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The Phoenix Military
Military manpower
Military age 16
Availability males age 16–46: ~2.5 billion
females age 18–40: ~3.3 billion
Fit for military service males age 16–46: ~2.2 billion
females age 18–40: ~2.6 billion
Reaching military age annually males: ~160 million
females: ~240 million
Active troops 190.6 million
Ready Reserve ~40 million
Militia ~80 million
Inactive Reserve 9 million
Military expenditures
Amount $65 trillion (2007)
Percent of Gov't Budget ~48%

The Military of The Phoenix Milita, or simply "The Phoenix Military" is one of the most powerful militaries in the world. The Phoenix Military is older than The Phoenix Milita(TPM) itself, it founded several years before as a secret paramilitary organization beholden to no government or political body. It only became organized in it current form in June of 2003 however, but this date still predates the founding of TPM by several weeks. Field Marshall Maximus Seville II is the commander-in-chief of all armed forces.

Organization and Rank Structure

In most tactical environments, senior enlisted are usually in effective command over junior officers (1LT and below) and as such they are given the authority to command most units up to company size independently of commissioned officers. Junior Commissioned officers generally relay mission objectives to the senior NCO who then recommends the best course of action.

  • TPMEnlisted.gif
  • TPMOfficers.gif

The Army, Air Force and Marines use the exact same rank, and the Navy uses identical insignia except for the fact that it is blue instead of red and has different names for each rank(names for the navy shown in blue). The KOP and SPX special operations units use entirely different rank. While all of the services have multiple combat uniforms placement is standard

  • placement.gif

Army and Marines: (and Militia)

1 Fire Team = 3-6 men [Usually led by E-3 PFC or E-4 SPC but may have no leader (default leadership would go to the E-2 with the longest time in service]
2-4 Fire Teams = 1 Squad [Led by E-4 CPL, E-5 SGT or E-6 SSG]
4 Squads = 1 Platoon [Led by E-6 PSG E-7 SFC or in rare cases E-6 SSG ]
4 Platoons = 1 Company [Led by a Captain or Major and an E-8 1SG or in rare cases E-8 MSG]
4-6 Companies = 1 Battalion [Led by a Major or LTCOL and an E-9 SGM]
2-3 Battalions = 1 Regiment(special units)[always led by a Colonel or Commander and an E-9 CSG]
4-5 Battalions = 1 Brigade [Led by a Commander or higher E-9 SGM or E-9 CSG]
2-12 Brigades = 1 Division[Always led by General or higher, any E-7 to E-9 can serve as enlisted liaison]
3-5 Divisions = 1 Corps[Always led by special rank "Commandant"]
2 or more Corps = "Operational Maneuver Group(OMG){Air Force and Marines}", "Army Group" or simply "Army"{when it is comprised of army units}[Led by Field Marshall Seville II or in rare cases a 5 star General]
OMG-A Operational Maneuver Group Alpha

While The Phoenix Milita's Armed Forces has more than 200 million regular troops, and spends well over $45 trillion a year on the military, only a small force is maintained on active duty 24/7. The actual personnel making up OMG-A, or Operational Maneuver Group-Alpha, are drawn from different units throughout all the military branches. The tour of duty in OMG-A is about 7 months and is considered a hardship tour. OMG-A operates all day every day, with the responsibility of mounting a strong defense or quick counter-attack. They train to be attacked without notice, and as such are always near their equipment. The tankers sleep in their vehicles, the pilots sleep in their cockpits, the aircraft support crews sleep beside the aircraft in the hangar.The infantry don't even go to the bathroom without their rifle and 224 rounds of ammo and not a single naval vessel travels slower than 20 knots at any time. Upon completing a tour in the OMG-A, no soldier can be re-assigned to it for 5 years, and all of those who serve in OMG-A receive the Guardian service ribbon. The regular military can be activated rapidly if needed, and it trains 5 days/50 hours a week but is allowed much more "down time" and recreation than those in OMG-A.

