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The Kingdom of Aesterngard
Κönungsrikket œð Ǽsterngard
Royal Flag
MottoDýrður sær Ǽsterngard
"Glory to Aesterngard"
AnthemInn eþ namr œð Ǽsterngard
"In the name of Aesterngard"
Largest Séyðjarsheim
Official languages Aesterngardian
Ethnic groups Aesterngardian Icelandic 99%
Other Aeolian 1%
Demonym Ǽsterngarder
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  King Árnbjörn Vándergrifft
Legislature Ríkketstag
 -  Upper house House of Lords
 -  Lower house House of Commons
Independent State
 -  Icelandic Colony on Planet Aegir 27th of December 2131 
 -  Relocation to Aeolis and establishment 9th of May 2501 
 -  Total 17,185,143,013.14459 km2
6,635,220,812.2357568741 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 40%
 -  2530 A.D. estimate 2,900,000,000
 -  2530 A.D. census 2,993,453,000
 -  Density 3.41/km2
8.3/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2530 estimate
 -  Total Ð 45,502,138,126,173.49
 -  Per capita Ð 15,180.10
GDP (nominal) 2530 A.D. estimate
 -  Total Ð 45,000,000,000,000.00
 -  Per capita Ð 15,000.00
Gini (2530 A.D.)40.98
HDI (2530 A.D.)0.785
Currency Aesterngardian Denarium (ADM)
Time zone AST-6 through AST+6
Date format YYYY.MM.DD
Drives on the left
Calling code +771188
ISO 3166 code AES
Internet TLD .aes

Aesterngard ( Ǽsternðaal:Ǽsterngard ), officially the Kingdom of Aesterngard ( Ǽsternðaal:Könungsrikket œð Ǽsterngard ) is a massive nation on Planet Aeolis, situated on the north of the planet, occupying the entirety of the Erelian continent and the northwestern part of the Lentian continent. The capital city of the nation is Fjálltralheim situated in the middle of Erelion, while the largest city, Séyðjarsheim is located at the northeastern tip of Hjólffs Peninsula on Lention. According to the 2530 census, the Kingdom's population is 2,993,453,000.

The Panatlantic Ocean surrounds the territories of the Kingdom and separates it in two parts. The Aesterngardian Straits separate the Erelian part from the Lentian part. The country borders the Empire of the Fatherlands, the Armed Republic of Volca and the Rethymnian Federation to the South. The archipelago of Atrailia lies to the east of the Kingdom. Aesterngard is a cold nation. Erelion is extremely cold in the north, since it is located on the Northern Pole, but current technological development allows the Kingdom to expand and flourish, although the process is difficult.

The origins of Aesterngard can be traced back to the 22nd century, when Iceland acquired colonization rights to Planet Aegir, which is located in the Asgard System. The country was a direct colony of Iceland but enjoyed autonomy. However, in the year 2499 a dwarf planet named Jörmungandr 2499X01, was spotted on the outer fringes of the solar system. The astronomers quickly realized that the asteroid's trajectory would cause a collision with Aegir and due to it's size, would cause the complete annihilation of the planet. A massive evacuation ensued, but Iceland's inability to relocate the colonists forced them to seek asylum on Planet Aeolis. After a quick diplomatic session, Aesterngard was granted the northern parts of Aeolis by the Rethymnian Federation, which held the rights to the land at the time.

Now, 30 years after the relocation, the country is still struggling to develop. Its huge population of more than 2 billion which came over from Aegir is working tirelessly to improve their way of life, while being supported by the other Aeolian Nations.

The Kingdom is strictly peaceful towards its neighbors and fellow Aeolians. Its government is a Constitutional Monarchy led by King Árnbjörn Vándergrifft. The country has still got some nominal ties with the government in Iceland but due to the latter's inability to assist the colony, it has declared full independence. The religion dominant in the realm is Roman Catholicism and the Archbishopric of Fjálltralheim is in direct communion with Pope John-Paul XI in Rome.


Aesterngard is an Aesterngardian Icelandic word that is a unison of the words Æstern and Gard, the former meaning "Heaven/Sky" and the latter meaning "Land".


The Kingdom of Aesterngard traces it's roots to the Republic of Iceland in northern Europe on Earth, to which most citizens can trace their origin.