World Hit Festival

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World Hit Festival
Also known as World Hit, WHF
Genre Song Contest
Created by TBA
Executive Producer Fabio McAlpine
Presented by (list of hosts)
Country of Origin Saintrabina
Original Language English
No. of Episodes 59 Festivals
Production Location Hosted by previous winner (with some exceptions)
Running Time

2 hours (Semi Finals)

3 hours 30 minutes (Grand Final)
Production Company World Hit Network
Distrubtion World Hit Network
Picture format

16:9 576i (SDTV) (WHF01-WHF18)

1080i (HDTV) (WHF19–present)
Original Release 5 January 2011
Recent Edition
Edition No. 51
Host Todlichebujoku
Winner Kalosia
No. Participants 20

The World Hit Fesitval (WHF) is a multiversal song competition. Each nation shall enter 1 song and 1 artist, and it shall be 'performed' via roleplay. Most nations tend to use a real life tune as a musical backing, but every entry submitted to the World Hit Festival is required to have original lyrics (ie. if you submit a tune, you must re-write the lyrics), so this does mean that instrumental entries are blocked from entering the contest. The World Hit Festival is available for all nations to participate, and participating is highly encouraged.

The World Hit Festival is where more explorative music can be found, perhaps songs that aren't considered "trash music" - even if they do make their regular appearances in the contest. Considered to be the "cosy" contest, The World Hit Festival is a staple show in many nations across the Multiverse for it's nature and its suitable for family gatherings.

The most successful nation at the World Hit Festival is Izmedu, who has won 8 times and has held the record of most wins for the large majority of the existence of the contest, most recently winning the 32nd World Hit Festival. Meanwhile, Izmedu holds the record for the most amount of times that any nation has hosted the competition - seven times in a 13 edition space, hosting in four different cities. Under the current voting system, the nation has the record for the most points won (51 points) set by Britonisea during the Grand Final of World Hit Festival 50, when the 31 participating nations voted on the 17 Grand Finalist songs.

The current winner of World Hit Festival is Kalosia.

History of the World Hit Festival

Overseer Era 1: Saintrabina

Overseer Era 2: Euskirribakondara

Overseer Era 3: Kalosia

Overseer Era 4: Izmedu

Overseer Era 5: Britonisea

World Hit Festival Board

main article: Heads of Delegation at the World Hit Festival

As of the 52nd World Hit Festival, the World Hit Festival Headquarters announced they would be constructing the World Hit Festival Board which would compose of former executive producers for the World Hit Festival and/or representatives for the nations that have hosted the World Hit Festival.

The New World Hit Festival Reference Group will be made up of these people;

  • The Overseer (The Chairperson): The Chairperson will be the World Hit Festival Overseer who is Guy Autriche. While the Overseer was once employed by BVC, we have now decided that the chairperson will now be fully employed by the World Hit Festival Headquarters which will ICly be separate from BVC - the Britonish broadcaster for World Hit Festival. This will mean that Britonish hostings won't be any different to hostings from other nations, as before ICly, the WHF HQ and BVC were one unit. The Chairperson, or the World Hit Festival Overseer will remain as the Chairperson until the 60th World Hit Festival or 9th Junior World Hit Festival unless they step down beforehand.
  • The Junior World Hit Festival Host: The Executive Producer from the broadcasting nation of the host Junior World Hit Festival will be on the Reference Group for a total of 5 senior editions. To give you an example of this, Achaean Republic (the host of the 7th Junior World Hit Festival) will become a member of the WHF Reference Group UNTIL a new host of the Junior World Hit Festival has been chosen. Achaean Republic will have their last Reference Group meeting at the 55th World Hit Festival meeting which is around the time when we should know who will host the 8th Junior World Hit Festival host. They will then be on the board for the 8th Junior World Hit Festival + World Hit Festival 56 until 60. At this time, the Overseer will also step down.
  • The Previous 2 Hosts & Current Host: The Previous 2 hosts of the competition will be on the board and the current host too. This will mean that the Executive Producer of the 49th World Hit Festival from Britonisea, the 50th World Hit Festival from Izmedu and the 51st World Hit Festival from the current host, Tödlichebujoku will all be a part of the new World Hit Festival Reference Group. It also means that each Executive Producer will receive a minimum of three editions on the Reference Group. In the case that a nation hosts repetitively, the World Hit Festival Reference Group will urge that a different Executive Producer is chosen to organise the World Hit Festival, however in the case that a member that is already on the Reference Group is Executive Producer, we will simply keep the outgoing member of the Reference Group on the board for another edition (So for example, as Izmedu hosted twice in WHF41 and 40, if the Exec. Producer was the same, instead of having the 41st and 40th spots filled and then the 39th, we would keep the member from the 38th on the board so it'd be members from Izmedu (41, 40), Darkmania (39) and Britonisea (38).
  • One or two more!: Each other edition, the chairperson will contact nations who have shown high interest in the World Hit Festival to be a part of the WHF Reference Group. While they won't have Executive Producers, they represent their nation on behalf of their host broadcaster (so they could be someone who is a Producer in their homeland or someone who works with the broadcaster closely; and no, we don't mean someone in front of the camera!). Each member will serve two editions senior editions each (51-52, 53-54, 55-JWHF8-56, 57-58, 59-60)

