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Roleplaying News

OK, it's big, it's bulky, it's not wiki-friendly, there is no enforcement of NSW standards on the site that supports it, and users cannot edit it. It is a completely inappropriate addition to NSwiki and I've temporarily removed it. We can replace it with other, more wiki-esque features, like a featured article, a wiki RP news box (which users can edit), or a "tip of the day" sort of thing. Any of these would be plenty more useful than a window to NS++. --Omigodtheykilledkenny (talk) 15:11, 1 February 2015 (EST)

Willhelm IV

Willhelm IV
Willhelm IV when he became commander of the Fifth Fleet.
Sultan of the Kingdom of the Ottoman Nogay
Head of State and Goverment himself
Prime Minister Alaeddin Pasha
Deputy Prime Minister Kehle-i-ikbâl Damat Rüstem Pasha
Assumed office 30 September 2016
Predecessor Sultan Ahmed IV
Der Grosse Admiral of the Fifth Fleet
Der Grosse Admiral Kapudan Pasha Willhelm IV Von Hohenzollern
Admiral Kapudan Pasha Barbarossa
Assumed Office 6 May 2010-2015
Predecessor Der Grosse Admiral Erich Von Raeder
Personal details
Born Willhelm IV Von Hohenzollern
6 Novemeber 1980
(age 36)
Ankara, Ottoman Nogay Ottoman Nogay
Dynasty Utsmaniye-Prussia Dynasty
Wife Agusta Victoria Hatun of Denmark
Issue Sehzade Frederick Von Prussen, Ottoman Nogay Crown Prince, Sehzade Mehmed Von Prussen, Mihrimah Sultan
Residence Topkapi Palace (official)
Summer Palace, Bavarian (private)
Profession Navy Admiral of Fifth Fleet
Commander of Submarine
Expert on Military Tactics
Alma mater Military Academy, Edirne
School Staff Special Forces, Bursa
Officers and Staff College of the Navy, Dharma negara, Europeia
Religion Islam Sunni
Signature 1f9b046f220d8ea4f6b4ee08cba1e0b2.jpg

Wilhelm IV, Suleiman I or William IV (German: Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert von Preußen; English: Frederick William Victor Albert of Prussia; the Turkish-Nogai: سلطان سليمان اول; Modern Turkey: I. Süleyman, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman or Muhteşem Süleyman; 6 November 1980 - now) is the king of the Ottoman Nogay, the ruling Ottoman Nogay and the Kingdom of Prussia from 30 September 2016 until now. He is the eldest grandson of Britain's Queen Elizabeth and is associated with many kings and princes of Europe.

Crowned in 2016, he dismissed Chief of the Navy with respect, Willhelm, in 2015 and launched the battleship Bismark class. while abroad that culminated in its support for the Syrian opposition groups in the crisis in July 2013 led within days. Bombastic and patient, it is sometimes wise to make a statement about sensitive topics in consultation with his ministers, culminating in a Daily Telegraph interview disaster in 2015 that cost him most of his influence. leading generals, Paul von Hindenburg and Von Erich Raeder, dictate policy during the Reign of Ahmed IV with little attention to the civilian administration. A leader peacetime effective, he had the backing of the army, the people, the clergy and nobility, ascended the throne in 30 September 2016, married the daughter Agusta from Denmark, and implement policies that benefit all parties known as the "Revolution Tanzimat XXI ".