10th Supreme Court

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Term Chronology
Previous 9th Supreme Court
Next 11th Supreme Court
10th Supreme Court
TLA Flag 3.png
Justice 1 Communistico/TFH
Justice 2 Morvan
Justice 3 South Miruva
Start 29 June 2018
End 20 September 2018

The 10th Supreme Court was appointed by Secretary Kavagrad and confirmed by citizens in individual confidence votes. This consisted of three Justices, and each served a three-month term from 29 June to 20 September 2018. The final members of the 10th Supreme Court were The Final Horseman, Morvan, and South Miruva.

Communistico ceased-to-exist during their term, and was replaced by The Final Horseman on 20 August.


29 June
Confirmed by citizens
20 August
Communistico CTE'd
Justice 1 Communistico The Final Horseman
Justice 2 Morvan
Justice 3 South Miruva