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The World Cup Hall of Fame is for Players, Coaches, Referees, Commentators, Mascots and 'Other' Characters who have made a memorable impact in the history of the NationStates World Cup.

Not to be confused with the World Cup Nations Hall of Fame

From ancient, long-forgotten and mis-remembered players to the some of the newer participants of the Cup, all sorts of people (and other things) can make it into the Hall of Fame. Last updated after World Cup 65.

See also: archive NSWiki for links to articles about many individuals from older years



There are three ways to earn nominations to the NS World Cup Hall of Fame.

World Cup Qualifying: For every 7 World Cup Qualifying Campaigns participated in, 1 place is earned
World Cup Finals: For every 4 appearances in the World Cup Proper, 1 place is earned
For every World Cup Championship, 1 place is earned

Nominees By Nation


Gerardo Riquelme
Vedillo Bazán
Gunsedal Cisneros
Pelayo Sortani
Sosimo Lissón
Blas Pulido
Claudio Albornos
Eusebio Nadol
Chago Villalobos

Read more in Aguazul's factbook.


Martin Simpson


Samin Akbar
Zahid Mohammed

Alasdair I Frosticus

Juan Tzimisces
Basil & Theo

Andossa Se Mitrin Vega

Evan Evans (Mr. Do Everything for the Sea Dragons as they moved from debutant to contender)
Unami Banta-N'bai (The Original hard-hitting defender that set the tone of true Sea Dragon style)
Mace Kinoz'gh (Devastating Center Back turned Manager. Mace turned ASMV into a defensive powerhouse)
Jonasei Ariq'Alara (Probably the most famous Sea Dragon of all time. Jonasei is the all time leading scorer for ASMV as well as an international poster boy for the fall of Starblaydi power. Possibly one of the most truly feared attackers of all time)
Kymykera Wu'eres
Laia Un'jeru'becti


Valentin Illiescu


Aurélien Clair
Frédéric Clément
Myrtille Ford
Hanifah Kyaw
Cassie Lee
Tina Realm
Ke Sho
Terry Singh
Xavier Xu


Astograth Dei Ormache
Civil Citizenry Powell Pieran
Astograth Soter Sarlange
Astograth Urtzi Galard


Jeremy Jaffacake
Lee Branson
Paul Ward
Ally Marriot
Arturo Vitalis
Aaron O`Hara
Aron Ceulemans


Adama Sowe (former Chairman of the RBSA, present Vice President of the World Cup Committee, member of the IFCF Executive Council)
Gitonga Kahara (all-time leading scorer for the Banijan national team, all-time caps leader for the national team, present captain for the national team).


Joric Ruskin - Coach (plus ex-captain and war-hero). He has guided the Suns to 7 World Cups, including 3 quarterfinal finishes, their best ever result. He also coached the team to a CoH final.
Yohan Marris - Barunia's all-time leading goalscorer. He also captained the side for two cycles, which included the Round of 16 in World Cup 68.
Paul Bainbridge - Famed goalie nicknamed "The Wall". 2nd on Barunia's list of capped players, longest serving captain. He has played in two CoH finals and 5 World Cups.


Peter Hobble


Dave al-Armani
Olivia Bream
Claire Briscoe
Vanessa Carpenter
Johnny Lewis
Darren Morlock
Jim Parker
Nick Reagan
Tara Stalls
Nick Yu
Gina Zamboni


Stuart Abdul-Rahim
Gwrlais Devanallt
Mitchell Ellis
Andi, Budi and Peri Busilanta (the Busilanta Brothers)
Amir Bettison


Adam Collick (Manager of Bostopia, WC29, WC30 qualifying, WC31 - CoH 34, winning Bostopia's first international trophy in his final game before retirement)


Esteban De Jesus


Miriam Spitfire Inducted Cycle 71

Left winger. 121 caps, 23 goals. Envy River, FC Brimstone, Guilder.

One of the Baptism of Fire squad as a young winger, Spitfire was one of the first Brenecians to make a name for herself further abroad than Nephara; specifically, in Apox. A clever, rangy winger who truly elevated what was at the time a fairly agricultural team.

Orson Faulkner Inducted Cycle 76

Rightback/centre-half. 126 caps, 7 goals. Northern Union, AC Izotz Zubia.

