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The Rugby Superleague (French: Superligue de rugby) is the highest level of professional rugby union in Kelssek. The competition is governed by the Kelssek Rugby Federation. Each team plays against each other once at home and away per season, with the team at the top of the table being awarded the league championship. The champions and runners-up represent Kelssek in the Rugby Union Challenge Trophy, rugby's main international club competition.

The Superleague is the second most-watched sports competition in Kelssek, after the Kelssek Hockey League.


Club Location Stadium Capacity
Alouettes de Champjaune Provinces of Kelssek Champjaune Stade de la Gerlandie 31,400
Breton RFC Provinces of Kelssek Dartmouth Pacific Park 42,700
Burnaby Lions Provinces of Kelssek Burnaby Konoha Place 54,500
Clayquot Reds Provinces of Kelssek Clayquot Kanard Park 32,600
Hamilton Highlanders Provinces of Kelssek Hamilton Credit Unions Field 29,500
Kirkenes Crusaders Provinces of Kelssek Kirkenes Sky Dome 53,200
Latrobe AFC Provinces of Kelssek Latrobe Macquarie Docklands 55,700
Mazinaw Stallions Provinces of Kelssek Mazinaw Whalleysbridge 35,800
Neorvins Armada Provinces of Kelssek Neorvins Bluefox Stadium 66,300
Nordiques RFC Provinces of Kelssek Outineau Stade Outineau 81,000
Redswyth Rebels Provinces of Kelssek Redswyth Millenium Park 53,500
Rotor Novonaya Provinces of Kelssek Novonaya Griffin Park 39,200
Vickery RFC Provinces of Kelssek Vickery Commonwealth Stadium 41,500
Wynleth Cambria Provinces of Kelssek Wynleth-an-Glyndwr Wentonweakes 37,800


The Revolutionaries Cup, Merandin Trophy, and the People's Cup are the three pre-existing challenge trophies from the amateur era which were originally contested between the city champions of the respective cities now represented by professional teams. The trophies continue to be awarded according to the aggregate score of the two Superleague matches between the teams.

  • Clayquot Reds vs. Latrobe AFC (People's Cup)
  • Neorvins Armada vs. Nordiques RFC (Revolutionaries Cup)
  • Hamilton Highlanders vs. Kirkenes Crusaders (The Iron Derby)
  • Alouettes de Champjaune vs. Nordiques RFC (Derby beaulacois)
  • Kirkenes Crusaders vs. Wynleth Cambria ("Dance of Dragons")
  • Burnaby Lions vs. Mazinaw Stallions (Merandin Trophy)

Recent seasons

Season Champions Runners-up Third place
9 Burnaby Lions Neorvins Armada Glen Eira FC
10 Kirkenes Crusaders Latrobe AFC Burnaby Lions
International competitions introduced
11 Nordiques RFC Mazinaw Stallions Glen Eira FC
12 Nordiques RFC Vickery RFC Kirkenes Crusaders
13 Redswyth Rebels Kirkenes Crusaders Latrobe AFC
14 Mazinaw Stallions Hamilton Highlanders Neorvins Armada
15 Redswyth Rebels Wynleth Cambria Mazinaw Stallions
16 Redswyth Rebels Nordiques RFC Latrobe AFC

Media coverage

All Rugby Superleague matches are televised live within Kelssek, and its average viewership is 1.6 million per match. The Superleague is shown on broadcast networks UTV and KBC, and cable network NSN. The national rights to Superleague coverage are held by UTV network, which broadcasts one live match nationwide on Saturday afternoon and two on Sunday evenings. One match not claimed by UTV may then be scheduled on Friday night for the KBC's national broadcast. Remaining matches are shown on NSN on a regional basis. Streaming follows the television rightsholder; in addition the Superleague operates its own pay-to-stream service for viewers outside Kelssek.