Patriotes Cup

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Patriotes Cup
Confederation Kelssek Football Kelssek
Founded 2013
International cup(s) Cup Winners' Cup
Current champions Clayquot City (1st title)

The Coupe des Patriotes, also known unofficially as the Patriotes Cup in English, is a knockout tournament competition for football clubs registered as members of Football Kelssek. The trophy and the competition is named in honour of the Patriotes, one of the major republican-socialist parties in Kelssek's 1837 revolution.

Entry is open to any football club in Kelssek which is in good standing with the Football Kelssek, the sport's national association. Non-professional clubs play in the qualifying rounds before Kelssek Football League National and Conference clubs (levels 2-3 of the league system) enter the competition in the "First Round", and the KFL Championship (top division) clubs enter the Third Round. Each round's fixtures are decided by an unseeded draw (in other words, no brackets), which also determines which team will play the tie at home. Extra time and the penalty shootout are used to decide the winner if the score is tied after 90 minutes. The final venue is rotated throughout the country and announced two years in advance.

Cup finals

Edition Winners Score Runners-up Venue
1 Redswyth Red Stars logo.png
Redswyth Red Stars (KSK)
3-2 Latrobe AFC logo.png
Latrobe AFC (KSK)
Bluefox Stadium
2 Langlois Oceanic logo.png
Langlois Océanic (KSK)
2-1 CS Saint-Remy logo.png
CS Saint-Rémy (KSK)
Stade Outineau
3 CS Saint-Remy logo.png
CS Saint-Rémy (KSK)
2-0 NGSA Ulyanov logo.png
NGSA Ulyanof (KSK)
Stadium Konoha
4 Latrobe AFC logo.png
Latrobe AFC (KSK)
3-1 Coquitlam United logo.png
Coquitlam United (KSK)
Parc Desjardins
5 CF Outineau logo.png
CF Outineau (KSK)
0-0 aet
4-3 pen
Saanich AFC logo.png
Saanich AFC (KSK)
Macquarie Docklands
6 Kawarthas DFA logo.png
Kawarthas District (KSK)
0-0 aet
5-4 pen
Langlois Oceanic logo.png
Langlois Océanic (KSK)
Commonwealth Stadium
7 Colwynian Vale logo.png
Colwynian Vale (KSK)
2-0 Strathcona Intls logo.png
Strathcona Internationals (KSK)
Stade Intersat
8 Kingstown Athletic logo.png
Kingstown Athletic (KSK)
3-1 Burnaby SC logo.png
Burnaby SC (KSK)
9 Cf-strichard.png
CF Saint-Richard (KSK)
3-1 CF Outineau logo.png
CF Outineau (KSK)
Stadium of the Stars
10 Clayquot City logo.png
Clayquot City (KSK)
2-1 Burnaby SC logo.png
Burnaby SC (KSK)
Waterfront Dome

Upcoming final venues:

  • 11 - Stadium Konoha, Burnaby
  • 12 - Kingswharf, Breton


Seasons Sponsor Type
1-8 Olympic Mayonnaise
(Co-op Condiments)
9-12 Buy&Munchin Food delivery

The Coupe des Patriotes was sponsored by the food manufacturer Co-op Condiments, under its Olympic Mayonnaise brand from editions 1-8. Restaurant delivery platform Buy&Munchin agreed to sponsor CdP 9 to 12 in a deal reportedly worth τ10 million to be paid over four years.