A muscular, bruising defender, a slightly late bloomer, and a lion-hearted captain with a knack for only scoring at the time of most need that made him a legendary figure at Zozi. Faulkner was part of the first actually successful generation of Brenecian players, and earned international acclaim for his performances under pressure.

Catherine Purrington Inducted Cycle 78

Attacking midfielder. 157 caps, 50 goals. Francisca Orient, Wye United, Vermillion Rage.

Short, overweight, lazy, exclusively one-footed. Unambitious in her club career. Had a fling with Nephara international Catheline Stockinger. None of this mattered when she was on the pitch and the ball was at her feet, and with a single languid sweep of her chunky left leg she could take it wherever she needed it to go, including the top corner of the net.

Ursula Rankin Inducted Cycle 80

Striker. 119 caps, 67 goals. FC Endeavour, Wye United, Tanrisal, RGS Athletic.

Something of a journeywoman striker, Rankin never developed more strings to her bow than just being a poacher and never felt like she needed to. Brenecia's all-time leading goalscorer, the numbers backed her up. When Brenecia played free-flowing Southern football, her runs opened up gaps in defences; when playing the brutalist Northern style, she made the most of scraps.

Catherine Gryphon Inducted Cycle 81

Defensive midfielder. 162 caps, 4 goals. Southern Star, FC Brimstone, Northern Union, Starling, Cornellians, Exton FC.

Never an exciting or dynamic player, but Gryphon reached the top in three different foreign countries, and captained Brenecia to what will likely be its only World Cup. A master of set pieces, but most of her work was just doing the simple things with perfect execution every time.


Anatoliy Titov
Franz Braddock
Ganz Ijak

Candelaria And Marquez

Danny Adams
Niv Cohen
Matteo Corradini
Eric O'Brien
Joel Sbaïz
Ignacio Vélez


Vivica Hill
Andy Ronalo


Courtney Ferguson
Stacie Kerrigan-Fraser
Allison Salamida
Meaghan Bateman

Civil Citizenry

Ingram Ackleigh

Cockbill Street

Harald Axewielder
Rikki Stone


Jesper Jensen

Dance 2 Revolution

Naoki Maeda Snr.
Paul Handplant


Member World Cup Inducted Role Notes
Mikael Gibbons World Cup 62 Manager Was inducted in spite of a vote buying scandal. Was exiled from Darmen by the government following the scandal and became manager of the Turorian national team. His three sons went with him and appeared in matches with the team.
Georges Thomas World Cup 68 Manager Darmen's first manager, later President of the Darmeni Soccer Federation and Minister of Sport.
Tor Tong Lee World Cup 69 Midfielder Darmen's all-time leader in caps and goals.
Bryan Faulkner World Cup 80 Forward
TBD World Cup 84 TBD TBD

Dorian and Sonya

J’hys Ickaeth
Wend Rayghaest
Deshy Ielath
Jania Lassvanil
Maelwen Maridilyon


Trefor Edwards

East Spaam



Chris Skinner
Jonny Doomhammer

Equestrian States

Fire Dash


Frosty Hollow

Europa Brittania

Andrew Zurich
Mikel Hansen
Gordon O'Hanrahan


Friekder Dandalleion
Risko Kâí
Mâás Fôx
Fôrté Wínrôuge
Täjó Çíânflöné
Ichi Tuzzio
Xíxì Êns
Lázár Eleonóra


Esteban Zeus
Jorge Mendel


Lee Sharp

Giant Zucchini

Johann Rilke
James Gorton

Green wombat

General Abe Simpson


Anna Goldstein
Debbie Dallas
Harry Kool
Kate Bush
Lady Dazza Dallas
Major Rashina Dallas
Tunk Abrams

Kaze Progressa

Faiwe Irafma
Sani Luvo


Henry Tuck
Jingus Gonorrhea
Saturn Calcéte
Celedonio Santander
Carl Shetfield
Norman Plooms