  • Army:
27,770 PHX Hi-Power 10mm Pistols
15,000 AR-22A3 .450 Battle Rifles (a few may have under barrel M203X 40mm GLs or M-8 Shotguns)
4,500 AR-22 .450 Heavy Assault Rifles w/ 8 ga. Shotguns
6,500 AR-22A2 .450 Battle Rifles w/ 30mm Grenade Launchers
1,000 MG-45 Eliminator .450 GPMGs
500 AR-28 .450 Designated Marksman Rifles
150 MG-22 .450 SAW's
120 AR-22A1 Carbines
100 M-252A3 81mm Mortars
5,000 T-1 Scorpion Tanks
2,400 T-3A1 Warrior Tanks
1,500 A-1 Pac-Rat APCs
3,000 MAV-8 Main Battle Tanks
5,000 J-JEEPs
Vehicle crews carry
MP-3 10mm Sub Machine Guns
PHX Hi-Power 10mm Pistols
5,000 M-201 200mm Howitzers
860 MAV-3 Self-Propelled 200mm Howitzers
500 MAV-4 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems
500 MAV-6 Long Range Surface to Air Missile Battery
2,000 MAV-7 Intermediate Range Surface to Air Missile Battery
2,000 MAV-5 Mobile Anti-Aircraft Artillery
  • Navy
---Capital Ships---
1 Ultra Class BattleCarrier
2 Phoenix Class Aircraft Carriers
2 Hammer Head Class Light Aircraft Carrier
1 Norad Class Super Battleship
6 SeaSquid Class Attack Submarines
6 SeaHorse Class Attack Submarines
2 SeaScorpion Class Missile Submarines
12 Devil Ray Class Concrete Submarines (in tow)
1 Vrelck Class Battle Cruiser
3 Xero Class Guided Missile Cruiser
1 Volcano Class Arsenal Ship
10 Zumorito Class Cruisers
6 Slice Class Destroyers
8 Apex Class Destroyers
10 Rooster Class Multi-Role Frigates
2 Monitor Class Semi-Submersible Frigate
2 Christina Class Missile Boats
48 Dolphin Type Unmanned Naval Vessels
10 HSV-2 Cargo Vessels (configured for Multi-Product Replenishment)
  • Air Force
100 B-69 Skymaster Bombers
240 B-9 Vexore Bombers

60 B-50 Super Eagle Bombers

1,200 F-27 Haste Fighters
600 F-2 Talon Fighters
200 F-1 Phoenix II Fighters
300 A-17 Warhawk Attack Aircraft
2,000 Assorted Helicopters


General Of The Army
General Jonathan Stubbs



1st Infantry Division "Silver Sabers" 8,241,584 of 8,000,000 troops
2nd Infantry Division "Black Widows" 8,101,354 of 8,000,000 troops
3rd Armored Division "Gilded Spears" 8,875,561 of 8,000,000 troops
4th Cavalry Division "Black Dragons" 10,001,802 of 10,000,000 troops
5th Infantry Division "Jackals" 8,611,979 of 8,000,000 troops
6th Armored Division "White Tigers" 8,140,470 of 8,000,000 troops
7th Air Assault Division "Dark Knights" 9,957,917 of 9,000,000 troops
8th Infantry Division "Black Bears" 8,225,005 of 8,000,000 troops
9th Armored Division "Black Panthers" 5,170,000 of 6,000,000 troops
10th Airborne Division "Black Ravens" 8,542,055 of 8,000,000 troops
11th Armored Division "Fast Tracks" 8,617,080 of 8,000,000 troops
22nd Engineering Division "Sappers" 2,277,100 of 3,000,000 troops
42nd Special Operations Division "Knights of the Phoenix"(KOP) 42,000 troops
56th Airborne Division "Angels of Death" 250,000 troops
69th Special Operations Division "Sons of the Phoenix" 187,000 troops
202nd Reinforcement Division 2,000,000 of 2,000,000 troops
333rd Special Forces Division "Tacit Triad" 333 troops(officially)
404th Air Assault Division "Death From Above" 344,102 of 500,000 troops
486th Support Division 561,613 of 1,000,000 troops
487th Support Division 700,164 of 1,000,000 troops
118,851,962 total Army troops including Army aviators and integral support units.
Note: Most divisions in the Army have bloated beyond their original maximum troop capacity. This is even after division strength was increased 5 times, maxing out at 10 million troops per division. The Army has over 30 million more soldiers than the current max configuration allows for. This is due to a large call up of reserves that recently took place.


