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Syrche at the WorldVision Song Contest
Syrche at WorldVision Song Contest
Participations 9
Member Station Alpine Interior Telekast
National Selection Events
Participation Summary
First Appearance WorldVision 20
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Hosted: 0
Locations NA
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Syrche has participated in 11 editions of The Worldvision Song Contest, competing 7 times between WV20 and WV34 and, returning for WV65-WV71. Syrche has placed twice in the Top 10.


In 2011, Alpine Interior Telekast began picking up extended 3rd party coverage of Worldvision Song Contest, as an attempt to raise viewership. The buzz that stirred as a result caused national interest in the contest.

Lienne Krej was asked to represent Syrche in WorldVision after a second place showing in the 6th Sunlight Song Contest. Her 12th place finish was an optimistic beginning for the country, that has yet to be bested.

The next year, Lejn Andersson won the Sunlight Song Contest, and was favored to represent in WVSC. In the contest, however, Revelations, a song that resonated well with the general public in Syrche, was poorly received, and a real let down.

3 Editions of WorldVision went by; and it was decided that Syrche would again compete. Joliet Thomasson, a bar singer with good looks and progressive views was asked to represent Syrche. That year the Alpine Interior Telekast decided to send its own cast of commentators. Chosen to imbue musical insight were: Radio Host Rici Sentasi, World renowned Record Producer Madem Palorvikk and Theatrical Star Dana Simmons. The commentary was a bigger hit than the performance, that year.

For WorldVision 26, it was decided that Syrche needed to beef up their presence a bit, so the choice was handed to the Dalia Rekorder, the largest Record company in Syrche. They chose an up and coming 3 piece R&B group called K-City-X. With poise, style, attitude and lyrics that wrapped themselves into the song, "Minor Attraction" was expected to perform well, however, due to a misinterpretation of the translated lyrics, some in the international community were set against the song.

K-City-X lead singer Diva had stated that the reason for the full English lyrics was because of the failure of a fully Datsche song the year before. After the incident, K-City-X changed the name of their album to "Corruption of a Minor" in reference to the incident, however, it had a similar effect with Syrchesi audience, and the group quickly fell of the charts.

Worldvision 27 saw the low-key internal selection of Natalie Reatt. Worldvision 27 was the only time that a Sÿrchesi entry was disqualified for failure to vote. It also garnered the least amount of points of any Sÿrchesi entry to date.

The decision was made to bow out of WV28. 3rd party coverage of the contest was still widely popular, and the WV28 contest convinced the nation that it was time for a return.

National Final that year produced Sheante: a fierce, blue haired transsexual. Following her selection, Sheante immediately went to work with producers Faolin O'Toole and Les Moore at the newly formed One International Records. A production sample of the song that leaked online generated a lot of buzz.

Sheante's "Broken Love" became the second best resulting song that Syrche had ever presented in the contest, coming 14th place.

The next few cycles went by. WV34 finally saw the return that the public had been kept waiting for. This time it was Danil Kim, immigrant from the SouthEast Asian nation of Chaille Bao, with "Gravity," a progressive ballad detailing the illicit affairs of a failed romance. This song was the third best result for Syrche, at 19th place. This also was the last time that Syrche would compete in Worldvision for 31 editions.

Syrche returned for Worldvision Song Contest 65. The Sunlight Song Contest was used as the National Final, where Nilsen, composed of two brothers from town of Attamark, heavily favored over their opponents. Nilsen placed 19th

For WVSC 66, SHEANTE resurfaced and was put to test in the Sunlight Song Contest where she beat out Varøka Salona (Commentator of WV34) and The Band Freebird in a bid to return to the World Stage. Sheante made history with the song "Against the Flame" which placed 7th in the competition, garnering 77 points: The best placing Syrche has yet seen and it's only top ten finish so far.

For WorldVision 68, L. Morty was chosen after winning the Sunlight Song Contest. Directly afterward, however, the economy plunged into decline during the Datsche Banking Crisis of 2018. The Contest was put on hold. L. Morty would return for WV70.

Lejn Andersson II won the next Sunlight Song Contest and scored modestly at Worldvision 71, Tying Mister X for 11th place.


Edition Host Order No. Language Performer(s) Song Final Points
20 Corola City, Achalya Santis 16 Dåtsche Lienne Krej Når Zet Sømedak Kommer 12 60
21 Madrin, Albertasby 13 English Lejn Andersson Revelations 23 21
25 Peeto, Polkopia 16 Dåtsche Joliet Thomasson Jeg Er Kvinde 29 20
26 Shatilaurchev, Kishrael 20 English K city X Minor Attraction 35 26
27 Monterra, Kalosia 38 English Natalie Reatt Believe (disqualified) 39 13
29 Proletariat City, Communist Quinntopia 5 English/ Dåtsche SHEANTE Broken Love 14 56
34 Thatcher City, Mister X 27 English/ Datsche/ Bao Danil Kim Gravity 19 34
65 Rouen, Normandy and Picardy 12 English/Datsche Nilsen In Vain 19 45
66 Telm City, Britonisea 7 English SHEANTE Against the Flame 7 77
70 Ylfa, Talvezout 11 English/Datsche L. Marty Reaching for the Crown 10 51
71 Freedom Plaza, Main Nation Ministry 5 English Lejn Andersson (II) Re-Form 11 57

Commentators and Spokespersons

WorldVision Edition Commentators
WorldVision Song Contest 25] Rici Sentasi Madem Palorvikk Dana Simmons Ric Lakardt
WorldVision Song Contest 26 Rici Sentasi Madem Palorvikk Dana Simmons
WorldVision Song Contest 29 Rici Sentasi Madem Palorvikk Dana Simmons
WorldVision Song Contest 34 Rhys Aldermann Varåka Salon
WorldVision Song Contest 65 Wayan A'Veon Elmo Spaiven
WorldVision Song Contest 66 Jermaine Jefesson Madem Palorvikk