Val Kylx (A human running gag after leaving Slembana towards international football stardom. Got pretty much nothing of it for a long while until a freak accident saw him end up without a leg: he moved to a managerial career and actually was responsible for getting the Northern Sunrise Islands into the World Cup. One of the few cases of a person inducted by another country but not his own homeland.)
Namine Nagatomo (Street football product, Namine Nagatomo moved to professional football and soon became a star of Sunrisian football. While not a World Cup champion, her efforts were deemed essential towards the identity of Sunrisian football, and by proxy Hinodejin Football.)
Hannah Alcouin (The key player on the Unified Sunrisian line-up that won the World Cup back-to-back, known for her amazing offensive play. A half-pokémon, she owned one of the finest World Champion pedigrees possible, including two Under-15 World Cup victories and a very respectable run in the Under-21s.)
Mellody Sioux (A cat-person goalkeeper that served as the number one option for the position in many Sunrisian line-ups. Her style of goalkeeping has been since adopted by Hinodejin players with questionable success.)
Nikolai Thorben (The father of Hinodejin football as we know it, responsible for several key additions that turned the game into what it is today in the prosperous empire. He also had a career playing for the Matthew City Senators and the Chromatik national football team and became a household name in the Hinodejin Empire during the off-time where the nation was locked away from the rest of the multiverse.)
Pokécards (Largely inspired by the PISballs, these were all the rage for a couple of cups but also served as the Sunrisians' second-best contribution to the sport as a whole.)
Anthony Hawk (Former left-back that also missed the World Cup victories but turned out to become a regular name in the Hinodejin Empire as it rejoined the multiverse, serving as a host of the highly influential Anthony Hawk's Project 8. Also was the butt of several in-jokes.)
The Diamond Club (The name for the group of masked or unidentified Hinodejin players that served the revived Northern Sunrisian national team before the Hinodejin Empire fully unveiled itself. It featured several high-level officials of the Empire and a former Queen.)


Jamie Barry
Angel Kenssington


James Barcali
Karim Isserson
Gabriel Kennedy
Kiefer Lloyd
Alan Munitis
Phillip Neasden
Rameses Niblick III
John Nwoko
Ari Smith
Colin Ulvæus
Dave Van Staveren
Adam Vernazza

Liverpool England

Steven Blackwell
Caddy Cannon
Sir Paul Dussis
Sir Douglas Freech
Chris Hawkins
Mark Hearne
Thomas Lunson
Syku "SyLy" Lyku (already entered by Rejistania, becomes the first person to be entered into HoF by two different nations)
Sir Jim Whites


Marc J. Floren
Jamie Smith (Already entered by The Weegies, becomes one of the select few to be entered by two different nations)
Dunston Copperlee
Avi Belmowitz
Chase Mergle
Kelvin Joseph
Kenny Rintell
Silas Milckey
Thomas Markin
Ezra Montez


Laze v Tuhinju
Robin Hjik
Radoslaw Famoc


Tim James


Cathy Stokes Inducted Cycle 70

Leftback. 137 caps, 5 goals. AFC Treason.

Was never among the most talented of the Baptism of Fire squad. However, as a one-club woman and captain of club and country, Stokes' loyalty and resolute determination meant she squeezed out every inch of her skill for the Cormorants for years.

Michael Brandon Inducted Cycle 71

Defensive midfielder. 134 caps, 6 goals. Directus.

Left Nephara at 20 to join Directus, quickly slotting into the first-team picture of one of the multiverse's top sides and spending his entire senior career there. An exceptional midfield general who truly transformed Nephara's image on the international stage from a thuggish backwater to an emergent footballing power.

Hadrian Belfast Inducted Cycle 74

Centre-half. 172 caps, 11 goals. Chenoworth Harriers, Sabrefell Athletic, Dwile Warriors, Brookford Otters.

Still likely Nephara's greatest player. At one stage, he was named Player of the Season in the ANL - at the time the world's best - as the centre-half of the flamboyant attack-minded Dwile Warriors. Played in Nephara's first World Cup finals, aged 23; lifted the CE in his final game, aged 35.

Gethin Ramsey Inducted Cycle 75

Managed Nephara through Cycles 64-67. AFC Treason, Cosumar, the Licentian Isles.

A hard-bitten manager whose insatiable lust for trophies set the tone for Nepharim glory, heading an almost dizzying early period of success for a 'new' national team. Managed the likely unparalleled feat of taking three nations - Nephara, Cosumar and the Licentian Isles - to the World Cup.

Elaine Ashdown Inducted Cycle 77

Central midfielder. 155 caps, 50 goals. Iron City, Brinemouth, Hastmead Diamante, Iron City.

