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Britonisea at the WorldVision Song Contest
Britonisea at WorldVision Song Contest
Participations 38
Member Station BITC
National Selection Events
  • Internal Selection
  • Internal Arena Selection
  • Vha Mehlodhivestoile
  • Mehlodhifehstivalhen
Participation Summary
First Appearance WorldVision 31
Best Result

1st (6)

Worst Result

41st (1)

Hosted: 5
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Britonisea has participated in the Worldvision Song Contest 35 times and first participated in the 31st WorldVision Song Contest in Russadonia where Garange L'Iwes represented the country with the song, "Be The One To Win" which ultimately placed 21st with 16 points. Ever since then, Britonisea has managed to retain 5th place five times (WV35, WV38, WV42, WV43, WV56), placed on the podium nine times (WV41, WV47, WV51, WV57, WV62, WV63, WV64, WV66, WV68).

Britonisea has participated in the contest 38 times, of which they've won four times and hosted five times. They hosted in a city called Quickenden which is in the east of Britonisea's main land, in WorldVision 41. 10 editions later, they went to the west coast of Britonisea to a city named Kyvivre and then after that, Britonisea hosted in Machievelihe and then Telm City. In WorldVision 35, the group Serpentents ended Britonisea's list of bad entries after they claimed 5th spot with 94 points, however, in WorldVision 36, the country gained one of it's worst results. Swiftly after, the country withdrew from the WorldVision Song Contest stating that Britonisea needed time away from the contest. In WorldVision 38, the country returned with the song "Return" which gained high praise from the Britonish public as it gained a second 5th place - breaking Britonisea's 100 point boundary, 105 points.

Britonisea's WorldVision entry is currently run by BITC, which is Britonisea Internatonal Television Company and organised an event for the selection process usually under the name of "Mehlodhifehstivalhen." However, this has been scrapped for WorldVision 47 when a new format "Vha Mehlodhivestoile" was used. Internal Selections are also used a lot, especially in WorldVision 31 and WorldVision's 48 to 50. Britonisea has never finished last in the contest before.

WorldVision Song Contest was highly preached in Britonisea as around 35% of the TV Viewings watch the contest annually where it could even peak to 50% of the public. There are strong corrolations between the official Britonish music charts and WorldVision, also including the WorldVision pre-selection, Vha Mehlodhivestoile. It is common that the song that wins hits number 1 on the charts for several months. As the contest grew in age, the contest started to not attract many viewers, and the most recent contest Britonisea participated in - as the hosting nation, only saw 33% of the public watching, a major drop in the amount of people watching.


31 to 34

In WorldVision 31, the country of Britonisea debut in Russadonia after winning their bid to host it in Celeste. Britonisea was knew to the scene, though have always watched the WorldVision Song Contest. There was early temptations to join the 30th Contest, however, the deadline had passed and we would have to wait until the 31st edition. The Broadcasters were very quick to have a snatch of WorldVision, and over a long bidding process, BVC (brityunik vefecosoin cairkovoin) were given grants to broadcast the event - and with that, they debut with a song called "Be the One to Win" with an unknown 'Star' Garange L'Iwes. However, his brother was very well known for being a songwriter. Garange L'Iwes placed a quite poor 26th place out of 27 nations - missing the bottom place by disqualified and forgotten nations. WorldVision had more hope as Tess Philipa, who was known as a TV Personality in Estogium and Britonisea, represented Britonisea. Unfortunately, Tess managed 21st place - with 31 points. Her song was about abuse in the house (Domestic Abuse), However, the song was offensive as it "made a joke of the situation." Regardless of the negativity, Tess went on to host the 41st WorldVision Song Contest. An edition later, BVC presented us with Neil McGodden with the song, "Damage Myself" which was nationally loved and gained lots of media attention. The song fell short of expectations as it reached 21st place - though receiving 32 points. A one point improvement. In WorldVision 34, Britonisea initially internally selected Girlie Jordie with the song, "Picking Up Some Wheat." However this was scrapped due to her being hospitalised by her abusive boyfriend. Instead, Britonisea sent Mr Liaison complaining about Polkopia, in a song called "Deceived by Polkopia." However, this song wasn't loved by Polkopians and nor was it by the Britonish as it received thousands of complaints. The song did do better in the rankings though. 17th place with 38 points.