Nations might be approached based on; 1. A nation that has recently scored in the top three - Ahead of the 53rd WHF, we might be picking two members based on their nation's rankings at the 52nd WHF 2. Nations that, regardless of their results, have consistently participated in the competition. 3. Nations that we believe will one day become "the next big thing" at the World Hit Festival - aimed mostly towards new nations 4. Nations who would like to become World Hit Festival Overseer and would like to know the inner IC works of the Festival 5. The nations chosen on the WHF Reference Group for the 51st and 52nd World Hit Festival will be contacted.

Hosting the World Hit Festival

Winning the World Hit Festival means that the broadcaster who won gets given first choice as to whether they would like to stage the next Festival. The World Hit Festival is a unique opportunity for tourism as thousands go to the World Hit Festival every edition. Moreover, the Festival is great publicity for nations who are hosting with both participating nations and non-participating nations broadcasting the Festival in full, giving hosts the opportunity to showcase their culture and identity to the rest of the Multiverse.

After a nation wins the contest, the World Hit Festival Overseer gains contact with the Winning Broadcaster and discusses whether the Broadcaster would like to host the competition. The Overseer and the Broadcaster have talks about all aspects of the contest including the build-up to and the actual production itself. Once the Overseer and the Broadcaster are happy with what they have, they announce that the sign-ups for the next contest are open, and tens of nations are quick to confirm whether they will continue to participate at the contest or not.

There have been many occasions when the winning broadcaster has decided not to host the contest after their win, most recently happening at the transition from the 36th World Hit Festival to the 37th World Hit Festival. Mercedini's broadcaster rejected the opportunity to host the competition for the second time in three editions, with second place Kalosia eventually hosting the 37th contest in Palmañë. Most notoriously, after the 15th World Hit Festival, both the 1st and 2nd place nations rejected the chance to host, with Titaniumland being the eventual hosts.

The opportunity to host will be passed down to the 5th placing nation if the four broadcasters before all reject the opportunity. If the nation that came 5th does not want to host, the Overseeing nation will be forced to host the competition. However, if the Overseeing nation places within the top 4, it is very likely they will take the opportunity to host the competition before reaching 5th placed nation.

Presenters at the World Hit Festival

main article: List of World Hit Festival presenters

There has been a grand total of 67 different people who have presented over the 51 senior World Hit Festivals, with only three people returning to host on more than one occasion; Taliana Danberahaidia from Euskirribakondara at the 7th and 32nd World Hit Festival. Mátangí from Chameliya at the 18th and 20th World Hit Festival and finally, Evangeline Hope from Britonisea at the 35th and 43rd World Hit Festival.

In 22 different World Hit Festivals, there have been 2 hosts presenting while in 21 different Festivals, there has been a single host. In only two occasions has there been three hosts; the 7th World Hit Festival in Euskirribakondara and the 47th World Hit Festival in Britonisea. In the Junior World Hit Festival, out of seven occasions, in four, there have been two hosts, while the other three Junior World Hit Festivals have had a single host.