(rough figures according to last estimate in 2006)

  • Vehicles
10,000 T-1 Scorpion Main Battle Tanks
15,000 Talon (tank) Tanks
10,000 T-2 Savage Heavy Tanks
5,000 T-3 Warrior Main Battle Tanks
8,000 T-01 VelociRaptor Robot Tank
6,000 T-02 Sabre Tooth Robot Tank
10,000 T-03 Tryranosaur Robot Tank
6,000 MAV-8 Main Battle Tanks
<500 MAV-1 Mobile Gun System
Armored Personnel Carriers and Infantry Fighting Vehicles
<500 MAV-2 Armored Personnel Carriers
20,000 A-1B Pac-Rat APC
10,000 A-2 Pac-Mule APC
1,000 MAV-3 Self-Propelled 200mm Howitzers
2,000 MAV-4 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems
>1,500 M-120 Firestorm MLRS Artillery
>1,000 M-205 Necromancer Mobile 200mm Artillery (Phasing out of service by June 2007)

>2,000 M-200 Mobile 200mm Artillery
Air Defense Artillery
5,000 MAV-5 Mobile Anti-Aircraft Artillery
5,000 MAV-6 Long Range Surface to Air Missile Battery
8,000 MAV-7 Intermediate Range Surface to Air Missile Battery
5,000 SA-21 Mobile S.A.M. Launcher(Phasing out of service by June 2007)
<400 M-48 Chappral Mobile IR SAM Launcher(Phasing out of service by June 2007)
>1,000 M-56 Straight-Flush Mobile Radar w/ 4 SA-102 Griffen towed SAM systems each(Phasing out of service by June 2007)
>1,000 SA-102 Griffen Self-Propelled SAM launcher(Phasing out of service by June 2007)
3,600 M-20A1 Gladiator mobile AAA
Light, Recon and Support Vehicles
+2,000 Recon Rover(new version un-designated)
>20,000 J-JEEP "General Purpose Jimmy" utility vehicles
>30,000 M-800 Series Vehicles
>30,000 M-405 5 and 1/2 ton trucks

  • Small Arms
Standard calibers used
Personal Defense Weapon and AP Pistol round = no standard; 5.7x28mm, 5.7x30mm, 4.6x30mm and 4.6x30mm all in use.
Pistols and Sub-Machine Gun Round = 10mm Auto
Intermediate Rifle and Carbine Round = 6.66mm Dante
Full Size Rifle and Machine Gun Round = 11.45mm .450 Phoenix
Heavy Machine Gun and Anti-Material Round = 15.5mm
Personal Grenade = 30x55mm (40x46mm in use but being phased out)
Heavy Grenade = 40x99mm(40x53 and 40x55mm being phased out)
Standard issue weapons
PHX Hi-Power 10mm Pistol
PHX MP-3 10mm Sub-Machine Gun
AR-22A4 Series of .450 Battle Rifles
AR-22A3 Assault Rifle
AR-66 6.66mm Silent Assault Rifle
AR-66A1 6.66mm Carbine
M101 Super-Nova 8 gauge Shotgun
M-69A1 30mm Grenade Launcher
M-256 Modular Mortar System
MG-45 .450 Eliminator Squad Automatic Weapon \ Light Machine Gun
MG-109 .450 Medium Machine Gun
MG-115 15.5mm Heavy Machine Gun(MG-15 being phased out)
SR-22A4 .450 Sniper/Designated Marksman Rifle
SR-48 Sniper Rifle System
AT-5 Vazooka Rocket Launcher
AT-30 HellStrike Anti-Tank Missile
SA-29 MANPADS Anti-Aircraft Missile
Also in use
P&R Mk 47 Medusa Multi-Caliber Revolver
FN-FiveSeveN 5.7mm Pistol
Glock20C/P69/P10 (Stndrd/Cmpct/Spec) 9/10mm Pistol
AutoMag .44 magnum pistol
M102 Street Cleaner Shotgun/SMG combo
M12 MasterKey 8 gauge Shotgun
FN-P90 5.7mm SMG
CAR-22 Combat Assault Rifle w/ 40mm GL
AR-22 Heavy Assault Rifle w/ 8 gauge shotgun
SR-22 Sniper Rifle
AR-22A1 Carbine
AR-22A2 Battle Rifle
MG-22 Squad Automatic Weapon
SR-48 CheyTac .45/.408 cal Sniper rifle
SR82-A4 .50/.450 Sniper Rifle
M95A1 .50cal Sniper Rifle
NTW-20 14.5mm/15.5/20mm Sniper Rifle
M-2 .50 cal (dual M-2 mounts will stay in service until 2008)
MG-134 7.62mm/6.66mm Minigun
MG-135 .50/.450cal Minigun
MG-214 5.56mm/9mm Luger Microgun
MG-15 15.5mm HMG
MG-68 6.66mm LMG
M-69 40mm Grenade Launcher
Claymore Remote Mine
M-16A9 Anti-Personnel Mine
M-21 Anti-Tank Mine
MK2 Anti-Tank Mine
5,000+ M-256 Modular Mortar System
M120 120mm Mortar(phasing out by June 2007)
M252 81mm Mortar (transferring to Militias by June 2007)
M224 60mm Mortar(phasing out by June 2007)


