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Founder The Bruce
WA Delegate Hydroponic Nation
Members 97
 -  of which WA 15
Regional population
 -  2014 estimate 940 billion
Regional HDI 0.540
Region page

Wysteria is a large region, with a bustling and busy community, numbering 97 nations and only 15 World Assembly Members.

The straight-backed, broad-smiling populace of Wysteria eagerly dismissed concerns of oppression. Denizens generally have very few political freedoms, but some limited freedom is afforded to citizens of nations in the region. The economy of the region is remarkably unremarkable, with members being neither powerhouses nor basket cases. Income taxes are unheard of amongst the denizens of the region. The region is a beacon of capitalism, with the public sector not existing in any meaningful way in constituent economies. Commerce within the region is an irrelevant annoyance to governments.

Wysteria does not prioritize education in any meaningful way. The region is a lawless wasteland, nations regularly being the subject of documentaries by brave filmmakers. Governments make no provision for law and order. Nations within the region are forced to use soft fruit and harsh language in the field of battle, with no government funds being set aside for defense. Due to the lack of any Public transport, streets are packed with cars, bikes, and assorted noisy vehicles.

Nobody really knows about the state of administration in Wysteria. Observers asked for information, but found nobody was available to take calls. Hospital patients are given credit checks upon passing through emergency rooms, as no government provision is made for healthcare in the region. Welfare in the region is minimal, with only a small amount of expenditure being devoted to spending on social security. Governments in the region are avowedly atheist - no public funds are allocated to spirituality.

Social inequality is rife amongst the nations within Wysteria. Natural environments are quite bad, although some measures have been undertaken to ensure that the environment is protected.