1997 Eslarite Election
1999 Kyrloth Speaker Election19th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Ernsbach1 Dévnostraéva Tower
1 Infinite Loop1st Airborne Brigade1st Argentigrad Cabinet
1st Aviation Brigade for Special Operations (Kingdom of Italy)1st Culture Competitions
1st Fleet (Rotgeheim)1st General Assembly1st Greylyn Cabinet
1st Inven National Report1st KSF Speed Skating Championships1st Llorens Cabinet
1st Montesardi Republic1st Olympic Games (The Leftist Assembly)1st Parliament of Llorens
1st Season of Ruhn-i-Lehtese Football1st Summer Olympics1st Supreme Court
1st VS-Panzer Army1st VS-Panzer Division Kaiser Florian von Horn1st Winter Olympics
1st Winter Universiade2000 CSSO Nation Games
2001 Eslarite Election2005 Omigodtheykilledkenny presidential election
2006 Ogino Tornado2007 Omigodtheykilledkenny congressional elections
2009 González Archipelago Conflict2009 Kyrloth General Election2009 Kyrloth Speaker Election
2009 Martiniel protocol2010 Omigodtheykilledkenny presidential election2010 Vekaiyun Civil War
2011 Kyrloth General Election2012 Listonian War2013 Eslarite Election
2014 Billboard NK Music Awards2014 Dverian War2014 González Isle Conflict
2014 Gòngchǎn Standoff2014 Hawkwickan Civil War2014 Mauwul Riots
2014 Neo Kingston Budget
2015-16 Championship (Llanowar)2015 Adhīnata Attack2015 Aṭavī Seige
2015 Billboard NK Music Awards2015 Carlitos Attack
2015 Jacish Election2015 Kingston Music Awards2015 Kyrloth General Election
2015 Manzulo Riots2015 Maritime Border Incident
2015 Neo Kingston Budget2015 Omigodtheykilledkenny presidential election
2016, December, Presidential Elections2016 Games of the Small States of Europe2016 Greater Tasmania Football League season
2016 Greater Tasmania Premier League season2016 Kireitarenu'a Presidential Election2016 Olympic Games (The Leftist Assembly)
2016 Raszeran General Election2016 Special Summer Olympics
2017 Aduraszna General Election2017 Greater Tasmania Football League season2017 Omerican federal election
2018 Hallingish General Election2018 Iranian General Election2018 Kyrloth General Election
2018 Omigodtheykilledkenny congressional elections2019 Earth Humans special election2019 Kireitan Provisional Election
2019 Kyrlot Arachnist Expansion2019 Kyrloth General Election2019 Kyrloth Speaker Election
2020 Omigodtheykilledkenny presidential election2021 Iranian General Election2022 Scotatrovian Chamber of Deputies Elections
20S20th VS-Mountain Division Fehrenbach21st VS-Panzer Division Wüstensand
22R22nd VS-Air Assault Division ''Raben''23rd VS-Panzergrenadier Division Kaiser Wilhelm von Mielke
24th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Maria Theresia
25th VS-Cavalry Division Zitadelle26th VS-Mountain Division Langemarck27th VS-Panzer Division Finnmarck
28th VS-Panzer Division Dirlewanger29th VS-Cavalry Division Nibelungen2Y
2nd Culture Competitions2nd Fleet (Rotgeheim)
2nd General Assembly2nd Llorens Cabinet2nd Mountain Brigade
2nd Parliament of Llorens2nd Summer Olympics2nd Supreme Court
2nd VS-Mountain Army2nd VS-Panzer Division Das Reich2nd Winter Olympics
30th VS-Airborne Division ''Ramcke''31st VS-Airborne Division Koblenz32nd VS-Panzergrenadier Division Seelow
33rd VS-Panzergrenadier Division Meinigen34th VS-Panzer Division Lindenfeld35th VS-Panzer Division Donner
36th VS-Panzer Division Karinthia37th VS-Panzer Division Rote Teufel38th VS-Panzer Lehr Division
39th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Korbach3rd Culture Competitions3rd General Assembly
