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The United Nations Old Guard (UNOG) is a semi-secret organization set up for well-known participants in the United Nations/World Assembly. Members are chosen based upon their understanding of the workings of the UN/WA, contributions they may have made to that body, and their prominence and activity level on the UN/WA forum. Membership in the UN/WA is not a requirement for entry into UNOG, nor do new recruits necessarily have to be "old" nations or UN/WA members; some members have never authored a resolution.


The organization was started by UN veteran Enn in October 2004, after several major changes to the UN system (including the addition of the repeal function). Several nations indicated that they were withdrawing from the UN, but still wished to keep up diplomatic relations. Most eventually rejoined the UN, and many new "Noggers" have been accepted into UNOG since. During the heyday of UN activity, the Old Guard was an especially prominent fixture of the forum community, and membership was coveted by many. Noggers came to regard themselves as an elite fraternity organization, not unlike the Freemasons, clandestinely plotting the UN's every move from a secret dungeon located deep within the bowels of UN Headquarters, emerging only occasionally to debate proposals or get plastered in the Strangers' Bar.

In April 2008, when the UN was replaced by the WA, members decided not to change the organization's name.


While the Old Guard has been regarded by some as a "left-leaning" organization, it does not consider itself an ideological body, and its members cannot be regarded as harmonious: they include sovereigntists, anti-sovereigntists, left-wingers, conservatives, modern nations, interstellar empires, developing nations and many others. Members have been involved with various other UN-based groups, such as The Pretenama Panel and the National Sovereignty Organization. Resolution authors on a wide variety of subjects have haunted the UNOG's halls; especially prolific ones include Yelda, Gruenberg, Jey and Cobdenia. The Old Guard is also home to NS moderators Ardchoille, Flibbleites, Goobergunchia and HotRodia.

Prominent former Noggers include Mikitivity and Frisbeeteria. Some more controversial past additions to the organization were DemonLordEnigma and Cluichstan.

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