35 to 45

With the points slowly rising, the Britonish hoped that they could secure their first win - or at least a top 15 finish in Yttribia. WorldVision Song Contest 35's Britonish Act was The Serpenents with the song "Like A Serpent" which was liked throughout Britonisea. Luckily, the buzz helped the group climb up the scoreboard gaining 5th place with 94 points - a success. However in WorldVision 36, the group performed again - only managing to get [place], 23 points. That contest was eventually won by the host, Todlichebujoku.

In WorldVision 37, BVC announced that it wouldn't be participating in the contest under Britonisea. Instead, Aloquirbe joined the contest and received 17/19th place. In WorldVision 38, Britonisea returned with the song, "Return" by Myla "Mya" Richardson who gained 105 points - Britonisea's second 5th placing. Britonisea's worst result was received in Ekoz, 41st place. It was described as being "creepy" as the song was the first to include children in it.

Britonisea won the rights to host WorldVision Song Contest 41 while also winning it for the first time. They had sent Mya Richardson with the song "I Cry." While being highly praised, it was expected that Mya would beat her previous score of 5th place with 105 points. She did so, capturing the highest amount of points by any Britonish artist. By the time of her win, and 5 editions after, she was the Britonish with the most points. Mya also has received 218 points out of the 1200 Britonisea has been awarded... After hosting an expensive contest, BVC decided that they are not to return to the contest and instead, UCRTV (Union of Confederate Regions Television) sent an act and participated.

46 to 52

After the disappointment of the 46th WorldVision Song Contest, Britonisea won the 47th WorldVision Song Contest in Carnise, Ekoz using the extensive Mehlodhivestoile format. The format included an international audience picking Britonisea's acts - 50% in the semi finals, and 66% in the finals. Moreover, Britonisea hosted the first WorldVision Pre Party. The contest in Carnise was the first contest to be held in the Ultimaverse since Rokestaat in WorldVision 40, and Quickenden in WorldVision 41. Britonisea was represented by Mini Surrey North, who has previously presented Britonisea with the girl group "The Serpentents" in both WorldVision 35 and 36, placing 5th and 31st respectively. Mini won with an outstanding 139 points - which was higher than average for a winning entry, and also, it was the highest since WorldVision 40, when Praciba won with 151 points. Adding to her previous 117 points, Mini Surrey North has now won 256 points, more than Mya Richardson. Mini won with a 17 point leading victory, one of the largest in history - extending their lead over rivals Ekoz, who lost to Britonisea by 8 points in WorldVision 41. After a euphoric victory, it was expected Britonisea will dip in the rankings and will fall to 4th - 7th place. Though the fate of slipping was true, Britonisea only managed 60 points - less than half from the 47th WorldVision Song Contest - placing 12th. With this score being a dream for some nations, Britonisea was quite disappointed with this result, and had hoped for something better. In WorldVision 48, we were represented by Amedeo Arjan, who had sent a song ordered by Prime Minister Adolphus Brito based on bad results Britonisea received. The decision was made to send this song before Mini won the 47th WorldVision Song Contest.

WorldVision 49 came by quickly, and the WorldVision 48 was a distant memory. Represented by Justs Prazeres, the nation made some ground on its previous defeat and placed 6th place with 96 points, four short of the receiving 100 points. Justs received Britonisea's highest points for any male artist, and the previous record was held by Amedeo Arjan with 60 points. Justs was picked based on the fact that he was a male, and of his race, and Britonisea had not sent males for quite a while - something opposite to other nations. Some nations disagreed with this notion and said that talent is not of the basis and race, and shouldn't have been picked because "he was not what Britonisea sends usually" despite Justs being apart of the largest racial group in Britonisea, very under presented. The 50th WorldVision Song Contest came, and Britonisea lost rights to host in Junterapten and Fredegate, a Aurevbushan city, to Kasin in Kalosia, who had a convincing bid. Britonisea slipped to 8th place with the song from Tess Phillipa, who had represented Britonisea in WorldVision 32, "Overtaking." Bookies had predicted that Tess Phillipa would not do as well as she hoped as the song didn't place top 5 in the World Hit Festival, and because of her previous result (21st). 8th place was an okay placing for Britonisea, but had vowed to better their result.