>50,000 M-750 Technicals
AR-28 Assault Rifle
MG-45 Eliminator
Claymore Remote Mine
M-16A9 Anti-Personnel Mine
M-21 Anti-Tank Mine
MK2 Anti-Tank Mine
M120 120mm Mortar
M252 81mm Mortar
M224 60mm Mortar

Universal Defense Forces

All physically fit men are issued the following equipment on their 16th birthday, regardless of whether or not they are entering or intend to enter the militia, any branch of active or reserve military. Women can be issued the same equipment for free upon request. One BDU hat with TPM logo(to fulfill uniform requirement of certain international conventions on the conduction of warfare) one semi-automatic rifle with three loaded 20 round detachable box magazines or six 10 round en bloc clips(depending on particular rifle issued) one crate of ammunition holding four 100-round boxes of armor piercing rounds(to be opened only in an emergency) and one high explosive multi purpose muzzle launched rocket(only for those equipped with base R-464) and one bayonet. No training is given other than issued pamphlets and manuals. Due to the "gun culture" in The Phoenix Milita, most of those issued generally practice shooting on their own, and attend optional bi-annual town meetings that are called to discuss tactics and strategy.

Estimated Strength(based on weapons issued)
2,169,880 M-9A7 bayonets (best guess of strength)
166,880 R-463 .275 Minuteman rifles
678,000 R-461/R-461A1 .275 Minuteman rifles
1,325,000 R-464/R-464S/R-464C 6.66mm Longneck rifles
1,230,000 muzzle launched rockets for R-464 series
??? Hand grenades issued at sheriff's discretion
40,032 Glock 18 pistols issued to amputees

These forces are not counted among active, militia, ready, or even inactive reserve.

International Augment

The [International Augment to the Phoenix Milita, known as IA-TPM or simply IA, draws its officers and senior NCO's via lottery from the Active Militia, the Active Army, the Active Marine Corps and the Reserve Army. The IA is under the administration of the Army and falls below the Militias in the command structure. There are currently 7848 troops from extra-regional nations and ~1000 from regional nations(from Tyrador and Johnified America) in addition to about 950 TPM personnel. The primary nationalities of extra-regional members are Roman Republican, with former citizens of the nation Theao and A Few Rich People making up the difference. To date the IA has never been deployed.


Admiral Of The Navy
Fleet Admiral David Vrelck

The Fleet

The Flees consists of numerous commands with one or more fleets attached to it. Fleets rarely combine forces but if they do they will do so within the confines of their commands. If Fleets need to assemble task forces larger than currently afloat forces, they can draw from 3rd, 9th and 10th reserve fleet. The latter two fleets are essentially massive reinforcement flotillas kept in safe harbors, but ready to deploy at a moment's notice. The 9th and 10th Fleets would almost certainly never be deployed on their own, even though they are the largest fleets, their vessels would be attached to Fleets in the other commands.