A tall, elegant and cultured midfielder, Ashdown was another player who never fit the stereotypical Nepharim mould. Notoriously slow, but the ball, after all, was round, and especially lethal from set pieces. Ashdown was a true marshal of the midfield, who captained Nephara to the World Cup with understated leadership.

Penumbra Amokachi Inducted Cycle 80

Striker. 116 caps, 65 goals. Brinemouth, Mâ Âlâmëómë, Eastweald, Coret Hawks.

Top scorer and self-styled philosopher queen of the 74 champions, the mercurial Amokachi was Nephara's leading goalscorer at the time of her international retirement being curtailed by a falling-out with management. Somehow, this only improved her image as Nephara's spectacular Roman candle.

Adnan Szalai Inducted Cycle 84

Right winger. 129 caps, 40 goals. Aries Chariots, Gwinevra Barbarians, Ulsa.

Szalai came from the very dregs to shine. Widely rumoured to be illiterate, he was Nephara's best player en route to the World Cup, and that only propelled his career forward to greater and greater heights. Szalai has the distinction of being named the first Boldsport Galactico, the best player in the world in the eyes of a neutral third-party agency.

Estrella Hawke Inducted Cycle 84

Striker. 150 caps, 91 goals. Starling, Sabrefell Athletic, Directus.

Athletic, powerful, lethal in front of goal, and nobody in the game has a single bad word to say about her. Hawke's goalscoring record for the national team will probably never be beaten. Spent an all-conquering career on top of both the international scene and club football in Nephara and Eura.

NEWI Cefn Druids

An egg
Trevor Belmore


Jeremy McAllister

New Montreal States

Archambault Legault

Northern Bettia

Ola Hiyashibara

Nova Britannicus

Royal Seaford


Ruben van Mistletoe
Torrence Black
Henry Louis-Charleston White
Guy Picciotto
Jorge White


Jean-Alan Bellemort

One Red Dot

Alvin Ker, (Coach of the National Team from WC4 to WC12, presently President of the Association of the Sports World of One Red Dot) (aSWORD).
Chris Gwee, (coach of the National Team from WC13 to WC26.)


Alain Montblanc
Amandeep Sahota
Lord William Kenterbury
Jermain Lewis
Ezio Grassi
Roque Acosta
Toby Drummond
See more detail here

Polar Islandstates

Niko Marek
Timo Skye


Zombie Pele- (Played in 3 World Cup qualifiers and scored the goal that sent Prux to its first ever World Cup.)


Reggie Hassok GoalKeeper (World Cups 29-30)/ Head Coach (World Cups 31-32); Inducted before World Cup 33.
Fernando Turek Head Coach (World Cups 33-36)/Midfielder (World Cups 30-32); Inducted before World Cup 37.
Yancy Fry Forward (Qazox' all-time leading scorer with 29 goals (as of World Cup 41) (World Cups 35-38); Inducted before World Cup 42.
Sherlene Scheppe GoalKeeper (Qazox' all-time shutout leader with 9, as of World Cup 40) (World Cups 39-40); Inducted before World Cup 42.
Raul de Olivares Forward 5th leading Scorer in team history (as of World Cup 46).(30 goals). Forward/Head Coach Played during World Cups 42-44, team's Head Coach World Cup 44 to 47. Inducted before World Cup 47.
Kallie Jaus Forward Qazox' 3rd leading scorer (as of World Cup 48). Played During World Cups 42-44, became team's Head Coach in World Cup 47. Inducted before World Cup 47.
Matilda Swords Forward Qazox' All time leading scorer (51 goals) and most capped player (73 caps)(as of World Cup 48). Played during World Cups 45-48. Inducted before World Cup 49.
Ryan Greenley Head Coach World Cups 39-42. Qazox' winningest (58 wins) and longest tenured coach (20 years). Led Qazox to first ever 2nd round and quarterfinal appearances at World Cup 41. Inducted before World Cup 54.


Greg Hughes
Jon Fields Sr.

