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The Prime Minister of Kelssek (French: Premier ministre du Kelssek) is Kelssek's head of government and chairs the Cabinet of Kelssek. The prime minister is, typically, the leader of the largest party in the House of Commons, and holds the position until death, resignation, or dismissal by the President of Kelssek. In practice, the prime minister is the most powerful position in Kelssek's government as the president only overrules the elected government in extreme or crisis situations. The prime minister appoints (through the president) the other Cabinet ministers, justices of the High Court of Kelssek and federal courts, chief executives of state corporations, and other agencies as required by law. The current prime minister is Anne Marsha Cressey, leader of the United Communist Party, who was appointed following the 2014 federal election.

The position of Prime Minister is, by design, only vaguely outlined in Kelssek's constitution and largely operates according to a set of traditions and precedents known as "responsible government". The Constitution Act states only that the Prime Minister is appointed by the President of Kelssek, and holds that position as long as they maintain the confidence of the House of Commons (ability to win a majority vote on budget bills, or any vote which has been politically defined as a vote of confidence). However, the conventions of responsible government dictate that the Prime Minister and all members of Cabinet should be members of the House of Commons, so as to face daily scrutiny through Question Period. A non-MP who becomes Prime Minister is expected to seek election to the House at the earliest opportunity.


No. Name Term of office Party Mandate Cabinet
17th George E. Marlin
b. 1938
5 August 1995
18 September 2004
  Liberal Party
  • Appointment (35th Parliament)
  • 1996 election (36th Parliament)
  • 2000 election (37th Parliament)
  • Marlin I
  • Marlin II
  • Marlin III
18th Alan R. Kerk
b. 1934
18 September 2004
November 2007
  Green Party
  • 2004 election (38th Parliament)
  • 2007 election (39th Parliament)
  • Kerk I
  • Kerk II (minority)
Electoral reform (mixed-member proportional system) - August Crisis - Carbon pricing - Velocit high-speed railway - Dovakhan Crisis
19th Pierre Gautain 13 February 2008
12 December 2008
  • Appointment (39th Parliament)
  • Gautain
    (Liberal-Conservative coalition; minority)
Neorvins airport occupation - Public workers general strike - Presidential powers controversy
20th Peter Coakson 13 December 2008
22 October 2014
  Green Party
  • Appointment (40th Parliament)
  • 2010 election (41st Parliament)
  • Coakson I (UCP C&S)
  • Coakson II
21st Anne Marsha Cressey 23 October 2014
  United Communist Party
  • 2014 election
  • 2018 election
  • Cressey I (Green C&S)
  • Cressey II (minority)
Suspension of International Fair Trade Agreement - 12th Summer Olympics - Universal basic income