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Cabinet of
The Leftist Assembly
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Branch Executive
Leader Secretary
Membership Secretary,
Ministers or deputies

The Cabinet is the executive branch of The Leftist Assembly. It consists of the Secretary and all of their appointed Ministers or deputies. The Secretary's term lasts for three months, with elections commencing at the start of March, June, September and December, while the Ministers are appointed by the Secretary and confirmed by citizens in individual confidence votes. This body advises the Secretary as relevant to each member's designated portfolio, assists the Secretary in their responsibilities, and enforces the laws enacted by the General Assembly.



The Separate Cabinet legislative package was proposed by Greylyn, Llorens, and Uan aa Boa in the 14th General Assembly, with a referendum passing 43-1 on 2 August 2019, and two subsequent statute law amendments passed by the General Assembly, 7-0. As per its changes, an executive Cabinet was formally created, to be lead by the elected Secretary and consisting of their appointed and confirmed Ministers, deputies, or other desired portfolios. This made the executive and legislative branches entirely distinct, where the General Assembly has previously performed many of the functions of the Cabinet.


Term Election Secretary
1st X September 2019 X