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The upper house, often called a 'Senate', in politics, refers to the highest chamber in a legislature that is bicameral, the other being the lower house. Characteristics and functions of such institutions vary widely, but generally the upper house in a parliamentary system wields less power, and in a presidential system will be of equal or possibly greater import.

A legislature comprised of only one house is called unicameral.

Some countries have a tri- or even quadricameral system: here, the upper house will usually remain the highest chamber in a legislature.

List of Upper House chambers

Nation System Upper House
Carchesia Bicameral Senate of the Republic
 Cascadia Bicameral Senate
Christian States Christian States Bicameral Senate
GroBdeutsches Reich Bicameral Reichsrat
Ineland Bicameral Comhairle na hÁineann
Imperial Lyndonia and Montefalco Bicameral Kraignow
(House of Councillors)
Jenlom Bicameral Senate
Ludovicia Bicameral Senate
Omerica Bicameral House of Councillors
Omigodtheykilledkenny Bicameral Federal Senate
Providence and Port Hope Bicameral Senate
Rotia Bicameral Kusije
Senshi-Atago-Ni Bicameral Councillors
Soltsteed Bicameral National Council
State of Germany Bicameral Bundesrat
Torisakia Bicameral Senate
Manaime Bicameral The Pre-Helm
Cossack Khanate Unicameral Senate