The Leftist Assembly election, March 2016

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Election Chronology
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The Leftist Assembly election, March 2016
TLA Flag 1.png
Candidate 1 Atealia
Candidate 2 British Accia
Prime Minister
Candidate 1 Auven
Candidate 2 The Parkgarian Empire
Minister of Archives
Candidate 1 Fidels Beard
Candidate 2 Halfblakistan
Candidate 3 Locksmithia
Minister of Law
Candidate 1 Celera
Candidate 2 Devadia
Candidate 3 Locksmithia
Candidate 4 New Prague Workers Republic
Candidate 5 United States of Unfreedom

The Leftist Assembly election, March 2016 was the first election in The Leftist Assembly and voting was held from 24 March to 27 March. This election was the first and last to run under the multi-party system, with the Solidarity Party, Worker's Army Party, and Independent Leftist Front. The positions of Secretary, Prime Minister, Minister of Law, and Minister of Archives were available for election, while Minister of Defence, Minister of Immigration and Customs, and Minister of Foreign Affairs were all appointed by the Secretary.

Essentially, candidates were nominated for different positions (they could also run for multiple positions) by their parties, or they could run as independents. In addition to this, there was an additional vote to award each party a number of seats out of the total 100 in the General Assembly, where new legislation was passed.

The ministers elected were Atealia as Secretary of the Assembly, Auven as Prime Minister, Fidels Beard as Minister of Archives, New Prague Workers Republic as Chief Justice, Celera as First Justice, and Devadia (later replaced by United States of Unfreedom) as Second Justice. The ministers appointed by the Secretary to the General Assembly were Cedoria as Minister of Defence, Lightmine (later replaced by British Accia) as Minister of Immigration and Customs, and Khasinkonia as Minister of Foreign Affairs.



To be eligible to vote, a nation must be part of the World Assembly and reside in The Leftist Assembly. The voter awarded their one vote to their preferred candidate, otherwise known as first-past-the-post voting, on a Google Forms document created by United States of Unfreedom.


The election moderators were British Accia, Atealia, and United States of Unfreedom. Votes were counted using the first-past-the-post voting system. In this system, the candidate with the most amount of primary votes wins. In the case of the Minister of Law election, second and third place also receive positions, First and Second Justice respectively. In the case of Minister of Archives, a tight race between three candidates prompted a second round, which eventually resulted in the instalment of the alternative voting system following the election.


General Assembly

1st General Assembly.png

Each party that nominated was voted upon in a poll where the percentage of votes received translated into seats received in the 100-seat General Assembly. Parties that received seats could then distribute them among their members according to their internal processes. The following are the results of this contest:

General Assembly vote
Solidarity Party
Independent Leftist Front
Worker's Army Party

As a result, Solidarity Party received 43 seats, Independent Leftist Front received 37 seats, and Worker's Army Party received 20.



The following are the results of this contest:

Secretary vote
British Accia

As a result, Atealia was elected as Secretary.

Prime Minister

The following are the results of this contest:

Prime Minister vote
The Parkgarian Empire

As a result, Auven was elected as Prime Minister.

Minister of Archives

The following are the results of this contest, held in a two-round format:

Round 1 Round 2
Fidels Beard 11 19
Locksmithia 10 5
Halfblakistan 8 -

As a result, Fidels Beard was elected as Minister of Archives.

Minister of Law

The following are the results of this contest:

Minister of Law vote
New Prague Workers Rep.

As a result, New Prague Workers Republic, Celera, and Devadia were elected as Chief, First, and Second Justice respectively.