Leftist Defence Force

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Leftist Defence Force
The Leftist Assembly.png
General Information
Region The Leftist Assembly
Founded 9 July 2017
Marshal The Final Horseman

The Leftist Defence Force was the gameplay military force of The Leftist Assembly. It was tasked with defending allied leftist regions and invading fascist and capitalist regions within the NationStates community and was last led by Marshal The Final Horseman.


The military was originally named the United Armed Forces and was established on 21 February 2016 with the ratification of the Constitution. Following a widespread lack of activity, experience and members, the force was proposed for "radical" change by Secretary Losinia and Minister of Defence New Tuva SSR, with a name change and condensation of the chain-of-command to three ranks. New Tuva SSR was eventually fired for accused incompetence and was replaced by The Final Horseman as part of the events in the April Crisis, which resulted in Losinia going rogue and being replaced by Prime Minister Atealia as Secretary. While The Final Horseman continued in their role, Atealia made no further progress on the idea and the military stagnated for this time. Upon Secretary Llorens' election, The Final Horseman was reappointed and the military was refounded about one week later on 9 July 2017, with important new changes including the separation of operational and promotional rankings and the release of a new members-only page on the regional website.


The rankings were separated into operational and promotional rankings.


Field Marshal was held by the Marshal. They oversaw all operations, ordered assaults on targets and ensured the military fulfilled its aims to defend the region and its allies and invade enemy fascists and capitalists. Field Captain was held by soldiers appointed by the Marshal. They were the endorsed nation in an invaded region, passed orders down to Field Privates and worked closely with the Field Marshal to ensure operational effectiveness. Field Private was held by all other soldiers of the military. They endorsed the Field Captain in an invaded region and adhered to all orders from higher ranks.


Marshal was held by the Minister of Defence and can award any medals. General was held by soldiers who had participated in 50 successful raids. Lieutenant was held by soldiers who had participated in 30 successful raids. Captain was held by soldiers who had participated in 15 successful raids. Private was held by soldiers who had participated in 5 successful raids. Recruit was held by soldiers who had participated in less than 5 successful raids.