For the 51st WorldVision Song Contest was the last for Britonisea, announced by BVC due to poor TV Ratings, and more interest in the World Hit Festival. Mehkl Maddox Ajax was supposed to represent Britonisea in the contest. However, due to a new scheme were the song would be represented in World Hit Festival, Mehkl pulled out from representing due to placing 9th out of 14th in Kyvivre for the 27th World Hit Festival. Kyvivre then bid for rights to host the 51st WorldVision Song Contest after it had hosted the 27th World Hit Festival. Kyvivre won, and Mehkl decided to host alongside Fede Callahan. Rigas Jengiz, who won the 26th World Hit Festival and represented Britonisea in the 24th World Hit Festival. Rigas, who hosted the 27th World Hit Festival, came 2nd in the 51st WorldVision Song Contest - missing out on first place by only 4 points. However, the amount of points received was only 83 points - smaller than Justs 96 which only gave him 6th place.

52 to 57

After that, Britonisea announced immediate withdrawal from the contest, but sources were notified that Britonisea would return by the 60th edition. Quitting the 52nd WorldVision Song Contest, BVC's words were now understood and seemed to have been true. However, Christien Johar was announced as Britonisea's 20th participant in the 53rd WorldVision Song Contest in Normandy and Picardy. In the 53rd WorldVision Song Contest, it was announced that four different nations would be using an artist who has a connection to Britonisea. Olimpia Kaimar, from Doportedas, is to represent Kalosia - she is half Britonish/ half Kalosian and she is performing 3rd in the contest. Liam Andreasson and his brother, who are from Brito-Estogian representing Estogium, Justs Prazeres, who had represented Britonisea in the 49th WorldVision Song Contest in Electrum. Justs came 6th place, and he is hoping to better that score representing Cosneolta at 11th place. And finally, Christien Johar representing his homeland, Britonisea.

Before the start of the 53rd WorldVision Song Contest, BVC had announced that they might participate in the 54th WorldVision Song Contest, but have confirmed fully to participate in the 55th WorldVision Song Contest as they are hosting Vha Mehlodhivestoile 2017 which is specially only for picking the next WorldVision act and not a normal contest which will happen or not regardless of the ending point. 24 acts will compete in three semi finals before 11 goes to the final; with 2 of them coming from the battle stages... BVC has stated that they will be keeping to its promise and intention to participate in the 55th WorldVision Song Contest.

On 24th March 2017, it was announced that Mehkl Maddox Ajax will represent the country to the WorldVision 55 after he won the rights to do so by winning Vha Mehlodhivestoile 2017. Mehkl won the International Jury votes as well as the Britonish Public votes. He won with 89 points, five points ahead of second placed Etela Tomac. In the end, Mehkl Maddox Ajax came 9th, one better than "Jekyll and Hyde." A closed national final was held for the participant to WorldVision 56. The BVC also decided to place a bid for the contest, with STE providing the graphics, in Doportedas but this later lost. The bid drew with Besini's bid, but the Committee voted in favour of Besini, and therefore they hosted instead. For the first time ever, Britonisea sent a song in full Britonish, by Sanna, which turned out to be successful - it came 5th.

An edition after the 7th bid, Britonisea launched their 8th bid to host the competition, after the likelihood for nations to bid for the 61st WorldVision Song Contest grew. Up against the likes of Polkopia and Mister X, Britonisea's bid was to host the contest only six editions after they last hosted, compared to Polkopia's wait of 19 editions, and Mister X's of 23. However, Machievelihe's bid became successful and Britonisea hosted their third competition, with Polkopia and Mister X going on to host the 58th and 59th WorldVision Song Contest respectively. Machievelihe focused on the fact that the contest would mark ten editions since Britonisea's last win in the contest. Britonisea's song for the WorldVision Song Contest 57 was the nation's best result since it's last win ten editions ago (1st, WV47), sung by Mello Cinde, who had previously tried to represent the nation in Vha Mehlodhivestoile 2016 and 2017. She came 2nd with 105 points with her song, "Vindication", only toppled by Togonistan, who received 8 12-points, the most 12 points given in modern history of the contest.

