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Clockwise from top left: St. Boniface Square, Esplanade Riel, North Star Tower.
Provinces of Kelssek Etnier
Flag of Kelssek Kelssek
Metro area
4,399,000 (6th)
Time zone Kelssek Coastal Time
(+8 UTC; +9 UTC in summer)
Area codes 319, 240
364, 728, 431 (metro)

Clayquot is the provincial capital of Etnier, located on the confluence of the Kewatin and Meeres rivers. The city's metropolitan area is the sixth-largest population centre in Kelssek. Key industries include transportation, biomedical industries and research, education, agriculture and food processing. Among the city's landmarks is the 328-metre tall North Star Tower and the historic Northlands Theatre.

The city's location has been used as a trading centre since antiquity and the earliest record of a permanent market on this site dates to the 11th century. The Clayquot Fort was built at the forks of the river in 1391 and destroyed in the rebellion of 1836 which led to the independence of the province of Etnier from the Kingdom of Guedia. The remains of the fort are a national historic site and maintained as part of River Forks Park.

Education and research are major contributors to the city's economy. The University of Etnier is one of Kelssek's top universities. Federal government research laboratories operated by the Kelssek Public Health Authority and the Ministry of Agriculture are some of the most advanced in the world. This includes a biosafety level 4 facility for research on highly infectious and lethal diseases. Biotech and agri-food companies are important complements to the city's agricultural economy. Cattle farming, wheat and other grains, and potatoes are the city's major products, and major food processing and distribution companies are headquartered in Clayquot.


The city is home to one of the Kelssek Hockey League's oldest and most intense rivalries between the Partisans, who play in the Northlands SuperBarn (sponsored by a major grocery store chain), and Red Star, whose home is the Portage Arena. Clayquot City of the Kelssek Football League are based at Kanard Park stadium.