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The Christian Paradise of Isabelle Plantations
Largest city Boston
Official languages English and French
Ethnic groups 96.4% White
Demonym Plantationite
Government National Socialist
 -  President Donald Hayes
 -  Holy God Emporer Sjurd Haakonsson
Legislature Congress
Independence from Canada and USA
 -  Declared 15 October 2029 
 -  Incorporated 5 September 2036 
 -  Water (%) 1.7
 -  April 2039 estimate 9,872,000
Currency Plantation Dollar (IPD)
Time zone EST
Drives on the right
Calling code +206
Internet TLD .plantations

The Christian Paradise of Isabelle Plantations, commonly known as the Isabelle Plantations or The Plantations, is a nation made up of eight Plantations (similar to traditional counties) located in areas once part of the former United States of America (Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island) and Canada (New Brunswick and Quebec). Athol serves as the capital and Boston is the largest city.

The Plantations were previously part of New England a small part of New Brunswick and to indigenous Indian tribes before European settlement in the 1600's. During the Great Holy War in the 2020's and 2030's, North American governments failed and dissolved. Isabelle Plantations was officially incorporated in 2036 and is a leading nation, despite its relatively small population, in Sjurdland, a confederation of nations in North America of post war countries. The nation is currently at war with Quebec Ouest over a dispute about land boundaries located in the White Mountains. Both nations claim Mount Washington though Quebec Ouest currently controls the territory.


Dual Seed Christian Identity is the official religion of Isabelle Plantations and all of Sjurdland. Sjurd Haakonsson is the leader of the Dual Seed Church of Christ. All other forms of Christianity and all other religions are fully banned and practising is a criminal offense, though only non Christians are prosecuted. Every community of over 20 residents is required to have a Dual Seed Church. 91% of residents are part of the Dual Seed Church, 3% practice other forms of Christianity. Many of the churches used are historical Protestant and Catholic churches that existed prior to the nations existence.

Following the Great War, the vast majority of peoples across North America turned to Christianity if they were not already practising. School prayer was mandated by Act of Congress in 2037.

Population and Communities

Christian Identity Church and Back Bay skyline in Boston

Current population estimates are around 10,000,000 citizens. Most of the population is located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and many small cities lay scattered in valleys surrounded by the Appalachian mountains. Though small urban areas exist in the countryside. There are 54 incorporated cities, 440 townships, and 43 communities and land grants.

New Bedford, Fredericton, Presque Isle, and Auburn are currently the fastest growing cities.

Mill complex in Athol, the nation's capital

The following represent the 10 most populous cities in the nation:

Town/City Name Population
Boston 503,987
Manchester 165,452
New Bedford 150,982
Providence 142,321
Fredericton 87,453
Caribou-Presque Isle 81,653
Plymouth 75,923
Saint John 63,221
Concord 52,323
Lewiston 52,235

Boston is the nation's largest city at 503,000 residents. Boston was settled in 1620 and was a part of The United States of America until the nation's demise during the Great War. Boston was captured by Sjurd Haakonsson and served as the temporary capital of the New England Confederation before being chartered as part of Isabelle Plantations. Prior to the War, Boston was home to 700,000 residents and hit a low of 70,000-82,000 following the end of the War. The Greater Boston Area is home to over 2,600,000 residents and is by far the largest urban area in the nation. The city is renowned for its history, architecture, and is home to the nation's second largest port after New Bedford, located one hour south of Boston.

The population is on the rise with many high paying jobs in the manufacturing sector, particularly with the aluminum deposits found in the northern part of the nation in Aroostook County.

Political Policy

Isabelle Plantations was founded as a National Socialist nation, but recently the national has shifted from socialism and more towards a republic form of government.

President Donald Hayes

The death penalty is widely used for a variety of crimes including homicide, abortion, treason, practicing non Christian faith, sexual assault, drug use, and theft. The mode of execution is public hanging or firing squad, chosen by the offender. Insurance is not used in the nation, and healthcare is pay-for-service oriented though no citizen is denied treatment. There are 3 public federal Plantation Asylums for Citizens of Unsound Mind and Capacity, including the large Bangor Asylum, a historic mental hospital from the 19th century.

Abortion is outlawed except in cases of incest, rape, or when a mother's life is in danger. A caregiver that provides illegal abortion is mandated to be publicly executed and their building burned to the ground while the woman who receives this abortion is tried for homicide and normally sent to a work camp until they reach menopause. Contraceptives are also outlawed, though possession or use of condoms is not condemned and is not punishable by law. Homosexuality is banned and considered treason and a True Sin.

A referendum was called by President Hayes on May 4, 2040 that allowed all registered voters to vote on privatizing the national education system. 62% voted Yay whereas 38% voted Nay. Legislation was approved and signed into law on July 5, 2040.

The nation also shifted towards autarky, banning nearly all imports from other nations, hoping to become a fully self-sufficient country.


Much of the culture in Isabelle Plantations is based upon patriotism, Christian Identity, and a strong desire to remain a Historically European Anglo Region. Much of the culture is carried over from the pre-Great War era. Internet is not available in the nation for private use. Alcohol, with the exception of small sales on Catahoula Day, is prohibited.