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United States of Damukuni
Damukuni no Danketsu no Shū
Motto"Liberty, Order, Progress"
AnthemAh, Damukuni, Damukuni
Region Esportiva
CapitalAtarashii-Damushuto (formerly known as Houriiteikokutoshi)
Largest Namagoro
Official languages Japanese, English
Demonym Damukunian
Government Federal Republic
 -  President Julianne Day Matsushita (NPD)
 -  Vice President Masahiro Fujiwara (NPD)
 -  Herald of the Popular Congress John Andersolt (NPD)
 -  President Pro Tempore of the High Senate Reizaki Tsukitei (DNC)
Legislature Legislative Assembly (Rejisurechibu Ashemburii)
 -  Upper house High Senate (Haisenato)
 -  Lower house Popular Congress (Popyuraru Konguresu)
Self-determination (granted by South Otselic)
 -  Establishment of the Hierachical Catholic Government of the Holy Empire of Damukuni 3 Jan 2014 
 -  January 31 Revolution 31 Jan 2014 
 -  (2025) estimate 193 million
 -  (2025) census 192,435,767
Currency Damuokane (DKD)
Time zone DKIT (UTC+7)
 -  Summer (DST) not observed (UTC)
Date format YYYY.MM.DD
Drives on the left
Calling code +685
ISO 3166 code DKI
Internet TLD .du

The United States of Damukuni (Japanese: ダムの国団結の州, Damukuni no Danketsu no Shū), usually referred to as Damukuni, is a federal republic in the region of Esportiva. It consists of fifteen states and one territory (the Damukunian Capital Territory). Its capital city, the bimunicipality of Atarashii-Damushuto, is contained in its own "federal district."

Name origin

The name Damukuni was originally a derogatory term used by the Japanese-speaking peoples of the then-recently independent nation of South Otselic. Near the end of 2013, the people of western South Otselic living near the coast of the Yerfilagi continent, mainly ethnic Catholics who disagreed with the Protestant views of then-Emperor of South Otselic Constantinius I, began to press for self-determination. One anti-separatist Japanese-speaking South Otselician, upon hearing of the move, wrote in an editiorial article, "Watashi wa sēbu no minami otserishian' ga omoitsuku naru ka damu kuni no yōna monodarō ka" ("I wonder what kind of a dumb nation the western South Otselicians will come up with"). (emphasis added) Pro-separatist western South Otselicians picked up on the Japanese grammar error (the correct word was kokka, not kuni), chanting "Damu kuni!" in emphatic tones as they picketed the Imperial Palace of South Otselic. Constantinius I, finally tiring of the separatists' incessant protests, finally granted them a theocracy along the western coast, along with eleven of South Otselic's administrative territories, with Pope Narcissus I ruling.





Until the J-E Act was passed on 20 April 2021, the Hābutchīq (sometimes called "Damukunian") language, along with English, were the official languages of government and culture. Today,



Military and Defense