It was announced during the hosting of the 57th WorldVision Song Contest that Britonisea will not return to the contest for the 58th WorldVision Song Contest, and will not return under BVC's contract, which ended after the 59th WorldVision Song Contest, due to more people watching the rival show, The World Hit Festival. The BITC took over the rights to broadcast the contest at the 60th WorldVision Song Contest, and promised a return for the 30th anniversary since Britonisea's debut in Celeste, Russadonia. The 61st WorldVision Song Contest would mark 14 editions since the last win, which would mean the longest time that Britonisea has had to wait to win the contest. Britonish fans aren't sure whether the BITC would do them good after the broadcaster last hosted during the 34th WorldVision Song Contest - more than 25 editions since the last showed the contest, and during that time, they gave Britonisea 26th and 17th place. BITC assured people not to be sceptical, and that the BITC will be working with the Britonish Music industry to send a credible song, and they enlisted the help from Matthias Bexley-Durand; the first male to represent Britonisea since WorldVision 55 with Mehkl Maddox-Ajax.

61 to 68

Britonisea took a long three edition break from the WorldVision Song Contest in the transition between the switch-over from BVC and BITC. However, this block of participation from Britonisea were the most successful run the nation has done, with BITC's efforts being greatly praised for it.

After broadcasting the 60th WorldVision Song Contest, BITC announced that Britonisea was going to return to the contest, they announced that Mathias Bexley-Durand will be representing the antion at the 61st WorldVision Song Contest in Togonistan. Initially, Britonisea was going to bid for the 61st WorldVision Song Contest - as it had hosted the 41st and 51st editions - but this was BVC's intentions, who instead hosted the 57th WorldVision Song Contest. In Togonistan, Mathias Bexley-Durand sang the song "The Pink Mist", which placed 9th place in the Grand Final, which at the time was Britonisea's average rank at the WorldVision Song Contest.It was the worst result since the 55th WorldVision Song Contest when Mehkl Maddox Ajax represented the WorldVision Song Contest. BITC announced that it will be using BVC's Vha Mehlodhivestoile format for the 63rd WorldVision Song Contest when Britonisea picks its 27th representative - announcing that the two broadcasters came to an agreement. At the 62nd WorldVision Song Contest, Britonisea flew to Talvezout to participate in what was the smallest WorldVision Song Contest's in modern history with only 15 nations participating. At the WorldVision Song Contest in Talvezout, the nation placed 2nd place - receiving points from every nation but one. This was seen as very successful and it was the start of Britonisea's run of successes.

Frida Grover was announced as Britonisea's 26th participant with the song, "Pyro". It marked the first time since the 56th WorldVision Song Contest that a song in the Britonish language would represent the nation at the WorldVision Song Contest. Frida Grover sang her song at the 2nd Semi-Final of Vha Mehlodhivestoile 2018 - which had the likes of Taron Woods and KAYLEY competing in it. Frida Grover then went to Todlichebujoku to represent the nation. The Britonish public had thought that BITC was not planning to win the song contest for the reason of hyping the upcoming winner of Vha Mehlodhivestoile 2018 - trying to get them the win instead. However, with a margin of 9 points, Frida Grover won the WorldVision Song Contest with 98 points, marking the first time that the Britonish Language won the WorldVision Song Contest. It was the third time that Britonisea won the contest after a 16 edition wait.

