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The Kingdom Of Burgundy
Founder Skoda-Truck Drivers
WA Delegate No Delegate
Members 6
 -  of which WA 0
Regional population
 -  2014 estimate 65 billion
Regional HDI 0.530
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The Kingdom of Burgundy
The Kingdom of Burgundy

The Kingdom Of Burgundy

The Kingdom was a part of The Greater Prussian Empire and loyal to the Greater Prussian Crown. It was founded so that Catholics could have their voice heard with more volume in the Empire.

A capitalist region The King of Burgundy was King John Antonette of Cherry Ridge and the Arch Chancellor was Queen Mariah of Jerusalem.

One Christmas a band of Travellers passed through the Kingdom and one of the travellers paused to wish the Kingdom well, this seemed to enrage King John Antonette of Cherry Ridge and he reported the traveller to a higher authority it was thought that night, a relitively inexperienced seargent at arms was in charge and taking the complaint on face value and without investigation had the traveller terminated. Despite an uproar on the forums the traveller was unable to be returned from the dead and to this day is listed as 'Discraced' in the BoneYard.

November 24th 2007

The travellers moved on and sometime later noticed the Kingdom had been abandoned and so decided to move in and make sure the Kindom was available for any one to pass through and comment or make it their home.