1st General Assembly

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1st General Assembly
TLA Flag 1.png
Secretary Atealia,
Solidarity Party
Prime Minister Auven,
Solidarity Party
Start 25 March 2016
End 17 July 2016
Seats 100
1st General Assembly.svg
Parties      Solidarity Party (43)
     Ind. Leftist Front (37)
     Worker's Army Party (20)

The 1st General Assembly was elected at the March 2016 election. The assembly consisted of three political parties - the Solidarity Party, the Independent Leftist Front and the Workers' Army Party. This General Assembly served for three and a half months, from 25 March to 17 July 2016.

The Ministers that held positions during this term were Fidels Beard as Minister of Archives, Cedoria as Minister of Defence, Lightmine as Minister of Immigration and Customs, and Khasinkonia as Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Ministers of Law (now known as the 1st Supreme Court) were New Prague Workers Republic as Chief Justice, Celera as First Justice, and Devadia as Second Justice.

Political Parties

The following table outlines the leader and the number of seats of each party.

Party Leader Seats
  Solidarity Party Atealia 43
  Independent Leftist Front New Prague 37
  Workers' Army Party British Accia 20


The Independent Leftist Front and the Workers' Army Party each distributed their seats, 37 and 20 respectively, by polling their party members and then having one of the party leaders report the vote distribution to the General Assembly. The 43 seats gained by the Solidarity Party were distributed as follows:

Leader Seats
Auven 9
Cedoria 9
Devadia 9
Sotruenia 8
Urzistan 8