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From the term of the 10th General Assembly:
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Supreme Court
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Current Justices
Justice 1 Llorens
Justice 2 Morvan
Justice 3 Auven
Current Term
Start 2 July 2019
End September 2019

The Supreme Court is the judiciary of The Leftist Assembly. It consists of three Justices nominated by the Secretary and approved by the region. This body holds ultimate jurisdiction on the law, and hosts court cases to settle legal disputes.

The current Justices are Llorens, Morvan, and Auven. Their term commenced on 2 July 2019 and will conclude with the appointment of the next Justices in September 2019.


The Justices were initially tiered as Chief, First and Second Justice until the Legal Standard Act passed via referendum on 21 May 2017, whereby the authority of the three Justices was equalised.

The judicial body itself was originally nameless until the Judicial Separation Act, which passed via referendum on 6 November 2017, established the name 'Supreme Court'. In addition, this bill ensured that Justices were no longer members of the General Assembly, coming into effect following the December 2017 election.


Since the 8th General Assembly, the Secretary has nominated Justices and they have each been faced with a confirmation vote. The results of these are as follows:

Term Results
8th Libertasnia Rathfarnham VegemiteIsGross
12-1 10-3 12-1
9th Communistico Rathfarnham South Miruva
10-3 10-3 12-1
10th Communistico†† Morvan South Miruva
11-1 12-0 11-1
11th Cedoria Morvan New Lonopolian Empire
12-2 13-1 13-1
12th Halfblakistan Morvan Kavagrad
15-3 15-3 18-0
13th Halfblakistan Morvan Auven
16-1 16-1 13-4
14th Llorens Morvan Auven
25-1 21-5 18-8

Llorens was approved 21-0 later in the term to replace Libertasnia after they stepped down.

†† The Final Horseman was appointed by the Secretary later in the term to replace Communistico after they ceased-to-exist.



The following are all the Justices prior to the abolition of the judiciary's tiered structure:

Date Mar. 2016 Apr. 2016 30 Sep. 2016 31 Dec. 2016 31 Mar. 2017 15 Apr. 2017 27 Apr. 2017
Chief Justice New Prague Llorens Auven NLE
First Justice Celera Losinia New Lonopolian Empire Cel. Rathfarnham
Second Justice Devadia Unfreedom Celera Losinia Rath. - Llorens
1st GA 2nd GA 3rd GA 4th GA 5th GA


The following are all the Justices following the abolition of the tiered structure, with the formal naming of the Supreme Court occurring on 6 November 2017:

Date 21 May 2017 30 Jun. 2017 23 Aug. 2017 30 Sep. 2017 22 Dec. 2017 24 Feb. 2018 22 Mar. 2018
Justice 1 NLE Facemus Atealia Libertasnia Llorens Communistico
Justice 2 Rathfarnham
Justice 3 Llorens Proletar Veg. Cedoria VegemiteIsGross South Miruva
5th GA 6th GA 7th GA 8th GA 9th GA

Date 29 Jun. 2018 20 Aug. 2018 20 Sep. 2018 23 Dec. 2018 20 Mar. 2019 2 Jul. 2019
Justice 1 Communistico TFH Cedoria Halfblakistan Llorens
Justice 2 Morvan
Justice 3 South Miruva New Lonopolian Empire Kavagrad Auven
10th GA 11th GA 12th GA 13th GA 14th GA