Pacific Command {PACCOM}

1st Fleet
Flagship PHX "Phoenix III" Battle Carrier, Flagship of the entire Navy
[1] Ultra Class Battle Carrier
[2] Norad Class Battleships
[3] Phoenix Class Aircraft Carrier
[1] Vrelck Class Battlecruiser
[6] Xero Class Cruisers
[4] Type 2 Zumorito Class Cruisers
[8] Type 3 Zumorito Class Cruisers
[4] Volcano Class Cruisers
[10] Slice Class Destroyers
[5] Rooster Class Frigates
[2] Monitor Class Frigates
[10] Seasprite Class Submarines
[6] SeaHorse Class Submarines
[2] HSV-2 - Multi-Product Replenishment Configuration
[1] HSV-2 - Fleet Oiler Configuration:
[1] HSV-2 - Sub/Destroyer Tender Configuration
2nd Fleet
Flagship Norad Class Battleship PHX "Norad"
[20] Sovereignty Class Aircraft Carriers
[1] PX-MOD Iowa Class Battleship
[6] Zumorito Class Cruisers
[4] Xero Class Cruisers
[20] Apex Class Destroyers
[30] Daring Class Destroyers
[12] Dolphin Class Attack Submarine (SSK)
[30] Alliance Class Frigates
[12] DZP Class ADF and Command Frigates
[50] Vengeance Class Corvettes
[2] HSV-2 - Multi-Product Replenishment Configuration

Atlantic Command {ATCCOM}

4th Fleet
Flagship Phoenix Class Carrier PHX "Firefox"
[4] Phoenix Class Aircraft Carriers
[2] Norad Class Battleships
[1] Vrelck Class Battle Cruiser
[9] Xero Class Cruisers
[1] Zumorito Class Cruiser
[2] Volcano Class Cruisers
[12] Slice Class Destroyers
[6] Apex Class Destroyers
[6] Rooster Class Frigates
[4] Monitor Class Frigates
[2] Sea Scorpion Class Submarines
[2] HSV-2 - Multi-Product Replenishment Configuration
6th Fleet
Flagship PX-MOD Iowa Class Battleship PHX "Juggernaut"
[2] Hammerhead Class Aircraft Carriers
[1] Vrelck Class Battlecruiser
[1] Zumorito Class Cruiser
[10] Slice Class Destroyers
[12] PB-88 Patrol/Fast Attack Boat
[12] PB-89 Patrol/Fast Attack Boat
[10] PB-90 Patrol/Fast Attack Boat
[25] MB-1 Christina Class Missile boats
[2] HSV-2 - Multi-Product Replenishment Configuration
7th Fleet
Flagship Ultra Class BattleCarrier PHX "Coral Commander"
[1] Yorktown class CVN
[2] MOD Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers
[8] Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers
[1] Norad class Battleship
[2] PX-MOD Iowa Class Battleship
[8] Xero Class Cruisers
[22] Apex Class Destroyers
[10] Rooster class Frigates
[4] Monitor Class Frigates
[2] HSV-2 - Multi-Product Replenishment Configuration

Arctic Command {ARCCOM}

Task Force 2

Task Force 2 is a permanent Task Force with a rotating ship roster. Ships drawn from the 3rd Fleet which is mostly held in reserve along with fleets 9 and 10)

Flagship Ultra Class BattleCarrier - PHX "Iceberg"
At least:
[1] battleship or battlecruiser
[2] cruisers
[4] destroyers
[4] frigate
[2] Multi-Function Support Ships

Indian Command {INDCOM}

11th Fleet
Flagship Viking Class Command Ship - PHX "Viking"
[2] Xero Class Guided Missile Cruiser
[4] Apex Class Destroyer
[2] Slice Class Destroyer
[1] Volcano Class Arsenal Ship
[3] Rooster Class Multi-Role Frigates
[2] Seasquid Class Attack Submarine
[1] Sea Horse Class Attack Submarine
[2] HSV-2 - Multi-Product Replenishment Configuration