The 27th Britonish representative was announced not too long afterwards as Taron Woods won Vha Mehlodhviestoile 2018 by a single point to KAYLEY (132 points to 131). The press and public were sceptical that Vha Mehlodhivestoile would replicate the success of Vha Mehlodhivestoile 2016 - instead coming 9th place like Mehkl Maddox Ajax. Taron Woods, who wrote "Cy Ecouto Teuten Vokse" by himself, brushed off the critics, arguing that his song is worthy of a win and it will be up to the public to decide. At the 64th WorldVision Song Contest in Nekoni, Britonisea performed 5th place which made some Britonish fans doubt the success of the winner of Vha Mehlodhivestoile. Despite coming in as the retaining winners, Britonisea and Taron Woods were a big favourite. Winning twice in a row had only been done twice before, by one nation - Kishrael. As the voting was going on, it started to become clear that Taron Woods had an increase chance of winning the 64th WorldVision Song Contest, receiving multiple top 3 placings from nations. By the time the penultimate nation - Antahbrantahstan - voted and gave Britonisea 12 points, it became clear that Britonisea was unbeatable. Britonisea stood with 110 points going to the final nation followed by Izmedu with 104 points and third place nation Mister X with 84 points. In order for Mister X to win, they would have needed 26 points (with the maximum a nation could give to another being 12) and so mathematically couldn't. The final nation to vote was Izmedu and the nation could not give themselves any points meaning Britonisea had clearly won. Despite this, Izmedu still gave points to Britonisea - 7 points - giving them a final total of 117 points and Britonisea's 4th win. Britonisea became WorldVision's 3rd most successful nation, standing behind Todlichebujoku, only beaten by the amount of 2nd places.

Britonisea and the WorldVision Committee


National Selections

Vha Mehlodhivestoile 2016


[Youtube Playlist of all Britonish Entries]

Edition Host Order No. Language Performer(s) Song Final Points
31 Celeste, Russadonia 13 English Garange L'Iwes Be The One To Win 21 19
32 Gronbis, Lyonsland 03 English Tess Philippa From a Man who Pushed me Down The Stairs 26 31
33 Carnise, Ekoz 11 English Neil McGodden Damage Myself 21 32
34 Thatcher City, Mister X 13 English Mister Liamson Deceived by Polkopia 17 38
35 Fontveillie, Yttribia 04 English The Serpentents Like A Serpent 5 94
36 Muliphu, Todlichebujoku 18 English The Serpentents Song 31 23
37 E-Miezkom, Regica Did Not Participate
38 Peeto, Polkopia 09 English Mya Richardson Return 5 105
39 Rowland, Titaniumland Did Not Participate
40 Rokkestaat, Ekoz 21 English Janet Kraye & Children of 6B We 41 18
41 Quickenden, Britonisea 27 English Mya Richardson I Cry 1 113
42 Caen, Normandy and Picardy 14 English Abanta Fonely A Step at A Time 5 76
43 Monterra, Kalosia 07 English Kristine Flack Alone 5 80
44 Yaru-Bzheriut, Talvezout Did Not Participate
45 Lavington, The Sarian 07 English Evangeline Hope Omnibenevolent 6 81
46 Oreo City, Antahbrantahstan 19 English Leonardo King ft Bianca and Nasha Tants Oh Yeah! 17 39
47 Carnise, Ekoz 19 English Mini Surrey North Centre of Attraction 1 139
48 Phoda, Talvezout 06 English Amedeo Arjan Parrot-talk 12 60
49 Prescott, Electrum 20 English Justs Prazeres Liberators 6 96
50 Kasin, Kalosia 04 English Tess Philippa Overtaking 8 73
51 Kyvivre, Britonisea 16 English Rigas Jengiz I Will Be Gone 2 83
52 Langtree, Mercedini Did Not Participate
53 Cherbourg, Normandy and Picardy 18 English Christien Johar Him, Not Me 11 47
54 Kønikstaat, Ekoz 02 English Florise Kentsh Jekyll and Hyde 10 68
55 Dreiichibu-u-Mousiki, Izmedu and Todlichebujoku 23 English Mehkl Maddox Ajax I'll Be There 9 57
56 Besini, Besini 08 Britonish Sanna Na Farar (Never) 5 86
57 Machievelihe , Britonisea 22 English Mello Cinde Vindication 2 105
58 Kamikoboy, Polkopia Did Not Participate
59 Thatcher City, Mister X
60 Hajenired, Norjihan
61 Hwoarang, Togonistan 17 English Mathias Bexley-Durand The Pink Mist 9 60
62 Yfla, Talvezout 09 English Alisha Hagerty Where I Belong 2 81
63 Beiszendmizu, Todlichebujoku 18 Britonish Frida Grover Pyro (Fire) 1 98
64 Varea, Nekoni 05 English, Britonish Taron Woods Cy Ecouto Teuten Vokse (I Can Hear Your Voice) 1 117
65 Rouen, Normandy and Picardy 26 English Sadegh Prazeres Make Our History 9 70
66 Telm City, Britonisea 16 English Kelsey Banques Run 2 129
67 Örkemdrem, Darkmania 24 English Alyxhia Willis You've Wanted Me 2 96
68 Dazajin, Axuva 10 English Lucie Dagenham Comeuppance 4 124
69 Tampon Bay, Lactatia Did Not Participate
70 Yfla, Talvezout
71 Bright Falls, Main Nation Ministry 19 English Younes Wright-Harel Where is He? 4 85
72 Lipa, Besen 01 English Eva Almast Public Enemy #1 6 70
73 The Estograd, Estogium 25 English Alyxhia Willis Want You Home 1 132
74 Angradka, Polkopia 12 English Jun-iči Hoch & Ekkehard Liinamaa On My Own 2 113
75 Monterra, Kalosia Did Not Participate
76 Rosario, Achaean Republic 12 English Ria Aristide ft Mabel Mae Don't. Lie. 10 68
77 Majorium Mister X Did Not Participate
78 Valletta, Malta Comino Gozo
79 Phoda, Talvezout
80 Marina, Nekoni 06 English Concordium On We March 8 77
81 Boschke, Britonisea 26 English Kelsey Banques Indestructible 1 154
82 Tiferet, Ertzei Kishim 10 English Kristiana Totem Prominence 3 255