List of Hosting Nations

Number of Times Hosting. Nation Editions Hosting
10 Izmedu WHF41
6 Britonisea WHF27, WHF35, WHF38, WHF43, WHF47, WHF49
5 Euskirribakondara
4 Normandy and Picardy
Kalosia WHF19, WHF26, WHF37, WHF42

Winners By Edition

Edition Date Host Winner Song Performer Points Margin Runner-up
01 5 January 2011 Nobrachlesh, Saintrabina Khanastan "So Happy You're Not" Revenge on the World 99 1 NobleBastard
02 26 June 2011 Praetoria, Khanastan Chenkorya "False Hope" Zora Agrioli & Aeronwen Abaf 39 7 Olexandrea
03 12 August 2011 Amalker, Olexandrea Astrolinium "Fax Affectus" Titania Caspian TBC
04 20 September 2011 Lenahan, Beldonia Saintrabina "I Want To Tell You That I Love You" Śalfumu-Źujdu-Siarumi TBC
05 7 November 2011 Busolaher, Saintrabina Phoenigetuzstha "Don't Need You" Ariana Mago TBC
06 10 January 2012 Radnor, Beldonia Euskirribakondara "Bring Me The Locks" Karolina Etséu & Chieko Orlich 37 2 Albertasby
07 2 April 2012 Harrikes, Euskirribakondara Euskirribakondara "Ngoma Ya Moyo Wanga" Totó TBC
08 16 June 2012 Harrikes, Euskirribakondara Chenkorya "Buonanotte" Mademoiselle 36 1 Euskirribakondara
09 10 August 2012 Stephani, Chenkorya Euskirribakondara "The Call" Samira & Jan Ardegorrián 44 3 Mediterra
10 18 November 2012 Tikuna, Euskirribakondara Folkand "Avrihe" Sabina Bojanovic & The Natives Euskirribakondara
11 10 February 2013 Ceso, Folkand Euskirribakondara "Fú L'Historia del Vero" Juliana Vardell TBC
12 18 October 2013 Korbia, The Atlammes Kingsley Bedford "Time To Make A Change" Sergei Aramov & Carla Rezantia 30 2 Polkopia
13 17 January 2014 Sirushostan, Kingsley Bedford Euskirribakondara "Suako Danborrada" Alía, Danburrelgó & HaD 45 5 Kishrael
14 31 December 2014 Ovanshire, Vampirum Communist Quinntopia "Desire" Ilya Anyukov 26 1 The Jasminia Islands
15 6 March 2015 Rowland, Titaniumland Ekoz "Trippin' Out" Maane Olkje 35 2 Todlichebujoku
16 1 May 2015 SterGo, Todlichebujoku Normandy and Picardy "Einale Ega" Sjuzé 23 3 Todlichebujoku
17 7 June 2015 Cherbourg, Normandy and Picardy Chameliya "You" Mátangí 30 5 Polkopia
18 2 July 2015 Senmerí, Chameliya Chameliya "You Belong With Me" Malina Ráná 36 11 Kalosia
19 2 August 2015 Kasin, Kalosia Chameliya "Stains" Nání 27 0 Todlichebujoku
20 26 August 2015 Senmerí, Chameliya Normandy and Picardy "Messages" Small Lords 30 2 Chameliya
21 9 October 2015 Picard, Normandy and Picardy Normandy and Picardy "No Life For Me" Sophie Béatois 22 0 Todlichebujoku
22 22 January 2016 Frigidekasai, Todlichebujoku Todlichebujoku "Set Us Free" Henrik Lang & Gabiha Yamaguchi 31 3 Ethane
23 23 March 2016 New Sarum, Ethane Normandy and Picardy "Al Chasen" Jon Kallsen 28 8 Ethane
24 12 May 2016 Caen, Normandy and Picardy Normandy and Picardy "Sœn e Sombe (Blood and Darkness)" Anna 26 2 The Sarian
25 13 July 2016 Gorgona, The Sarian Kalosia "Amiral Me" Paola Amadin 21 2 Ekoz
26 19 August 2016 Monterra, Kalosia Britonisea "Disappointment" Rigas Jengiz 20 0 Izmedu
27 30 September 2016 Kyvivre, Britonisea Arioslavia "Shadows" The Raven 31 10 Izmedu
28 20 November 2016 Telgrad, Arioslavia Arioslavia "Stronger" Irina Gamash 36 2 Izmedu
29 1 January 2017 Vodiznad, Izmedu Izmedu "Remedy" Anamarija Lubina 24 0 Polkopia
30 10 February 2017 Vodiznad, Izmedu Izmedu "Standing Tall" Katarina Zunic 38 16 Britonisea
31 25 March 2017 Mousiki, Izmedu Euskirribakondara "По, Дај Ми Любавте" Nadija Djokanović 36 2 Mercedini
32 1 June 2017 Harrikes, Euskirribakondara Euskirribakondara "طوّل بالك (Be Patient)" Samira 22 0 Normandy and Picardy
33 15 July 2017 Avranches, Normandy and Picardy Cosneolta "Flying Above" Convikt ft Rachell Nollov 29 1 Izmedu
34 26 August 2017 Vodiznad, Izmedu Mercedini "Don't Tempt Me" Daniel Alishkaerni 32 2 Britonisea
35 20 October 2017 Junteräpten, Britonisea Izmedu "Anger" Anja Krajacic 26 1 Mercedini
36 9 December 2017 Gralicna, Izmedu Mercedini "Someone" M'Folo Asante 32 8 Kalosia
37 17 February 2018 Palmañë, Kalosia Britonisea "I'm Hurting Too" Dean Boyst 28 6 Izmedu
38 13 April 2018 Doportedas, Britonisea Darkmania "Tou Ë Yr (You and Me)" Cärtenne Sërnänä 25 2 Britonisea
39 12 June 2018 Örkendrem, Darkmania Izmedu "El Paradais" Lana Vukusic 42 5 Normandy and Picardy
40 13 August 2018 Mousiki, Izmedu Izmedu "Hladna pluaya" Zoran Milos 48 3 Britonisea
41 6 October 2018 Polumisec, Izmedu Kalosia "Gaja" Corpus Calosum 37 1 Llalta
42 24 November 2018 Altan, Kalosia Britonisea "When Our Eyes Meet" Evangeline Hope 34 3 Llalta
43 12 January 2019 Burgendore, Britonisea Anollasia "My Heart's Still Beating" Anima 33 3 Normandy and Picardy
44 16 March 2019 Jefferton, Anollasia Izmedu "Maja pisma" Dorotea Viskovic & Nenad Niksic 37 2 Llalta
45 11 May 2019 Vodiznad, Izmedu Izmedu Sturi-Misni Dejan Mlakar 32 2 Teesdexxia
46 29 June 2019 Polumisec, Izmedu Britonisea "Dangerously in Love" Vhe Qí 28 1 Izmedu
47 17 August 2019 Kyvivre, Britonisea Llalta "Timeless" Chiara Albanthina 30 2 Normandy and Picardy
48 30 November 2019 St. Christopher, Llalta Britonisea "Let Yourself Free" Gigi Vadeboncoeur 34 5 Estogium
49 11 January 2020 Alshkan, Britonisea & Estogium Izmedu "Life's Passed Me By" Franjo Kozina 27 1 Britonisea
50 7 March 2020 Vodiznad, Izmedu Britonisea "Waiting For You" Meghan Jorgensen 51 1 Todlichebujoku
51 17 May 2020 Sinnlichšukai, Todlichebujoku Kalosia "L'Eklisu" Domeniku Kaľari 34 6 Malta Comino Gozo
52 July 2020 Monterra, Kalosia