3rd Summer Olympics3rd Supreme Court3rd VS-Panzer Army
3rd VS-Panzer Division Totenkopf4-Five40th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Mecklenburg
41st VS-Panzer Division Tirol42nd VS-Panzergrenadier Division Friedberg43rd VS-Panzergrenadier Division Aberbach
44th VS-Airborne Division Richter45th VS-Mountain Division Stargard46th VS-Occupation Division Stiefel des Kaisers
47th Internal Troops Regiment47th VS-Occupation Division Eroberer48th VS-Füsilier Division Kopfjäger
49th Annual Audi Awards49th VS-Füsilier Division Kurmark4S
4Y4th Culture Competitions4th General Assembly
4th Summer Olympics4th Supreme Court4th VS-Panzer Army
4th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Polizei4th Winter Olympics50W
50th Annual Audi Awards50th VS-Füsilier Division Kurland51st VS-Panzer Division Dämonen
52nd VS-Panzer Division Mitternacht53rd VS-Panzergrenadier Division Kaiser Rudolf Geske54th Annual Audi Awards
54th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Kronenberg55th Annual Audi Awards55th VS-Panzer Division Greifswald
56th VS-Panzer Division Thomsdorf57th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Uckermark58th VS-Panzer Division Gütenbach
59th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Lychen5 Nations Rugby Cup 15th Bersaglieri Brigade "Italia" (Kingdom of Italy)
5th Culture Competitions5th General Assembly5th Siege Brigade
5th Summer Olympics5th Supreme Court5th VS-Grenadier Army
5th VS-Panzer Division Wiking5th Winter Olympics60R
60th VS-Panzer Division Hülscheid61st VS-Panzergrenadier Division Heedfeld62nd VS-Panzer Division Badenweiler
63rd Federation Assembly63rd VS-Panzer Division Münstertal64W
64th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Ohrensbach65th VS-Panzer Division Föhrental66th VS-Marine Division Windgfällweiher
67th VS-Marine Division Schluchsee682nd Light Regiment (Prizyetsa)68th VS-Marine Division Donaueschingen
69th VS-Marine Division Echaz6Y6th Culture Competitions
6th General Assembly6th Naval Brigade6th Summer Olympics
6th Supreme Court6th VS-Air Landing Army6th VS-Mountain Division Preußen
70W70th VS-Marine Division Mosel71st VS-Panzer Division Emmendingen
72nd VS-Panzergrenadier Division Friedenweiler73rd VS-Panzergrenadier Division Lenzkirch74th VS-Panzer Division Hinterzarten
75th VS-Panzer Division Schallstadt76th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Pfaffenweiler77th VS-Panzer Division Breitnau
78th VS-Panzer Division Merdingen79th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Bötzingen7th General Assembly
7th Shock Fleet7th Supreme Court7th VS-Mountain Division Tapferkeit
7th VS-Panzer Army80th VS-Panzer Division Krozingen81st VS-Airborne Division Ebringen
82nd VS-Airborne Division Merzhausen83rd VS-Airborne Division Hartheim84th VS-Füsilier Division Eichstetten
85th VS-Füsilier Division Neuenberg86th VS-Füsilier Division Wittnau87th VS-Panzergrenadier Division Kirchzarten
88th VS-Occupation Division Unterdrücker89th VS-Occupation Division Unterwerfer8S
8Y8th General Assembly8th Supreme Court
8th VS-Amphibious Army8th VS-Cavalry Division Leichte Acht90W
91st Military Police Brigade9th General Assembly9th Infanterie Army
9th Summer Olympics9th Supreme Court9th VS-Panzer Army
9th VS-Panzer Division Hohenstaufen9th Winter OlympicsA-23 Arrow
A-32 BroadswordA-44 RapierA-54 Longsword
A.E. KringosAC-135
ACCELAC Chelyanezh NiapalulAC Eagle Kullorpaluk