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Aurora is the southernmost inhabited continent on Urth, and is part of The East Pacific, with a population of 1,054,908,942 and a total land area (the continental shelf) of 16,103,150 square miles. It is located south of Yasteria and north of Antarctica. Some major nations located on Aurora are (from west to east) Emberwood Coast, Axdel, The United Kingdom, Tivot, Tuvaltastan, The Republic of Xagrurg, and The Grand Duchy of Dragonia.

Map of Urth, Aurora near the southeast corner of the map
Political Map of Aurora


The environment of Aurora is diverse and expansive, consisting of a large desert, northern forests, two large mountain ranges, and southwestern and central plains, along with numerous volcanic mountains in the south and southeast.

Biomes Map of Aurora


The Auroran Continental Assembly was a continent-wide union that ensured free passage of goods and people, and is the predecessor of the modern-day UNAC.


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