Voting History

As of 2019, February (WorldVision 71), Britonisea has voted for 97 recognised countries and has received points from 123 recognised countries. In the last 29 editions, Britonisea has received 39 12-points, 23 10-points and 47 8-points. The last time Britonisea received no 12-points was the 53rd WorldVision Song Contest.

Britonisea's voting pattern is as follows;

Most given in the Grand Finals
Rank Country Points
1 Izmedu 124 (17)
2 Kalosia 106 (17)
3 Mister X 104 (17)
4 Estogium 78 (16)
5 Normandy and Picardy 74 (12)
6 Todlichebujoku 73 (12)
7 Adab 63 (10)
8 Polkopia 60 (13)
9 Togonistan 54 (8)
10 Ethane 49 (7)
Most received in the Grand Finals
Rank Country Points
1 Izmedu 114 (19)
2 Kalosia 94 (13)
3 Polkopia 91 (15)
4 Estogium 87 (18)
5 Dreamplanet 76 (7)
6 Kwadai 75 (11)
7 Togonistan 74 (9)
8 Arioslavia 68 (12)
9 Electrum Diplomatic Offices 67 (9)
10 Antahbrantahstan 65 (13)


Britonisea has tried to host the WorldVision Song Contest on eight different occasions.

Edition Candidate City Result
WorldVision Song Contest 32 North Telm LOST (11th)
WorldVision Song Contest 35 Doportedas LOST (3rd)
WorldVision Song Contest 36 Boschke LOST (7th)
WorldVision Song Contest 41 Quickenden WON 1st
WorldVision Song Contest 51 Kyvivre WON 1st
WorldVision Song Contest 56 Doportedas RUNNER UP (1st tiebreak)
WorldVision Song Contest 57 Machievelihe WON 1st
WorldVision Song Contest 66 Telm City WON 1st

