The Leftist Assembly election, September 2017

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Election Chronology
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The Leftist Assembly election,
September 2017
TLA Flag 2.png
Candidate 1 Llorens
Prime Minister
Candidate 1 Franckley
Candidate 2 Polish-British Union
Candidate 3 The Parkgarian Empire
Minister of Archives
Candidate 1 Libertasnia
Candidate 1 Atealia
Candidate 2 Auven
Candidate 3 Cedoria
Candidate 4 Rathfarnham
Candidate 5 VegemiteIsGross

The Leftist Assembly election, September 2017 was the sixth election in The Leftist Assembly and voting was held from 27 to 30 September 2017. The General Assembly, the unicameral legislature of The Leftist Assembly, consists of 8 members, 6 elected and 2 appointed by the Secretary of the Assembly. The election used the single transferable voting system.

The ministers elected to the General Assembly were Llorens as Secretary, Franckley as Prime Minister, Libertasnia as Minister of Archives, and Atealia, Cedoria, and Rathfarnham as Justices. The ministers appointed by the Secretary to the General Assembly were The Final Horseman as Minister of Defence and South Miruva as Minister of Foreign Affairs.



To be eligible to vote, a nation must be part of the World Assembly and reside in The Leftist Assembly. The voter numbers each of the candidates in order of their preference on a Google Forms document.


The election moderators were Cedoria, Obiristan, and South Miruva. Votes were counted and distributed using the alternative voting system. In this system, the candidate with the lowest number of primary votes is eliminated, their votes are redistributed according to the voters' preferences, and the process is repeated until there is a winner. In the Justices election, this process is repeated only till the final three candidates are determined, whereby they are each elected.


Candidate endorsements are only recorded for nations who are a former Secretary, Prime Minister or nation of historical significance to the region. The following are the endorsements issued throughout the election:

Endorser Candidate Position
Cedoria Llorens Secretary
Cedoria Libertasnia Minister of Archives
Cedoria Rathfarnham Justice
Llorens Franckley Prime Minister
Llorens Libertasnia Minister of Archives



The following are the results of this contest:

Llorens confidence vote

As a result, Llorens was elected as Secretary.

Prime Minister

The following are the results of this contest:

Secretary/Prime Minister vote
The Parkgarian Empire
Polish-British Union

As a result, Franckley was elected as Prime Minister.

Minister of Archives

The following are the results of this contest:

Libertasnia confidence vote

As a result, Libertasnia was elected as Minister of Archives.


The following are the results of this contest, with a quota of 6 votes:

Candidates Votes
Round 1 Round 2
Cedoria 9 6
Atealia 3 4
Rathfarnham 2 4
VegemiteIsGross 2 2
Auven 1 1

As a result, Atealia, Cedoria, and Rathfarnham were elected as Justices.