Stade Outineau

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Stade Outineau
Location Outineau, Kelssek
Capacity 81,093
Constructed 2008
Tenants Nordiques R.F.C.

Stade Outineau is a stadium located in the Sud-Ouest arrondisement of Outineau. With a seating capacity of 81,093 it is the largest stadium in Kelssek. The stadium was built for World Cup 46 and hosted the final which saw Dancougar beat Daehanjeiguk 5-4. It was also the venue of the final for the 44th UICA Champions’ Cup. Its main tenant is the Nordiques rugby union team.

The stadium is built adjacent to a Kelssek National railyard in a former industrial area on the Royal Canal. Two derelict warehouses were demolished to make way for the stadium, as part of a larger redevelopment project for the land occupied by wharves located at the first locks of the Royal Canal from the Claire river. The site's historic use in shipping and industry is commemorated with a statue of a longshoreman at the stadium's Quai-Saint-Charles entrance, which faces the canal and is the main pedestrian route from downtown Outineau.


The spectator area is bowl-shaped with three tiers. The stadium has 93 lounges with a view of the playing field, which can also serve as conferencing facilities. Three television studios are available, two with a view of the pitch.

The stadium's food and beverage stands are capable of serving beer at the rate of 40 litres per minute. Reports note that around 22,700 litres of beer are consumed during an average sporting event at the stadium.

Under building code and fire safety regulations, Stade Outineau is certified for a maximum spectator capacity of 81,094 which is the same as the maximum number of seats which can be used. In practice, seating configurations are altered according to event requirements for premium seating and to ensure access for people with disabilities. Ticketed capacity for Rugby Superleague matches is 79,984, and during World Cup 46, the ticketed capacity was 75,500.


Major international tournaments

  • World Cup 46
    • Group F: Cafundéu 5-2 Capitalizt SLANI
    • Group G: Bostopia 4-2 Bears Armed
    • Group H: Dancougar 0-0 Rennidan
    • Final: Dancougar 5-4 Daehanjeiguk
  • 5th Summer Olympics - soccer group stages and semi-finals
  • UICA Champions' Cup 44
    • Final: FC Axel Heiburg 4-2 Yuba United
  • Rugby World Cup 14
    • Final: Sorthern Northland 40-32 Quintessence of Dust

Access and transportation

Stade Outineau is directly connected to the Cité-du-Havre station on line 9 of the Outineau Métro and within 15 minutes' walking time from Gare Bonaventure, a commuter rail terminal. The stadium is also accessible by river shuttles which stop at the Pointe-Saint-Charles pier. The STO operates a special bus service between the stadium and Gare Centrale during events.

An underground parkade with space for 4,000 cars and 56 coaches is located beneath the stadium. With the bulk of visitors expected to use public transportation, providing car access was not a design priority.