WorldVision Song Contest 83

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The 83rd WorldVision Song Contest
Logo of WorldVision 83
Date Saturday, 18th May 2020
Location St. Christopher, Llalta
Venue A Field
Host Broadcaster Llatese Broadcasting Network (LBN)
The Contest
Presenters Erik McGarisson
Executive Producer Erik McGarisson
Opening Act

Esther Winterbourne - "Official Theme of WorldVision 83"
Llaltese Women's Choir ft. Llatese Orchestra - "Wish Upon A Star (Our Tapestry)"

Parade of Nations: Llaltese River Dance
Interval Act

Esther Winterbourne - "Fate (Remix)" (Winner of the 82nd WorldVision Song Contest)

Esther Winterbourn - "The Start"
The Participants
Number of entries 42
Debuting Nations


  • TBA
Withdrawing Nations


  • TBA
Returning Nations


  • TBA
Voting System Each country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs from a joint televote-jury.
Winner TBA
Runner Up TBA
Last Place


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The WorldVision Song Contest 83 (Shortened to WV83/WSC83) will be the 83rd iteration of the long-running WorldVision Song Contest, the oldest active international musical competition on NationStates. The competition will be held in reigning champion Llalta, after their successful host bid with the city of St. Christopher.


Order Country Artist(s) Song Name Place Points
01 Proluvia Rosa You're Still The One
02 Highly Ranked Beatrice O'Problem Third Time's The Charm DNF DNF
03 Britonisea Kayley Beautiful
04 Scotatrova|Scotatrova} Lucas Arboleda Gemaix Te Pardonere
06 Izmedu Grupa Pisma-Ptisera A Wild Heart Runs Free
07 Elejamie Jon Navarez (feat. Lake Mizumi and Mason) 2AM
08 Ertzei Kishim Sandi Santini Khashmal! (Electricity!)
09 Spiritual Republic of Caryton The Shirleyton Trio Stormy Days Pass By
10 North Alezia Samara and Izdar My Life Falls Apart Before Me
11 Nekoni Blue Collar Kings Better Than Nothing
12 Malta Comino Gozo Jakob Muscat Blame
13 South Alezia Kay Wattefs Let Me Win or Stuff
14 Axuva Euna G Survival
15 The Hlhata States XX XX DNF DNF
16 Besen ANAIE Spericolata
17 Llalta yva The Dreaming
18 These American States DJ Trummmp Driving Through The Night
19 Waisnor Alena Margasova I mne vso ravno
20 Beepee Betty Wont Hold Me
21 South Batoko Mariam Nurjun I S S U E S
22 Kalosia Sierra Elena #OBSESSED
23 Antahbrantahstan KRESNADEWI Helpless
24 Polkopia Kasia Vipčak Restless
25 Syrche MLE Cleary In My Life
26 Ko-oren Out of Depthenthen Lost Beyond Horizons DNF DNF
27 Titaniumland Michael Lu Tethered To U
28 Estana & Thaos Tesero The Flood
29 Antenovaria SOUNDS OF SONG Sirens
30 Peoples Republic of Joyea The Peoples Revolutionary Army Choir The Joyean Army is the strongest DNF DNF
31 Saviera Simonella E. Kohlee I Can't Forgive
32 Zeganas Suhraund Saund Let's Have a Party
33 Ekoz Aleks Färam Not The One
34 Estogium Rory Abrahms Tell Me Why
35 Normandy & Picardy Les Vandales On lutt'ra jusqu'à la fin
36 La Montevideo Era Nova Time in Imperfectness
37 Natanya Helayna Azuma Colourful
38 Achaean Republic Yiselle and the Marines Dilema
39 Talvezout Alona da Costa I am who I am
40 Electrum Diplomatic Offices|Electrum_Diplomatic_Offices Gertrude Pullman I Am Gertrude P
41 Mister X Tracy Manson Eternal Winners, Part I
42 Missus X Rick Leg Eternal Winners, Part II
43 Tödlichebujoku Lahya Let Me Live
44 Merecendi Your Past Before I Fade Away
45 Ethane Callum Viernes and Teresa Rana Did You Know Me?
46 Nahlcomo Ms. Jenkins and the West Norte Choir Brand New Day