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Native to Mainly Kohlandia.
Region mainly Central East Pacific.
Native speakers
Approximately 80 million  (2014)
Early forms
Latin (Kohlandian alphabet)
Kohlandian Braille
Signed Thursian (Furskja tejn)
Official status
Official language in
Regulated by Institjuten Språk Furskja
(Thursian Language Institute)
Language codes
ISO 639-1 koh
ISO 639-2 koh (B)
koh (T)
ISO 639-3 Template:Infobox language/codelist
Glottolog Template:GlottolinkUnknown extension tag "ref"
Linguasphere 52-KF
Thursian-speaking world.
Distribution of the Thursian language and its dialects in The East Pacific
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Thursian; Furskja språk is a North Germanic language spoken by approximately 80 million people, principally in mainland Kohlandia and the Kjerne Islands, where it holds national language status. It is the dominant member of the Kohlandian language family. Thursian is largely mutually intelligible with Hegendrian, a minority language spoken almost exclusively in the Hegendrium state of Kohlandia, and retains many features in common with Cuthrian.