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If you need immediate help, Send me a telegram!

Here to help when needed. I'm going to try and convert over some of the old pages and infoboxes. If you need something done that I can do, please respond in my talk page. Remember to sign your messages with four tildes:

"Todd McCloud (talk) 20:02, 25 February 2014 (UTC)"

Always sign talk pages with four tildes. Makes life easier.

Name your page Nation/nationname or nationname?

Some of us from the old NSwiki might remember that all one had to do was simply create their nation page with their name and they'd be good to go. So, for instance, if your nation's name was Vekaiyu, you'd simply create a page named Vekaiyu.

However, naming your page as Nation/Vekaiyu automatically links the page to your nation's page if you use NS++! So, if you create your nation's page with "Nation/" in front of it, you should be good to go.

Can you still create a nation page that just has your nation on it? Of course, but listen carefully. Like let's say you're converting or pasting some of your old pages and you don't feel like changing all the links in your pages from nationname to Nation/nationname. Just make the nationname page a redirect by doing this:

#REDIRECT [[Nation/nationname]]

Where, again, "nationname" is the name of your nation. Doing this saves you time since you don't have to edit two pages whenever you change one of them, and it saves the site space. So it's win-win.

How do I add images to my page?

That looks tasty.

It's actually pretty easy. Once you've uploaded your file, just follow this simple guide:


The order doesn't really matter, except the filename has to be entered in the first field, and the dscription is entered in the last field. "Thumb" indicates it's a thumbnail that upon clicking will reveal the true size of the image. "Position" changes where the images is placed on the page. You can place the image to the left, right, or center. Size dictates how big or small the image will be, of course. Typical thumbnail size is 180px. For example, the code for the image on the right is the following:

[[File:Kikali.jpg|thumb|right|180px|That looks tasty.]]

Helpful Links

Old NSwiki Stuff

  • Convert html to wiki format. If you have a previous NSwiki page you've saved under html, you can copy the page source info and format it here.
  • Image directory. Somehow the image directory is still up. So if you can't seem to find an image you used to have, check here.
  • That's all that's left of the old site for now. If you can find your pages there, save them as a web page so you can grab the HTML.