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The International Federation of Club Football (IFCF) is an organizing body for international club football. It administers several competitions including the IFCF Champions League, which is considered the world championship of club football. Conceived as a successor organization to UICA, it adopted many of its competition regulations, including the carry-over of its ranking system.

It was formed by a consortium of national associations after problems at UICA led to a long lapse in its international club competitions between the 82nd and 84th World Cup cycles.


Competition Entries Teams
Champions' League (CL) 1–4 Champions and best-placed teams
Challenger's Cup (CC) 3 Best-placed teams outside CL
Liga B Champions Trophy (LBCT) 4 Best second-division teams
Super Cup (SC) CL, CC, and LBCT champions
Rising Stars Cup (RSC) U19 teams of CL group stage clubs

IFCF operates five club competitions: the Champions League, which is the world championship for club football; the Challenger's Cup, for teams which fell short of qualifying for the Champions League or were eliminated from it; the Liga B Champions Trophy, for the world’s top second-division clubs; the Super Cup, played at the end of the season between the winners of those three tournaments; and the Rising Stars Cup, a tournament for the under-19 teams.

Any association which operates a club competition is entitled to enter one team in the Champions League, three teams in the Challenger's Cup, and four eligible teams in the Liga B Champions Trophy. Additional places in the Champions League are granted to the top leagues in the IFCF coëfficient ranking, which takes into account results from the past five seasons of the two main tournaments. Entries to the Super Cup are restricted to clubs which qualify through another IFCF competition.

The three primary competitions—the Champions’ Cup, the Globe Cup, and the Series B Champions’ Cup—each use a format including a series of preliminary rounds, a group stage, and a series of knockout rounds. All ties, except the competition finals, are played over two legs, with the away goals rule used if the aggregate score is level after the two legs or after extra time. The group stages are four-team round-robins, with each team playing the others in its group home and away, receiving three points for a win and one for a draw. The competitions’ finals are played as single matches at neutral sites, chosen by a selection committee from among bids submitted by the member associations. The Super Cup is a single round-robin between the three participating champions.

Champions League

Challenger's Cup

Liga B Champions Trophy

Rising Stars Cup

Super Cup

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Cup Winners Cup

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