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A founderless region is a region which does not have a founder due to it either having been created by NationStates at some stage, or the founder having ceased-to-exist.

Currently the founderless regions can be divided into four groups.

First of which are the Feeders, a group of regions where newly created nations are placed:

Secondly, the Sinkers, which support ejected or resurrected nations; of these there are currently four:

Thirdly, the Warzones, of which there are currently six:

Lastly, there is a large number of regions whose founders have at some point ceased-to-exist, and who are therefore governed by their current WA Delegate. Additionally, there still exists a handful of regions that predate the introduction of founders and therefore do not have one. Finally, the game itself gives founders the option to assume "non-executive" status, by giving up regional controls willingly, and allowing the Delegate free rein over the region. (Fair warning: once a founder's power is ceded in this manner, it cannot be restored.)

Strengths and weaknesses of Founderless Regions

Founderless regions are stronger than those with founders in the fact that more influence is needed by a WA Delegate in order to perform actions, such as ejecting nation. This prevents totalitarian leadership by WA Delegates. However, founderless regions are at considerably greater risk of raiding, as by necessity a WA Delegate is executive.