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Secretary-General of the World Assembly
Catherine Gratwick
Since August 24, 2004
Nominator Max Barry
Inaugural holder Catherine Gratwick
as Secretary-General of the United Nations

The Secretary-General of the World Assembly is a presumed position of authority over the NationStates World Assembly. It is not known if the position carries any actual power. It has been widely assumed by WA members that Catherine Gratwick is the current secretary-general, and has held the office for years -- but no one knows if she is actually entitled to hold power, or if she just showed up on the first day in a military suit and didn't bother to correct anyone when they assumed she was their leader. Rumors abound that Gratwick has an extremely shady past in underground criminal rackets and was only able to seize power because she had access to damaging photographs of Max Barry in compromising positions. The duties of her office are similarly enigmatic; it has been maintained for years that the secretary-general doesn't actually do anything.

Gratwick's iron grip has not stopped numerous nations from trying to propose that a new secretary-general position be created (usually one that is elected and has actual duties and/or power). A secretary-generalship, to be elected by Regional Delegates, was even created by a United Nations resolution in 2003, but all records for the mandate mysteriously vanished around the time that Gratwick took office.

Presumably to commemorate the WA's eighth anniversary in 2016, Barry announced open elections for secretary-general. For whatever reason, Gratwick chose not to seek election herself, but it was feared by many that some unfortunate "accident" might befall the eventual victor of the contest. Shortly after the election, revealed to have been a mere April Fools' prank, some of the more junior members of the WA began to clamor for the figurehead secretary-general to be given actual powers -- only this time, Secretariat members are hinting that it could become a reality. Stay tuned.

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