Commentators and Spokespersons=

WorldVision Edition Spokesperson Commentator 1 Commentator 2 (or more)
WorldVision Song Contest 31 Madonna Louise Paul Adams Aaron Smith
WorldVision Song Contest 32 Madonna Louise John Hayes William Stewart
WorldVision Song Contest 33 Madonna Louise Tess Philippa Garange L'Iwes
WorldVision Song Contest 34 Vernon Quays Tess Philippa Peter P Larry
WorldVision Song Contest 35 Judy Weathers Mister Liamson N/A
WorldVision Song Contest 36 Vernon Quays Jarred Barlow N/A
WorldVision Song Contest 37 N/A Jonaton Willis Kelsey Butterton
WorldVision Song Contest 38 Matthew Tonah Jonaton Willis Kelsey Butterton
WorldVision Song Contest 39 N/A Jonaton Willis Kelsey Butterton
WorldVision Song Contest 40 Mya Richardson Jonaton Willis Kelsey Butterton
WorldVision Song Contest 41 Tess Philippa John Hayes William Stewart
WorldVision Song Contest 42 Jonaton Willis Daniel Richards Jasper Hunt
WorldVision Song Contest 43 Mya Richardson Daniel Richards Jasper Hunt
WorldVision Song Contest 44 N/A Daniel Richards N/A
WorldVision Song Contest 45 Jonaton Willis Daniel Ricards Mini Surrey North
WorldVision Song Contest 46 Zeke Lemondey Daniel Richards Mini Surrey North
WorldVision Song Contest 47 Amedeo Arjan Daniel Richards Tess Philippa
WorldVision Song Contest 48 Justs Prazeres Daniel Richards N/A
WorldVision Song Contest 49 Rigas Jengiz Daniel Richards Tess Philippa
WorldVision Song Contest 50 Rigas Jengiz Daniel Richards Alex Petrov
WorldVision Song Contest 51 Zeke Lemondey Tess Philippa Amedeo Arjan
WorldVision Song Contest 52 N/A Jonaton Willis Alex Petrov
WorldVision Song Contest 53 Mini Surrey North Jonaton Willis Alex Petrov
WorldVision Song Contest 54 Xavier Jorge Rigas Jengiz Zeke Lemondey
WorldVision Song Contest 55 Etela Tomac Rigas Jengiz Zeke Lemondey
WorldVision Song Contest 56 Mini Surrey North Rigas Jengiz Zeke Lemondey
WorldVision Song Contest 57 Justs Prazeres Rigas Jengiz Zeke Lemondey
WorldVision Song Contest 58 N/A Jonaton Willis Alex Petrov
WorldVision Song Contest 59 N/A T:Rodden Eva Almast
WorldVision Song Contest 60 N/A T:Rodden Eva Almast
WorldVision Song Contest 61 Sanna T:Rodden Eva Almast
WorldVision Song Contest 62 Fede Callahan Sadegh Prazeres N/A
WorldVision Song Contest 63 Dean Boyst Sadegh Prazeres N/A
WorldVision Song Contest 64 Sadegh Prazeres Rigas Jengiz Zeke Lemondey
WorldVision Song Contest 65 Cole Heiman Rigas Jengiz Zeke Lemondey
WorldVision Song Contest 66 Antonio Ambrose Rigas Jengiz Mini Surrey North
WorldVision Song Contest 67 Jasmine Ōkubo Rigas Jengiz Cole Heiman

Television Viewership

Peak Viewership is the most amount watching at any one time. Average Viewership is the average viewership, including the on demand requests 7 days after the show.

