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The Person Behind Consigahria

Hello. My name is Keenen Davis--no, I am not a fictitious person. Here, you can find ways to contact me inside or outside of the NationStates world. From here, you can visit my talk page, or see what articles I've edited.


My personal Facebook page (secure) : My business's Facebook page : NationStates nation page : Wattpad : Personal Twitter : EHSB Twitter : InterPals : Inkbunny page : Bitches Love the Bunny (NSFW Tumblr blog)

I'm Google-able! Search "kimuyukix" or "eirisheartshapedbox" or similar!

Nation of Consigahria

Would you like to help? Telegram me on NS, or edit my talk page.



Eiri's Heart Shaped Box

Eiri's Heart Shaped Box