The Leftist Assembly election, December 2017

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Election Chronology
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The Leftist Assembly election,
December 2017
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Secretary/Prime Minister
Ticket 1 South Miruva/Atealia
Ticket 2 VegemiteIsGross/Libertasnia
Candidate 1 Auven
Candidate 2 Cedoria
Candidate 3 Hecknamistan
Candidate 4 Kavagrad
Candidate 5 Perelingo
Candidate 6 The Persian Socialist Federation

The Leftist Assembly election, December 2017 was the seventh election in The Leftist Assembly and voting was held from 11 to 14 December 2017. The General Assembly, the unicameral legislature of The Leftist Assembly, consists of seven elected members, which are the Secretary, Prime Minister and five Senators.

The nations elected to the General Assembly were South Miruva as Secretary, Atealia as Prime Minister, and Auven, Cedoria, Hecknamistan, Kavagrad, and The Persian Socialist Federation as Senators.



To be eligible to vote, a nation must be part of the World Assembly and reside in The Leftist Assembly. The voter numbers each of the candidates in order of their preference on a Google Forms document.


The election moderators were Cedoria, Llorens, and Rathfarnham. For the Secretary-Prime Minister election, the alternative voting system is used to decide the winner. For the Senators election, the single transferable voting system and the Hare quota are used to decide five winners. If the 'Seek other' option is elected, all candidates that would've otherwise been elected following it would be eliminated and the positions left vacant for a by-election following the general election.

Audio debates

The following audio debates/interviews were held for candidates during this election:


Candidate endorsements are only recorded for nations who are a former Secretary, Prime Minister or nation of historical significance to the region. The following are the endorsements issued throughout the election:

Endorser Candidate Position
Auven South Miruva/Atealia Secretary/PM
Cedoria South Miruva/Atealia Secretary/PM
Cedoria Auven Senator
Cedoria Hecknamistan Senator
Llorens South Miruva/Atealia Secretary/PM
Llorens Cedoria Senator


Secretary/Prime Minister

The following are the results of this contest:

Secretary/Prime Minister vote
South Miruva/Atealia
Seek other

As a result, South Miruva and Atealia were elected as Secretary and Prime Minister respectively.


The following are the results of this contest, with a quota of 5 votes:

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Cedoria 12 5* 5
Hecknamistan 6 5* 5
Auven 3 8 5*
The Persian Socialist Fed. 2 4 5
Kavagrad 2 3 5
Perelingo 1 1 1
Seek other 0 0 0

* Votes redistributed

As a result, Auven, Cedoria, Hecknamistan, Kavagrad, and The Persian Socialist Federation were elected as Senators.