Edition Peak Viewership (millions) Average Viewership (millions) Average Viewership (Percent) Broadcaster
WorldVision 31 5.00 4.60 16.9 BVC
WorldVision 32 7.20 6.27 23.5 BITC
WorldVision 33 6.64 5.93 22.5 CHANNEL 4
WorldVision 34 8.13 7.55 28.4 BVC 1
WorldVision 35 9.77 8.16 29.9 BVC 2
WorldVision 36 7.70 7.34 26.3 BVC 2
WorldVision 37 5.75 4.95 18.4 BVC 3
WorldVision 38 9.02 8.06 28.7 BVC 1
WorldVision 39 6.62 5.54 20.4 BVC 2
WorldVision 40 8.05 7.97 29.3 BVC 1
WorldVision 41 17.93 15.37 56.9 BVC 1
WorldVision 42 10.03 9.14 34.9 IGBK
WorldVision 43 9.51 8.70 32.0 IGBK
WorldVision 44 9.01 8.01 29.9 IGBK
WorldVision 45 10.16 9.67 35.7 BVC 1
WorldVision 46 10.02 9.42 35.0 BVC 1
WorldVision 47 14.71 10.39 37.1 BVC 1
WorldVision 48 10.76 10.20 36.9 BVC 1
WorldVision 49 9.57 9.30 33.7 BVC 1
WorldVision 50 9.37 9.01 32.5 BVC 1
WorldVision 51 12.64 11.97 42.9 BVC 1
WorldVision 52 7.00 6.35 23.1 BVC 2
WorldVision 53 7.71 7.53 26.8 BVC 1
WorldVision 54 7.04 6.93 25.3 BVC 1
WorldVision 55 10.39 10.21 36.6 BVC 1
WorldVision 56 8.93 8.61 30.8 BVC 1
WorldVision 57 10.92 10.79 39.4 BVC 1
WorldVision 58 5.76 5.03 19.0 BVC 2
WorldVision 59 6.14 5.69 20.6 BVC 2
WorldVision 60 7.99 7.89 30.1 BITC
WorldVision 61 8.09 7.60 29.0 BITC
WorldVision 62 9.26 7.87 27.9 BITC
WorldVision 63 11.98 9.91 34.9 BITC
WorldVision 64 14.42 10.91 39.8 BITC
WorldVision 65 12.34 10.54 37.5 BITC
WorldVision 66 BITC

WorldVision 60 onwards is correct, WorldVision 59 and before needs to refined.

Britonisea WorldVision Song Contest Discography

Edition Song Title Artist Britonisea Chart Peak Weeks in Chart WorldVision Placing
31 "Be The One To Win" Garange L'Iwes 97 21st
32 "From a Man who Pushed me Down The Stairs" Tess Philippa 2 26th
33 "Damage Myself" Neil McGodden 25 21st
34 "Deceived by Polkopia" Mister Liamson 64 17th
35 "Like A Serpent" The Serpentents 1 5th
36 "Song" The Serpentents 54 36th
38 "Return" Mya Richardson 2 5th
40 "We" Janet Kraye & Children of 6B 78 41st
41 "I Cry" Mya Richardson 1 1st
42 "A Step At A Time" Abanta Fonely 15 5th
43 "Alone" Kristine Flack 8 5th
45 "Omnibenevolent" Evangeline Hope 4 6th
46 "Oh Yeah!" Leonardo King ft Bianca and Nasha Tants 1 17th
47 "Centre Of Attraction" Mini Surrey North 1 1st
48 "Parrot-Talk" Amedeo Arjan 15 12th
49 "Liberators" Justs Prazeres 1 6th
50 "Overtaking" Tess Philippa 4 8th
51 "I Will Be Gone" Rigas Jengiz 1 2nd
53 "Him, Not Me" Christien Johar 17 11th
54 "Jekyll and Hyde" Florise Kentsh 12 10th
55 "I'll Be There" Mehkl Maddox Ajax 1 10 9th
56 "Na Farar" Sanna 8 4 5th
57 "Vindication" Mello Cinde 5 2nd
61 "The Pink Mist" Mathias Bexley-Durand 19 9th
62 "Where I Belong" Alisha Hagerty 5 2nd
63 "Pyro" Frida Grover 1 23 1st
64 "Cy Ecouto Teuten Vokse" Taron Woods 1 18 1st
65 "Make Our History" Sadegh Prazeres 7 7 9th
66 "Run" Kelsey Banques 1 5 2nd
67 "You've Wanted Me" Alyxhia Willis 2 3 2nd
68 "Comeuppance" Lucie Dangeham 5 7 4th
71 "Where is He?" Younes Wright-Harel 11 3 4th
72 "Public Enemy #1" Eva Almast 12 4 6th
73 "Want You Home" Alyxhia Willis 1 27 1st
74 "On My Own" Jun-iči Hoch & Ekkehard Liinama 7 11 2nd
76 "Dont. Lie" Ria Astride ft Mabel Mae 13 4 10th