Queer Poco el Mono Ara

Ishmael Van Dyke


Jenji Y
Nana Daki
Kansu Kiru
Sasijilvenku "Sasi" Dikelesinivetisaru
Tuade Lue


Bobby Convey, playmaking midfielder on the first Stars team to compete in the World Cup
Bryan Marshall, posthumous, first manager of a Sarzonian national team to compete in a World Cup
Troy Perkins, starting goalkeeper for the first Stars team to compete in the World Cup
Brian Wilson, striker, manager; second player to score a hat trick in a World Cup final and the first to do so for a winning side
Horace Sandt, starting goalkeeper for the World Cup 22-winning Stars
Dave Wilson, assistant manager, then manager for the Stars
Matt Lynch, striker
Franz Braddock, Cafundelense manager and the first foreign-born manager in Stars history. (already entered by Cafundeu, becomes the third person to be entered into HoF by two different nations)
Ben Davis, defender
Zack Wilson, striker (becomes the third member of the Wilson family to be inducted into the World Cup Hall of Fame behind his grandfather Dave and his father Brian Wilson)


Emil Timmermann


Amaechi Olsen, striker (World Cup 60)
Jenson Paulson, goalkeeper (World Cup 64)

Sel Appa

Estevez (4th Qualification — World Cup 36)
Miquelinho (7th Try — World Cup 36)
Hujambo Sijambo (14th Try — World Cup 50)

Snub Nose 38

Ben and Eileen Dover
The Hooligan Cheerleaders

Sorthern Northland

Kevaughn Ó Criomhthain
Feng Shui
Merginn Moffat


Lehua Hoopai
Mela Sehelin
Nala Eromleb
Alatari Surion
Finrod Surion
Crewenna Roskelly


Tobias Keiths
Koren Jackson
Bjorn Arnesson
Igor Raskolnikov
Marko Antropov
Alexander Popov
Darius Lepard
Petr Skritsch
Franz Persson
Goran Syvatov
Vasili Petrov
Iannis Xenakis


Nick Matranga
Simeone Di Bradini
Jerome Montefalcon
Nunzio Gre
Cherry Garcia
Khim Azanulbizarn
Jacqueline Maitland
David Bedford
Jae Chang-hwa
Leandro Perheira
Jaime Oberlander
Diamontii Di Bradini
Lex Panarii
Caleb Westwood
Batou Nakamura
Jaime Kuu
Tuomas Hindenburg
Ázëwyn Fëanáro
Julius Starblayde


Olec Dasra
Johan Hesse
Konstantin Brita


Alex Cherniakovskij
Igor Pliiev


Brian Ying Uing
Tad Montague
A.F. Falcon
Gwyn Juniper
Ender Wiggin
Tyler Pantoum
Miles Snavely


Novák Prakusya

The Babbage Islands

Tegan Nash (World Cup 52)
Magnus Svoboda (World Cup 53, posthumous)
Jerry Kirkpatrick (World Cup 56)
Nancy Svoboda (World Cup 60)
Jason Olson (World Cup 60)

The Belmore Family

Alan Belmore
Kshitiz Ghandi
Thomas Wickersham

The Islands of Qutar


The Licentian Isles (aka Licentiapacisterra, the Licentian Islands)

Alex Gardiner-Stewart

The Macabees

Mika d'Angíel

The Weegies

Peter De Bruis
Jamie Smith


Mauritus Banda
Milauo Slietah


Michael Willem

Union of Socialist Alpine Republics

Zbigniew Zajaczkowski


Jere Jannian
Laborious Hawk
Kiso Night
Ali Alidare
Espy va Drake


Luis Fuentes


Callum Banda Former Player (WC13-28) Former Coach (WC 33)
Santo Kecker Former Player (WC13-28)
Helmut Vilkaous Former Coach (WC13-2x)
Ricky Ezis Former Player (WCxx-WC33)
Tanner Nerni Former Player (WCxx-WCxx) - Scored WC20 Game Winning Goal (1-0 v. Audioslavia)


Masvidal (World Cup 64). Player World Cups 57 - 62; Player/Assistant Manager World Cups 61, 62; Manager World Cups 63 - 65.
Mardellion Hummingbird (World Cup 65). Player World Cups 60 - 63.
Athelstan Marchand (World Cup 65). Player World Cup 60; Assistant Manager World Cups 63 - 65. Manager World Cup 66...

Yafor 2

Prince Sebard
Gerod Flamer
Thia Boley
Hares Dalermo
David Insfield


Nick Churchill(An All-Time Scoring Leader)


Simon Ryne Olson
Andrew Card
Eddie Barnes
Martina Ruan
Patricia Eliot

Read more in Zwangzug's factbook.