Viktor II von Isenborn

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Viktor II, Prince von Isenborn (1732-1807) was a Braslander nobleman. He was the son of Prince Konrad VII von Isenborn.

In 1734 his father died and he became head of the Isenborn family, at the age of two. Luckily, he inherited his mother's robust health. Like his predecessors, he served in the Army, becoming a general. He also served at court and was sent abroad as an ambassador by both Frederick II and Frederick III.

He got married in 1757 to Maria, the youngest daughter of the powerful soldier and statesman Hans von Fürstenstein. They had eight children: Konrad (b. 1758), Caroline (b. 1759, nun), Franziska (b. 1761), Johannes (b. and d. 1762), Nikolaus (b. 1764), Wilhelm (1766-1794, bachelor), Maria (b. 1768) and Antonia (b. and d. 1770). His wife died during childbirth in 1770. Viktor remarried to Countess Karoline von und zu Beierwald in 1773, and they had five children: Margarethe (1774-1785), Maria (b. 1776), Viktor (b. 1778, priest), Ludwig (b. 1779) and Lothar (1783-1785). Karoline died in 1791, and Viktor mourned her sincerely. He did not remarry after that.

The Prince of Isenborn was a good friend of Frederick III and a mentor to Paul I. When he died in 1807, King Paul wrote a letter to his son: "I have lost two brothers, first the King, then Isenborn."

He was succeeded by his son Konrad.