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A region is an internal grouping of nations in NationStates. You can choose what region you are in, with a few exceptions (see Banlist).

For a list of regions featured on NSWiki, see the category page for Regions.

There are two types of regions: regions that were created by the game admin ("game-created" regions), and regions created by NationStates players themselves ("user-created" regions).

Game regions

See also: Founderless regions

Game-created regions (GCRs) are regions which do not have regional founders, and power tends to be concentrated within the hands of the WA Delegate. One major characteristic of GCRs is that they are (usually) the largest regions in the game. Whomever is delegate of one tends to become very important. Other game regions are called Warzones, and are committed almost solely to the invasion game.

Feeder Regions

Feeder Regions are regions where nations are spawned. From these five regions (The Pacific, the South Pacific, The North Pacific, The East Pacific, and the West Pacific), new nations are free to roam anywhere they please. Or they can stick around and contribute to the Feeder region culture. Many if not most gameplayers are heavily involved in regional politics within the Feeders and Sinkers. Speaking of which...

Sinker Regions

Sinker Regions are regions where nations are dropped (i.e., "sunk") after either being banned from a region (The Rejected Realms) or refounded (Lazarus, Osiris and Balder). Because the Delegates in Sinker regions have fewer endorsements and in some cases less power (for example, TRR's delegate cannot eject nations), they are subject to more invasions and have less impact on votes in the World Assembly. However, many players prefer the more informal, if more chaotic, atmosphere, making them a popular haunt for powerbrokers and the powerless alike.


Warzones are special regions in which nation bans are temporary, ejections do not cost any influence, and the longest-serving Delegate in the region is shown on its page.

Region Sizes

Regions are divided into 6 different categories of size, shown below:

Region Size Population Bracket
Minuscule 1-5
Small 6-10
Medium 11-50
Large 51-100
Enormous 101-500
Gargantuan 500+