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WA proposals may be submitted by any World Assembly member meeting minimum guidelines. Currently, members must have two endorsements to submit a proposal. Proposals that achieve quorum have the chance to become resolutions to be voted on before the entire WA.

Proposals are submitted to the Proposals List. Though there is no limit to the number of unique proposals that can be submitted, in general it is considered bad form to flood the proposal queue. Any proposal that has been approved by 6% of current Regional Delegates makes quorum and is put in queue for vote by all WA members. Once passed by a simple majority, the resolution takes immediate effect.

Proposal guidelines

Proposals are not required to follow specific stylistic guidelines, but they are more likely to pass if they follow standards based on the real-world UN. However, proposals must also be considered worthwhile of the World Assembly's attention. They must be filed under the correct category. They must not include real-world references or be written from a strictly OOC point of view. Joke proposals may not be submitted (although they can be posted on the forums for a laugh). Both branches of the WA have their own rules for what count as valid proposals.

Guides with tips for writing good proposals are listed here.


A WA proposal reaches quorum once it gets enough approvals from Delegates. It is then marked as in queue for a vote before the entire World Assembly, but quorum by itself does not guarantee a proposal will go to vote. Delegates can rescind their approvals, knocking a proposal back below quorum level to expire on their own (proposals are automatically deleted from the proposal list after a few days), or the required approval count itself can increase based on normal daily fluctuations in the Delegate system. Delegates who have approved a proposal can also lose their position in their region during nightly updates. Most importantly, a moderator can delete a queued proposal for rules violations. (In the GA, the Secretariat can also place proposal on hold or hide it from public view until the mods can give it proper scrutiny.) A proposal that reaches the voting stage is considered a resolution.

It is possible to have several proposals in queue before voting begins on any given one. The queue is processed in the order in which proposals were originally submitted, rather than by approval totals or the order they actually hit quorum.

Additional materials