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Area XXX km2
XXX sq mi
Population 7,093,704,688
Pop. density XX/km2 (XX/sq mi)
Countries See Nations
Languages Fillician, Amalfitan, Starwindi

Borealia is a large region...







The following is a list of the continents which comprise Borealia.

Name Largest country Population Landmass
Cyeztonizetta N/A 0Template:Ref TBA km²
Foronna Template:Country data Starwind{ 2,471,717,556 TBA km²
Lykosia Template:Country data Lykosia 2,019,480,000 18,871,980 km²
Temoria Template:Country data Amalfi 191,391,480 TBA km²
Tolkoya Template:Country data Charnea 2,411,115,652 TBA km²


Short and formal names Capital Population Area (km²) Government
Alba Dùisgte - Free Lands of Alba Dùisgte
Template:Country data Amalfi - Maritime Republic of Amalfi Trasimene 191,391,480 Federal diarchic parliamentary constitutional republic
Template:Country data Charnea - Constant Empire of Charnea Arkoryx 744,207,516 Absolute monarchy
Dalza Monique Yinjil
Four Corners
Katlynton Federation Katlynton 998,726,152 Socialist Federal Republic
Template:Country data Lubyak - Dominion of the Lubyak Erota 1,645,142,482 7,721,888 Constitutional autocracy
Template:Country data Lykosia - Socialist Confederation of Lykosian Soviets Snowpoint City 2,019,480,000 18,871,980 Socialist confederal semi-direct constitutional republic
 Montesardo-East Adanzi - Federal Republic of Montesardo-East Adanzi New Puledra City 255,155,079 Parliamentary democracy
Template:Country data Necros - The Dominion of the Hand of Necros Necropolis 46,147,750 50,885 Elective monarchy
Template:Country data North Fillicia - People's Socialist Democratic Republic of Fillicia North Jalöstan 443,177,534 Federal socialist republic
Template:Country data South Fillicia - Federated States of Fillicia Ferdengard-Atalia 451,222,458 Federal constitutional republic
Template:Country data Starwind - Parliamentary Republic of Starwind Stormgate 472,106,143 1,694,532 Parliamentary republic
Template:Country data Virranacce - The Queendom of Virranacce Savaarde 59,585,552 Hereditary monarchy


1.Number is subject to change as more information emerges.
2.Official sizes of the countries on the continent are unknown, so this country is a guess at the moment.
3.No permanent population as it is arctic territory.

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