Littoral Command {LITCOM}

5th Fleet
[10] Christina Class Missile Boat
[1,000] PB-90 Patrol Boats


  • ->Marine Corps(incomplete)
10 million AR-20A1 Nemesis, 6.66mm Carbines
5 million AR-20 6.66mm Assault Rifles
2 million AR-20M 6.66mm LMG
1 million AR-20S 6.66mm DMR
1 million AR-66A1 6.66mm Carbine
1 million MG-45 Rampage, 6.66mm Machine Guns(additional procurement underway)
20,000 SR-48 .408 CheyTac Sniper rifles
>30,000 AR-56 series weapons(phasing out of service)
500,000 PHX Hi-Power 10mm Pistols
30,000 PHX MP-3 Sub-Machine guns(phasing out of service)
50,000 M256 Modular Mortar Systems
4 million AT-7 Light Anti-Tank Rockets
600,000 SA-29 MANPADS
10,000 AT-30 Hellstreak ATGMs
2,000 T-3 Warrior Series Main Battle Tanks
4,000 T-8 Sprite Series Light Tanks(conversion to T-8A2 Super Sprite underway)
8,500 Alligator Amphibious APC(additional procurement underway)
10,000 M212 112mm Howitzers
50,000 M800 Series Vehicles

Air Force

General Of The Air Force
Sky Marshall William Seville

Air Force markings

Air Force:(and Space Corps) Advanced Tactical Air Command {ATAC}

[1st Fighter Wing]
>F-1 Phoenix II
>F-2 Talon
[14th Attack Wing]
[19th Fighter Wing]
[20th Fighter Wing]
[21st Fighter Wing]
[31st Interceptor Wing]
>F-31X Cyclone
[418th Interceptor Squadron]
Air Defense Command {ADCOM}
[24th Fighter Wing]
[417th Interceptor Wing]
Central Air Command {CENTAC}
Military Airlift Command {MAC}
Strategic Air Command {SAC}
[27th Bomber Group]
>B-69 Skymasters
[31st Bomber Group]
>B-9 Vexores
>F/B-8X SpartaNs
[32nd Bomber Group]
[33rd Bomber Group]
[34th Bomber Group]
[35th Bomber Group]
[40th Bomber Group]
>B-50 Super Eagles
[Joint Strategic Missile Control Alpha]
Space Command {SC}
[22nd ASAT Wing]
[606th Phalanx Squadron]
[607th Super Phalanx Squadron]
[Joint Strategic Missile Control Bravo]

Space Corps

SF-24A Phalanx
SF-24B Super Phalanx
KH-1X Keyhole
Nuclear Forces(changes occasionally)
Active force, 1,260 Reserve, 1,240
Active force, 12,000 Reserve, 9,000
Active force, 5,005 Reserve, 2,010
Active force, 2,000 Reserve, 1,200
Aircraft in use
F-1 Phoenix II Fighter
F-2 Talon Fighter
F-3A Hellcat II Fighter
F-4X Phantom II
F-23E Wildcat Fighter
F-27B Haste Stealth Fighter
FU-29K Scorpion
F-31X Cyclone Interceptor
F-33B Phoenix Interceptor
F/B-23S Black Widow
F/B-4D Phantom III Fighter Bomber
F/B-8 SpartaN Fighter Bomber
F/A-117X NightHawk Stealth Fighter
A-4X Skyhawk II Attack Aircraft
A-10J Thunderbolt II Attack Aircraft
A-17 Warhawk II Attack Aircraft
A-36B Mustang Attack Aircraft
A-39 Attack Aircaft
AC-14 Donkey
B-1F Lancer SuperSonic Bomber
B-2C Spirit Stealth Bomber
B-69 Skymaster SuperSonic Bomber
B-71H BlackBird SuperSonic Bomber
PRN-1/2 Bomber
C-1 ConTrans Supersonic Troop Transport
C-5 Galaxy Cargo Aircraft
C-13 JackRabbit Supersonic Cargo Aircraft
C-14 Burro Tactical Cargo Aircraft
C-15 Nova Heavy Strategic Transport
C-130 Hercules Tactical Cargo Aircraft
KC-10 Extender
KC-14 Jack Ass
KC-15 Nova Tanker
KC-130 Achilles
E-1 Diamond
E-3 Sentry (AWACS)
Hyperion Class Rigid Attack Airship
Trojan Class Airborne Aircraft Carrier
Spartan Fleet Defense Blimp
Trojan Mk2 Class Airborne Aircraft Carrier


The Phoenix Milita allocates approximately $500,000 per active duty soldier and the general commitment is 8 years (Training for the Phoenix Military technically begins at age 5 and never ends unless a soldier retires or is disabled during training or combat.)