Junior World Hit Winners By Edition

Edition Date Host Winner Song Performer (Age) Points Margin Runner-up
01 22 June 2013 Stepanarvashat, Artsakhestan Euskirribakondara He Aloha! Ahonui Haldagarrián (12) 36 3 Royal Kingdom of Quebec
02 15 November 2015 Vastag, Bloodbath Generation Non-competitive
03 28 January 2017 Fauligekaikobu, Tödlichebujoku Darkmania Fred I Mitt Land Änna Kisdemin (12) 23 1 Izmedu
04 6 January 2018 Zoloroni, Mercedini Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic Mondo Animale Gruppo Sorriso (11-13) 32 2 Britonisea
05 3 November 2018 Tushlark, Togonistan Izmedu To poli Lea Rogosic (14) 32 2 Llalta
06 7th October 2019 Mera, Besen Polkopia Pust Viktoriya Mashininya (13) 60 5 Britonisea
07 11 April 2020 Juana Díaz and Urbania, Achaean Republic Togonistan Karore Samaria (15) 53 2 Mercedini
08 XX December 2020 TBA - Bidding Begins Sept 2020
  • Apart from one nation (Todlichebujoku), all Junior World Hit Festival hosts have yet to host the adult version of World Hit Festival.
  • Junior World Hit Festival 2 was deemed non-competitive after the last-minute abandonment of the hosting for the 2nd World Hit Festival.
  • Unlike in the World Hit Festival, there has never been an English-language winner of the Junior World Hit Festival so far.
  • The televote was brought in at the 6th World Hit Festival in Besen and used therein.